Carolina Curado: Inspired Jewelry, Empowering Design

When it comes to bold, unique, feminine jewelry there is nobody who does it quite like Carolina Curado. Her nature-inspired statement pieces feature influences from organic forms, like shells, insects, flowers, and ocean life.

Based in Portugal, she operates out of a small studio in Paço de Arco on the outskirts of Lisbon. Her jewelry is handcrafted with Portuguese materials, instilling in them an organic aesthetic and sense of place. Together with her business partner, Fátima Reis, she has grown the boutique brand into a fine jewelry company known to connoisseurs worldwide.

Read on to learn about her story, her inspiration, and her featured collections in My Object of Desire!

Fátima Reis & Carolina Curado

Inspired by Nature, Made With Love

It is simultaneously unusual, yet not all that surprising, that someone with such an eye for the beauty of the natural world has a background in Biology. Carolina worked as a biologist before launching her jewelry brand in 2012. Inspired to pursue a new passion, she attended a jewelry school in Porto. After completing the course, she headed to Lisbon and founded her eponymous studio. 

She teamed up with advertiser Fátima Reis, and together, they oversee every aspect of the creation of their unique and coveted designs. 

Carolina Curado has made waves not only for her naturalistic jewelry aesthetic but for creating adornments for often neglected areas, such as nail rings and ear cuffs. 

Inspired Women Inspire

It goes without saying that here at Love Happens, we are great admirers of her work. We are excited to offer a number of her exquisite designs in our collections at My Object of Desire. Carolina’s commitment to authenticity, individuality, and empowerment makes her an artist we are proud to promote. Her work embodies the balance of strength and delicacy that is femininity. 

“Our work is done thinking about the women who inspire us. Bold women. Attentive women, who crystallize the essence of beauty in its timelessness. Versatile women, who break barriers, examples of overcoming both strength and delicacy. We bring this essence to each piece we create.”

Carolina Curado

A Few Designs We Are Loving Right Now!

The Royal Enamel Beetle Earrings are a stunning, colorful statement set that guarantees compliments. The gold-plated brass and colorful enamel create a playful, elegant, and edgy effect. The earrings come in several colors, and the design is also available as a pin.

The Bougainvillea Ear Cuff + Bud is a favorite, designed for those who love an asymmetrical, whimsical look. The organic, climbing nature of the bougainvillea cuff makes it an ideal statement piece for one ear, counter-balanced by a single bougainvillea bud on the other.

The Medium Deep Ocean Earrings take the branching beauty of coral and turn it into an eye-catching accent. With subtle starfish details and embedded zircon, this pair embodies the natural beauty and vibrance of the sea.

While this pair of Small Iris with Petals and Big Lily with Petals is Sold Out, it is so stunning we had to call it out here! Gold-plated brass, pearls, and zircons shine in these stunning works of jewelry art.

Words by Bridget Kitson

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