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New York-based Ruchi Agrawal Mohan formed DesignbyRUCHI in 2018 as a full-service boutique interior firm specializing in residential design. Known for her colorful, cheerful, contemporary, and materially rich interiors, Ruchi feels that starting from a layout and working within a space’s constraints is important to the design process. She also strongly believes that trusting the client and building that initial relationship is key to good design. And good design full of beauty and function is just what she creates! Join us for this edition of Love Happens’ Design Questionnaire as we take a peek inside the creative world of Ruchi A Mohan.

Lh Design Questionnaire with Ruchi A Mohan of DesignbyRUCHI

Ruchi A. Mohan, Founder of DesignbyRUCHI | Photo by Yulia Pagodina
Ruchi A Mohan, Founder of DesignbyRUCHI | Photo by Daniel Wang

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I have come to realize daily events as my moments of perfect happiness. At work, it’s an open dialogue with clients or my trade partners, photoshoot day when it all comes together, a moment of problem-solving, and, of course, my first draft design vision getting approved without any changes. Personally, a leisurely moment in the park with a good book, hugs from my daughter when she wakes up, seeing my mom’s call every morning, and being aligned with my husband give me so much pure joy.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

At work, it’s my client relationships that become my biggest achievements. During the duration of the project, I communicate with my clients so often that we really become close friends. From the highs and lows of the project to personal life, the relationship grows, and that fuels my heart and creativity. Many of these clients become repeat clients, and those who do not become lovely memories even after the interactions reduce.

What profession does your alter ego have?

Banking. Before being an interior designer, I was a finance professional, and I truly believe the attention to detail I learned during my banking days helps me daily as I manage big projects and renovations. Also, budget.

The project you will never forget.

My Upper East Side Residence is one of my most special projects. From the very start, the project had the right mix of head and heart. The apartment had a great ceiling height, and some original charm, and some parts of it were wildly dysfunctional and challenging…these would make a great before and after. My relationship with the client was a dream… she trusted my creative vision, leaned on me for execution, and she herself was very decisive, practical, and a problem solver. I created a lovely, earthy design with some beautiful materiality and custom moments. I injected color in a limited and impactful way, and many of the pieces that I sourced for this project were my personal favorites.

Upper East Side Residence by DesignbyRUCHI | Photos by Jacob Snavely

Your favorite business tool or resource.

I have to say my relationships, contacts, and trade sources. Over the years, I have worked with many capable experts from general contractors, suppliers, millworkers, wallpaper installers, workrooms, artists, photographers, and, of course, manufacturers and makers. They are all so critical to a project’s success and my design vision coming together. The combined knowledge and expertise is my biggest tool. Technically, Auto CAD and Pinterest follow close.

The most timeless design.

Personalized design is the most timeless design. Every home is different and unique to the people who live in it. Many times, clients struggle to articulate what they want in their homes, and that is one of my biggest jobs. When the home displays the unique personality and lifestyle of these homeowners in its design, it makes the design truly timeless.

Chelsea Residence by DesignbyRUCHI ruchi a mohan Photo by Daniel Wang
Chelsea Residence by DesignbyRUCHI | Photo by Daniel Wang

The biggest design faux pas.

Measure, Measure, Measure, and measure again. In New York City, measure the elevators to ensure that the furniture fits. If you need furniture that is big and does not fit the elevator, there is a solution, but plan for it in the budget. I made this mistake once in the early years of my design career, and of course, I swallowed the expense and did right by the client… But it’s a lesson that I remind myself of often.

Your design motto.

“Homes designed with beauty and function.”

Our publisher, KOKET, makes statement décor. If you were to design a room around one of their pieces, which would it be, and why?

The Nudesse chair by Koket is stunning. It’s a more feminine version of the classic wing-back chair and I can see myself using it in so many different rooms. I would most of all love to use it in a home bar lounge.

nudesse chair koket

Love Happens when…

you communicate respectfully and fully invest yourself, be it at work, friendship, or family.

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Feature Image: Broad Street Interior by DesignbyRUCHI | Architect on Project Adam Alter | Photo by Daniel Wang

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