How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

A major anniversary can represent a powerful opportunity to solidify a relationship. It might have been decades since you first got together – but now is a chance to reignite that all-important spark.

Getting the most from an anniversary might mean celebrating it in a particular way. Let’s take a look at a few worthwhile suggestions.

Renew Your Vows

Perhaps the most obvious way to recapture your wedding day is to restate your vows, ideally in the company of your friends and family. You might elect to stick closely to your original vows, or you might reformulate them according to your changing life circumstances. It might be that particular sections of your vows have taken on new significance over the years, and that restating them slightly will provide greater emotional heft. Spend some time thinking about, and discussing, the changes you’re going to make. 

Vow renewal is something that can be done only so often. For most couples, one renewal ceremony is enough. You don’t need a lavish ceremony to make it work or to spend a lot of money. Just invite a few friends, and plan some great food, drink and entertainment for afterward.

Book a Trip

An unforgettable vacation might help to inject some much-needed novelty into a marriage that has begun to feel a little bit stale and routine. Of course, routine is part of what makes a successful marriage – but breaking from the ordinary can help to provide a reminder of why you got together in the first place.

You might book a vacation that pays tribute to your honeymoon, or replicates it entirely. You might look for something that fulfills a long-held ambition for both of you. Or, you might think about trips that reflect your interests. For keen cyclists, biking tours in Europe can be an amazing way to spend a few weeks.

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Take a Class

New shared experiences can help to bring couples closer together. If you’re going on a journey with a new skill together, then you’ll have a new thing to collaborate and share ideas about. A class can also be a social opportunity, and a chance to mingle with new people. In some cases, it might actually bring you closer together. Dance classes, for example, are amazingly popular for this reason. Other classes, like cookery, will help inject a little fun (and nutrition) into your home kitchen.

Throw a Party

Even if you’re not renewing your vows, a big milestone wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in the company of the people most important in your life. Of course, it’s also worth celebrating on your own, as a couple – even if that means finding a babysitter for an evening or two.

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