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It is the Portuguese fashion platform ModaLisboa’s belief (and one we avidly share!) that the essence of fashion extends far beyond the garments themselves. From design conception, behind-the-scenes, and the runway to store shelves and home closets, fashion evolves. With this process comes a strong need for a dialogue between creativity and responsibility. A need to envision a future where style intersects with social and environmental consciousness. So in March 2024, for the 62 edition of Lisboa Fashion Week, ModaLisboa For Good embarked on a collaborative four-day endeavor with Lisbon City Council to explore this intersection.

ModaLisboa For Good embraced inclusivity while celebrating the convergence of haute couture and community engagement.

With a commitment to fostering dialogue, empowering creativity, and implementing sustainable solutions, the 2024 edition of Lisbon Fashion Week was not merely a showcase of trends but a platform for meaningful discourse and action. ModaLisboa For Good embraced inclusivity while celebrating the convergence of haute couture and community engagement. Through a diverse array of presentations, from established designers to emerging talents, and special initiatives like the Support Ukrainian Designers Initiative, this event epitomizes fashion as a force for good, urging stakeholders to do well, definitively.

Love Happens’ Sofia de Sousa went behind the scenes at ModaLisboa For Good, where she captured the essence of all the work that goes into the final fashion product. See more @lovehappensmag! AND read on for some of the designers she loved most during the show!


Just four years old, BÉHEN, founded by designer Joana Duarte, is a brand we love. For their FW24/25 collection at ModaLisboa For Good, titled “I Don’t Want You”, the designer explored the idea of “I don’t want you because I do, and because I don’t. Because I used to, because I can.” In the collection signature BÉHEN elements such as Madeira embroidery and Viana embroidery with glass beads shone. Honoring the atelier’s Portuguese roots, Joana also incorporated traditional hand embroidery techniques of the Glória do Ribatejo region in the FW247/25 collection.


For Carlos Gil’s DREAM collection, FW24/25, the talented designer created a beautiful array of garments. A collection intertwining reality and imagination in a surrealist dance. Exotic animals and unusual objects coexist while enchanting flamingos stand as symbols of elegance and feminity. Softness and emantes throughout the collection from the flowing fabrics to the luminous sparkles. Carlos Gil’s DREAM, like all his work, is not just about fashion but also about the woman who wears it. “A woman who dares to dream and turn her dreams into reality,” writes ModaLisboa on their site.


A collaboration between the Portuguese brand Decenio and MOLNM, the brand of designer Matilde Mariano, CLUB14 is a collection inspired by the aesthetics of golf courses. A collection that merges the past with the future through the use of technology and artificial intelligence throughout its creation. Thus allowing the use of new materials and techniques, optimizing production, and reducing waste. Greens, whites, and beige give color to this genderless collection, developed with sustainable raw materials.


From the most formal suits with a twist to the most dramatic pieces, exquisite cuts define Blossom. In Luís Carvalho’s magical FW24/25 collection, Spring blossoms with elegance. Seen beautifully through the choice of fabrics and colors that leave us with a smile. Exceptional execution through the use of texture and fluid shapes defines the beautiful looks throughout the Blossom collection.

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The Perfect Match. Dino de Alves, supported by Betclic & Liga Portugal Betclic, embraced the challenge of football in fashion for their FW24/25 collection “Victory!” The result, just as in the sport, can be considered a victory. Colors and patterns most associated with football fill the collection. While balance is achieved through more classic cut pieces and the tailoring of fabrics. Keywords that define this collection in our eyes: Transparencies. Stripes. Chess. Prints.


Fashion Starts Slow was the unifying theme of the collections of the six students from the Italian school IED. A reflection of a generation that understands the importance of listening to its inner self, caring for and channeling a future through the lens of fashion.


Created by Vera Fernandes, BUZINA’s FW24/25 collection showcases the brand’s signature expression of maximum femininity and personality through style. With voluptuous volumes, metallic fabrics, and floral patterns, the pieces radiate a fluidity, and attention to detail is apparent throughout the collection. The neutral tones that shine give us a romantic vibe. Overall a cohesive collection that shows us that romanticism and elegance can go hand in hand with today’s woman.


Virtual became real with the collaboration of Lion of Porches x paatiff, the winner of the first AI Fashion Week. Red, blue, and denim were the palettes that gave color to the collection that plaatiff’s José Sobral developed. Taking as a starting point, a re-interpretation of workwear. The future, present, and past intersect again when using technology, almost in a performative way, José printed some poems on a t-shirt, creating them live. Technology and workwear are the words that stick with us from this collaboration.

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The elegance of Luís Buchinho is given to us through neutral tones, tailoring, and lace. In a rhythmic fashion show, the attitude is presented in the contrasts of the materials used. At the end of the show, the models paraded with carnations on their chests, a symbol of freedom in Portugal, in honor of the celebration of 50 years of democracy in Portugal.


Shoes for Life was the motto for the new presentation of Portuguese Soul, under the responsibility of APICCAPS in partnership with ModaLisboa, which has the support of PRR, within the scope of the BioShoes4all project. This presentation aims to focus on the quality, durability, and responsible production that is practiced in Portugal, a tribute to the 40,000 people who work in the footwear industry in the country.


In a commitment to sustainability, 90% of the fabrics used in the “On the Rocks” collection are deadstock. With blue and black as the central colors and with neon details to contrast, Ricardo Andrez’s collection dresses us in whatever we want.


Through vibrant colors and lots of shine, Gonçalo Peixoto’s designs give women the determination and attitude necessary to pursue all goals. From the most seductive dresses to the most formal coats, the attention to detail can be seen in the shapes that enhance the female body. Reds, blacks, and pinks mix with transparencies, sequins, and crystals to bring a collection full of attitude and love!

All Photos by Ugo Camera / Courtesy of ModaLisboa
Words by Anna Beck & Sofia de Sousa

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