Noor Charchafchi, The Woman of Celine Interior Design

The power of another person’s story is unique. In its raw form, it flows from one person’s experience to another in an almost physical rush. Perhaps a feeling of inspiration: “If they did it, so can I!” Or a moment of clarity where, all of a sudden, a new idea appears, sprouting from the exchange of experience.

For women, another’s story of perseverance, innovation, motivation, and success can be oh-so-powerful! In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to share the stories of women behind the brands that they have dreamed, founded, and built.

These are the women who bring a brand to life; women who are living, working, creating, and raising families. Through a series of questions, we delve into the minds of these women to share their empowering and uplifting thoughts and stories. Up now, The Woman of Celine Interior Design, Noor Charchafchi.

The Woman of Celine Interior Design

Noor Charchafchi is a London-based interior designer and director of Celine Interior Design. Since founding her firm in 2014, she has led her team in creating inspired, bespoke interiors for luxury residential and commercial spaces.

Noor began her professional life in the world of aviation finance law but developed her creative passion through her time singing with the English National Opera. Since founding her firm, Noor has brilliantly realized the visions of clients all over the world. With high-profile property development projects across the UK, Belgravia, UAE, Monaco, and more, her elegant and detail-oriented work has earned multiple awards.

Read on to learn more about Noor’s inspiration and motivation and what’s next for The Woman of Celine Interior Design!

Noor Charchafchi

Founder & Director

Noor Charchafchi of Celine Interior Design

Tell us a bit about your path and what led to your decision to start Celine Interior Design.

I was an aviation finance lawyer. I had loved art design and music since I was a little girl, but had been challenged by my family to take on challenges that didn’t come naturally. Which I think has now given me an incredible work ethic. The thing that comes more naturally, design and arts, is something I take complete pleasure in progressing and growing within. But the professionalism of the legal world and my parent’s push to make me do tough things were real-life lessons that I will take with me forever.

Do you recall any critical turning point when you realized your business was succeeding? If so, please explain.

Yes, I suppose it wasn’t the articles written about us or even the fact that we found ourselves in lists of top 50 designers or top 100 designers, but in fact, it was clients who started coming to us who weren’t referrals or contacts but of their own accord and seeking us out and that was the moment I sort of felt wow this is happening. 

Design by celine interior design
Interior design by celine interior design

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

I would say my confidence. It’s taken me through so many different situations and moments I found really tough, and it’s taught me to respect myself no matter where I’m seated or with whom. 

Who/what has contributed most to your success? 

My parents and my husband. My parents first because they dreamed big dreams for me, and I sort of dreamed alongside them. And then my husband because it’s impossible to do what we do without the greatest support. And it’s also hard to be with someone whose job is so central to their lives. He knows and respects this, but also he quietly pushes me by making sure all the things in the background that I would otherwise need to do are done for me. 

What surprised you most about growing a business?

How hard it is! Growing a business is the hardest part, and I think this is where a lot of businesses struggle, no matter what area. It’s realizing that you suddenly don’t just hire accountants you need to create systems and manage them, and you don’t just hire anyone because whatever way they are doing things isn’t necessarily the way your company needs to do them, so you essentially need to become an expert in areas and create processes for departments you had no idea you could or would need to do. 

Washroom design by Noor Charchafchi of Celine Interior Design

Tell us about your most demanding client. What was the experience, and what did you learn from it?

He just kept changing the goalposts. He even changed how he wanted to see the accounts around 15 times, and it was really a challenging time for me and all the team because we believe in doing whatever the client needs. That may sometimes mean doing things we aren’t accustomed to and even losing money, but the client is everything to us. It was hard to do this, and everyone had to put their egos aside, but the final result was brilliant. 

How do you handle negative feedback or criticism of your work?

I ask for it, I know it’s hard to hear it’s never been easy but interestingly sometimes you already know it and sometimes you don’t know it but know you need to hear it. I’m also very aware that criticism is the only way to improve and change, and so I welcome it, though I know it will sometimes be hard to hear.

koket mia sofa

If you could have done something different, what would it be?

I would be in business. I love business, and I am not sure that I would have ever done things differently other than spending more time with my children. 

What helps you move forward with your business despite the inevitable struggles?

I know the only way to fail is to give up. And I know when I feel it’s tough, there are better days coming. There are always better days. That’s just how life works. You just need to know they are coming when it’s tough. Never give up no matter what; that’s my only real rule not to break.

Noor Charchafchi

Who is Noor Charchafchi, The Woman of Celine Interior Design?

I’m a mother and a very hard worker and very driven. I love people deeply and honestly and because of that I love design, I know how much power and effect designs have on the human experience so it means a huge amount to me. I know very clearly what I want I always have, I am confident enough not to be afraid of my insecurities and I am simply passionate about life. 

When women invest in other women, we all rise together. Do you have any specific thoughts you would like to share about the women on your team?

Women are spectacular, as are men. Women to me are very special, there are many women who aren’t family that you end up relying on and needing in a way that is more beautiful than life itself. My friendships with women have given me strength, love, and joy, and a massive sense of fulfillment without which I would find life a much more difficult place. Investing in women doesn’t just need to be in business, if you give or invest in a woman she will flourish in ways that are good for the world be that business or otherwise. 

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All Images Courtesy of Noor Charchafchi/Celine Interior Design

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