Top Designers Bring Exquisite Style to Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York 2024

kips bay show house new york 2024 pantry bar design by michele gerson

The 49th Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York transformed 125 East 65th Street on NYC’s famed Upper East Side into a stunning design masterpiece! Open through May 28, 2024 the exquisite Manhattan townhouse showcases the talents of 24 top interior designers and architects. And while there is so much design to love, the show house mission to raise money for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is at the heart of the project.

“As we open our doors to showcase these stunning designs, we’re also opening opportunities for the kids of The Clubs to follow their dreams,” said Daniel Quintero, the Executive Director of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. “So come on in, be inspired, and know that every step you take supports our kids here in the Bronx.”

With top interior designers Jamie Drake, Corey Damen Jenkins, and Alexa Hampton chairing the 2024 Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York, the threshold for great design is well in place. And this year’s 24 designers and architects offer up more top names, exciting new talents, and an overall exceptional showcase of design trends, decor brands, and inspirations we love! Come explore with us!

The Club Room by Alan Tanksley, Inc.

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - luxury living room club room design by Alan Tanksley, Inc.

In the words of Alan Tanksley (one of the most charming men in design!): “Off the main staircase and kitchen lies the true heart of this wonderful house, a place we’ve called The Club Room. In this sanctuary, reminiscent of an inclusive members-only club, Fromental’s lush “Kiku Garden” hand-painted wallpaper serves as a backdrop to convivial gatherings. At the heart lies a magnificent Vincenzo de Cotiis dining table, not simply a piece of furniture but a destination for lively conversations and a game or two of ‘wits’ taking place over beautifully prepared meals.

“The blend of vintage and contemporary elements within the space is masterfully curated, resembling a gallery where every piece of furniture, every decoration, and each work of art has been carefully selected to evoke emotion and provoke thought. The interplay of eras and styles creates a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that each visit offers a respite from the chaotic world beyond.

“With the support of Showhouse sponsors Vaughan, Kravet, The Shade Store, Made Goods, and Benjamin Moore, Alan Tanksley blends vintage and contemporary elements from Liz O’Brien Antiques, Newell Galleries, Ancient & Modern mantels, Hostler Burrows, Berndt Goekler, Maison Gerard, Stark Carpet, Dennis Miller, R.E. Steele and Stamford Modern. A custom leather-wrapped etagere from Collier Webb holds pride of place, anchoring Stephen Antonson’s elegant “Shell Console”.

“The Club Room at Kips Bay Show House New York is a study in masterful curation. It’s a setting where the appreciation of beauty, the joy of gathering, and the thrill of intellectual exchange coalesce, providing a relaxed yet refined comfort that is the hallmark of the most venerable private clubs.” | @alantanksleyinc

A Tailored Edge by Aman & Meeks

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 luxury living room design by aman & meeks

In the words of Aman & Meeks: “Step into Luxury. Our custom-tailored living room design at Kips Bay Show House New York embraces the concept of fluidity, effortlessly combining sleek lines and clean silhouettes with vibrant accents, art, and details. The result is a space that feels tailored yet relaxed—where every element has been carefully considered to create a harmonious balance that is inviting and refined. From luxurious fabrics and finishes to exquisite furniture and art, this collaboration brings together the best in the industry. We are excited to present “The Tailored Edge” with the support of the Show House sponsors and partners: Silver Lining, Anthony Lawrence-Belfair, Dedar Milano, Stark Carpet, The Shade Store, Benjamin Moore, Phillip Jeffries, Anne Peabody, Cowtan & Tout, Newel Antiques, BK Antiques, Bernd Goekler, Karl Kemp, Beth Katleman, John Salibello, Gerald Bland, Lobel Modern, Lerebours Antiques, Phoenix Gallery, Venfield & The Padded Wagon.” | @amanmeeks

The Game Room by Barbara Ostrom Associates

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - game room design by Barbara Ostrom Associates

In the words of Barbara Ostrom Associates: “Exciting and fun to be in. Lots of game in sight—embossed on the walls, flying on the ceiling, and prowling around the room. Tongue in cheek, sophisticated and unique, the room comes alive with the exotic and eclectic personal collections of the globe-trotting owners.

“My inspiration for this room began in Paris at the January 2024 Maison Et Objet Show, combined with the quaint streets of Deco Off. All the new spring collections are introduced months before appearing in the United States. The bland gray and white, monochromatic impersonal furnishings of the last decade have given way to joyful, exuberant color and celebration of daring personal expression.

“I created a room to strongly reflect the taste and style of people who enthusiastically embrace a well-lived life. They love to be surrounded by all the carefully collected treasures from their travels to exotic places all over the world. I envisioned the occupants as successful in business, unafraid to take risks, and ultimately having achieved the confidence to live in an exciting, vibrantly personal environment. They enjoy a deep appreciation for good food, fine wine, great books, and an abundance of comfort. Passionate about music, theater, movies, politics, and art, they love lively debating a candidate, critical theater reviews, and current events. A place of reunion, creativity, and recreation, The Game Room is an exhilarating breath of fresh air. Far from pretentious and stuffy, it is dramatic and fun-filled with an unexpected twist of humor in amusing touches throughout the room.”

game room design by Barbara Ostrom Associates

“The riveting focal point of the room is the wildly whimsical African safari swivel chair. It is one of a kind, artistically handcrafted out of down-filled jungle animals and birds. The artist painstakingly designed and created each little critter to maximize total bodily comfort. I was mesmerized by this unusual and original work of craftsmanship by AP Designs of Brussels, and it inspired the whole concept of The Game Room. I had it shipped from Belgium to enchant New York City at the Kips Bay Show House.

“Andrew Tedesco enthusiastically got into the fantasy, fun spirit of the room and painted the flying cranes joyfully soaring across the ceiling. Joy Young of Townhouse Kitchens has designed and furnished the free-standing bar and building with mirrored shelf displays above. The wet bar is completely installed with an active ice maker grinding out ice cubes. The free-standing seated bar has a beverage unit and marble tops. Kohler generously contributed the sink and faucets, and Jennaire all appliances.

“The upholstery is lush with Osborne & Little Bouclé on the cushions and strout textiles leather on the frame. Pierre Frey supplied us with the drapery fabric and throw pillows, The Shade Store made the drapery and wooden blinds. Setting the tone of eclectic opulence is the variety of ethnic furniture and accessories supplied by Ngala Trading Company, zebra bar stools, alpaca ottomans, and fringed leather game chairs are a small part of their contribution. Thank you to Vaughan for the custom lampshades on display at the desk. The room is whimsical at the bar with the E. Braun & Co. New York animal napkins and cozy by the sofa with their beautiful wool blanket. Made Goods generously loaned us the barware, picture frames, and curated accessories. Benjamin Moore paints infuse our room with brilliant color.” | @barbaraostromassociates

zeba chaise koket luxury home decor

The Virtue of Curiosity by Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle

In the words of Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle: “Benjamin Vandiver has created interiors representing a vast range of aesthetics and tastes, all executed with a recognizable eye for enduring style, warmth, and liveability. Always aiming to deeply understand the individuals who will live in the spaces he creates, his humanistic and artistic approach has garnered Vandiver a reputation with his clients as a refined aesthete with the keen eye of a collector.

“His innate (and deeply personal) talent of collecting is driven by his curiosity of the decorative arts, which are always punctuated by the beauty and individuality of objects—and more importantly, how these things we love can live together. These unique and rarified elements have created a room that is defined by curiosity—his curiosity of ideas, ideals, people, gardens, homes, art, and historical references, all tucked away in his photographic memory. While Vandiver approaches each of his projects through the personalities and tastes of his clients, this installation is his most personal expression—to become his own client.”

bathroom design by Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle

“Taking cues from some of his favorite people and spaces like Hubert de Givenchy’s Manoir du Jonchet, the library at Bunny Mellon’s Oak Spring Farm & Cy Twombly’s Roman palazzo—Benjamin nods to the common denominator of them all—warmth, collecting, and ease. The bedroom he’s created for Kips Bay Show House New York evokes the nostalgia of an attic bedroom tucked away at a countryside French chateau; it is a space that explores the love affair of things.

“This certitude creates a backdrop for Vandiver’s extensive personal collection of object and contemporary art, including works by: Alex Cutler, Pacifico Silano, Ross Bleckner, Louise Bonnet, Carroll Dunham, Jacques Blin, Sean Scully, George Braque, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Pettibone, John Baldessari, Marin Majić, and Roger Herman.

“Despite the fact that this is a bedroom (albeit with a twin-size bed you would find in a Parisian pied-à-terre), Vandiver believes every space in a home can be a place of self-expression and comfort that a bon vivant wants in a sanctuary. The “Virtue of Curiosity” stands as a testament to Vandiver’s warmth and artistry and embodies the endless wonders of collecting.” | @benjaminvandiver

Reframed Foyer by Bennett Leifer Interiors

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - foyer design by Bennett Leifer Interiors

In the words of Bennett Leifer Interiors: “As a second-time Kips Bay Show House New York participant, Bennett Leifer Interiors sought to push design boundaries beyond their signature aesthetic (which inspired the 2015 room). This year, the firm collaborated with a favorite artisan, Edward Fields Carpet Makers, in what is essentially a love letter to the brand and the art of carpet making. Over an intimate dinner in Paris, Bennett pitched the idea of a completely carpeted room to the Edward Fields team, and immediately a creative spark was ignited.

“Bennett was instantly entranced by Edward Fields’ quote referencing the floor as “The Fifth Wall,” an indication that the floor decoration is just as important as the rest of the envelope—therefore inspiring the fully-carpeted concept. As the idea developed, favorite archive patterns and techniques were selected to outfit every facet of the space: floor, stairs, walls, niche, furniture, as well as accent the ceiling.

“The trick was unifying patterns and materials in a thoughtful and seamless manner that made a unique statement. Within the recessed niche, an overall gridded pattern flows into a pixelated mirror frame. The design also transitions into a beautiful curvilinear pattern on the walls to the floor and ceiling that draws the eye to where the lighting is swagged in unison with the fringe. Inspired by biscuit-tufting upholstery, the accent chair is made of tufted silk and carpet fringe. The door casings are carved carpet, modeled after a proper wood molding profile. Even the signage is crafted out of carpet—furthermore showcasing the breadth of this dynamic craft’s capabilities.”

“Known for using all-natural sculptural carpets in their residential projects, Bennett Leifer Interiors sought to break the standards of how carpet is traditionally utilized and challenge the creative capabilities of the textile in an unexpected way. The intellectual design pursuit includes a palette of metal tones in contrast to exclusive use of soft materials and lighting that follows the carpet form as it swags across the ceiling.

“To Bennett Leifer Interiors, design is about exploration intertwined with education, and life is about evolution. Visitors are invited to step into a new design world and discover unique and unexpected perspectives and applications of this beautiful art form. Our hope is to inspire the consideration of reframing deserving or underutilized aspects universally.” | @bennettleiferinteriors

The Wine Lounge + Garden Level Corridor by Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 wine lounge design by Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

In the words of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design: “An homage to joy, the Wine Lounge is a sanctuary for celebrating life’s little pleasures and the art of hospitality. This space serves as a canvas for reimagining traditional wine cellar concepts in a refreshingly unexpected manner. Juxtaposing textures, bold colors, and custom furnishings, the Wine Lounge invites guests to savor the composition. Every detail, from the mesmerizing allure of Kravet’s oyster shell wallpaper to marble and quartzite stone from Artistic Tile to opulent Fabricut fabric adorning the custom banquette, enhances the sensory experience. The thoughtful and textural lighting, including Vaughan’s brass ceiling lights, guides your eye upward, accentuating the mood. As you traverse the Garden Level Corridor, my design mantra, “line of sight always,” unveils a new layer of beauty and refined taste in all directions.” | @bethdianasmith

Sculpted Serenity by Hollander Design Landscape Architects

In the words of Hollander Design Landscape Architects: “Inspired by classic English garden motifs, the multi-leveled garden is designed as both an immersive, serene city escape and as a treasured focal point from within the rooms of the townhouse. Varied levels in the garden create an experience of exploration and shifting viewpoints.

“A series of serpentine planes create fluidity and rhythm throughout the terrace, defined by curving bronze planter walls with scalloped surfaces and echoed in bespoke sculpture, Thirty Quivers, realized by David Harber of Oxfordshire, England, and named as a nod to the respective 30th anniversaries of Hollander Design and David Harber.

“Plantings of soft perennials celebrate the awakening of spring against a structure and backdrop of evergreens. Classic materials and forms, like the garden’s oil-rubbed bronze planters, evergreen globes, and the random rectangular pattern in the limestone paving, re-interpret the spirit of English gardens for New York living.” | @hollander_design

Dream Machine by Huma Sulaiman Design

In the words of Huma Sulaiman Design: “Our third-floor hallway at Kips Bay Show House New York is no ordinary hallway. It is a space where dreams are forged, and thoughts drift away in wonder. Moody blues and wispy clouds came to mind to create that dream state feeling. We achieved this by encasing the walls and ceiling with Phillip Jefferies’s bespoke mural wallpaper depicting the midnight sky and clouds. More clouds continue to drip out onto the plush, luxe Cove Rug customized for us by the Rug Company.

“We wrapped one main wall with lush velvet ripplefold drapery in navy from The Shade Store giving the space a cozy and yet mysterious feel. We love collaborating with artists to create distinctive pieces for each project. Custom-made for our space, we worked with Jeremy Anderson to produce his Space Relic pendants, which are something straight out of a dream. They add a subtle ambient glow to our drapery niche.”

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - Huma Sulaiman Design

“A bench from John Pomp Studios is more like a work of art rather than furniture with a handmade throw of natural fibers draped over sculpted patinated metal with polished reveals. The Warp Mirror, also from John Pomp, features crushed, polished silver metal that seems more like crinkled paper which appears infinite upon first glance. Finally, it’s not hard to miss the large-scale artwork from Gallery Henoch. This oil on canvas piece is “Self” by Eric Zener. The painting depicts the artist diving into the depths of dark waters…or is it the depths of one’s subconscious?” | @humasulaimandesign

Study of Art and Beauty by Jeremiah Brent Design

Jeremiah Brent Design study

In the words of Jeremiah Brent Design: “Jeremiah Brent Design presents a contemporary interpretation of Hathor’s Sanctuary. Taking inspiration from the ancient Egyptian goddess of beauty, the studio suffused the design with narrative, crafting an unconventional and captivating Study interior. A symphony of tonal textures creates a soft background for a rare mixture of contemporary furniture pieces and the subtle nuances of historic Egyptian details.”

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 Jeremiah Brent Design

“The walls and ceiling are upholstery in Philip Jeffries white and black suede, elegant wool drapery from The Shade Store creates depth, while soft, incandescent lighting bathes the room in a warm glow, casting enchanting shadows on contemporary art and design pieces. A custom rug by Marc Philips anchors the room with reverence for the sacred makeup palettes, where women of antiquity crafted pigments to enhance their facial features. Amidst the whispers of time, one can immerse themselves in the rituals of adornment, paying homage to Hathor, the divine Egyptian patroness of beauty.” | @jeremiahbrentdesign

Dressing Room and Bath by Justin Scott Interiors

In the words of Justin Scott Interiors: “Inspired by the Italian Modernist Movement of the 1940s, Justin Scott Interiors created a modern but timeless dressing room and bath that combines the bold architectural style of Piero Portaluppi and a color palette reminiscent of the work of Pietra Dura artist Richard Blow.

“In the bathroom, channeled marble wainscotting by Artistic Tile, leathered quartzite floors, wood venetian blinds by The Shade Store, and custom ebonized oak millwork complement polished chrome fixtures by Kohler as well as polished chrome bath accessories by E. Braun & Co. Camel colored wool wall-to-wall carpet from Beauvais Carpets grounds the dressing room’s custom lacquered closets by California Closets and walls covered in a woven jacquard fabric by Dedar Milano. A vintage Swedish Art Deco side chair and large Egyptian Revival mirror offer contrast to the modern backgrounds. The combined effect provides a harmonious and luxurious space to ready you for the world outside.” | @justinscottinteriors

A Dining Room of One’s Own by Kit Kemp Design Studio

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - luxury eclectic art filled dining room Kit Kemp Design Studio

In the words of Kit Kemp Design Studio: “‘A Dining Room of One’s Own’ refers to the jewel box dining room created by Kit Kemp Design Studio for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York. Stepping over the threshold into this layered space, one immediately transports to the English countryside. An ornate tapestry, “Front Row,” designed by Kit Kemp for G P & J Baker, available through Lee Jofa adorns the walls. The colorful wainscot wood paneling is Minnie Kemp’s new Douglas fir veneers created in collaboration with Bavarian-based flooring company Schotten & Hansen.

“Yes, this is a family affair, and for dinner, the Kemps will be serving piping hot baked potatoes dripping in fresh cream and caviar, sprinkled with herbs picked straight from the garden and presented on Kit’s new “Tall Trees” dinner service for Spode. Pull up a classic Kit Kemp “Susan” dining chair upholstered in a tailored combination of striped fabric all part of Kit’s new G P & J Baker collection. Kit Kemp always championed craft and is known for her democratic interior spaces that showcase more established artists alongside the next generation of up and coming creatives.”

Kit Kemp Design Studio - seeds of joy

“A stunning Wendell Castle sculpture “Resonance,” supplied by Friedman Benda gallery, sits under a Sanaa Gateja beaded artwork “Seeds of Joy,” and hand-embroidered flower faces on the backs of the Kit’s wing chairs are made in collaboration with the New York City-based design studio Manifatura. A playful Maarten Baas “children’s clock” from Carpenters Workshop Gallery works in contrast to an 18th-century Swedish clock bureau cabinet, the clocks keep ticking, but Kit’s interiors are timeless.

“The focal point in the room has been inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, an unconventional group of English writers, intellectuals, philosophers, and artists who gathered in Sussex at Charleston House, which they decorated and painted intricately. Tess Newall is an artist working in the same area today and who took on the commission to create a hand-painted mural around the François & Co. fireplace. Get roasty toasty on the Tom Faulkner bespoke club fender; powder coated in Mariposa Verde a vibrant green ombre design and upholstered in Kit’s new fabric “Little Weed” available through Christopher Farr.”

Kit Kemp Design Studio

“A collection of antiques sourced from Gerald Bland and The New York Design Center complete the picture with more contemporary pieces sourced from Maison Gerard. Softening the large windows in this room are roman blinds in jolting block colors made up by The Shade Store, yellow, greens, and orange Zimmer & Rhode silks tied with a Dedar striped braid at different heights to create drama in the space. Unifying the space is a striking rug design by Kit Kemp for Annie Selke “Ladycross,” reminiscent of a stunning forest treescape. This feeling of enchantment and escape echoes in the large oversized “Gili” pendants by Julian Chichester and the warm glow of the Martha Freud “Being the light” porcelain poetry installation.” | @kitkempdesignthread

Enchanted Roots by Lucinda Loya Interiors

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 by Lucinda Loya Interiors

In the words of Lucinda Loya Interiors: “Lucinda Loya’s “couture interiors” are known for delivering an artistic edge with dramatic contradictions. Step into the realm of refined grandeur and sophistication, where every corner whispers tales of the past, present, and future, where she focuses on elegant yet organic details. Her attention to detail and the ability to mix patterns, which she calls texture, strikes a perfect balance.

“The “Ripped” rug takes center stage, a design from her new collection with The Rug Company that will release in 2025. A custom wallpaper in collaboration with Flavor Paper serves as a backdrop for the grand staircase and landing. The use of 19th-century etchings that have been painstakingly joined together creates a unified perspective. The waterfall summons you in as you climb into nature to the landing, a space framed by very elaborate, large-scale custom cornices and alpaca drapery crafted by The Shade Store in Sandra Jordan’s luxe fabrics. These two very distinct organic elements live in harmony. One is grand yet quiet, and the other is bold and grounding.”

Lucinda Loya Interiors wallpaper design in a contemporary bathroom

“Fiddlehead fixtures by Roll and Hill showcase Lucinda’s consistent use of innovative lighting. They emulate a delicate unfurling of fern leaves, which can be found in the forest. Allied Maker’s Grand Aperture in the staircase is an elegant interpretation of the space through which light passes, with a shape recalling the sun. The astute powder room is confidently dressed in “Rift”, a wallpaper design by Lucinda launching soon and realized by Flavor Paper.

“The outlined custom vanity she designed for Cosentino pairs with Kohler fixtures, and the pendants are by Vaughan. The powder room also has endless luxurious accessories and custom monogrammed towels by E. Braun & Co. New York. Finally, the unexpected placement of Scott Eaton’s Perpetual Now! video art is a pleasant surprise that dances in harmony. Adding to the organic touches are Melt mirrors by Bower Studio and a unique rug installation by Stark Carpet.” | @lucindaloyainteriors

Modern Romance by Margaret Naeve Parker, M.Naeve

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 Margaret Naeve Parker, M.Naeve

In the words of M.Naeve: “M.Naeve founder Margaret Naeve Parker brings her ‘timeless sophistication with a modern edge’ style to Room #3, with an expansive landing featuring an under-stair bar and an adjoining powder room. Margaret creates her ‘Modern Romance’ with both color and materials. A color palette of rouge, aubergine, eggplant, and a warm and earthy sage flows throughout the adjoining spaces. 20th-century art pairs with reclaimed materials from various eras to impart a sense of modern romance.

“The landing features Blanc marble floor tile with rouge cabochons from Chateau Domingue that rest beneath a vintage Spanish alabaster plafonnier from M.Naeve. A Green River Project black walnut console hosts contemporary art curated by consultant Julie Kinzelman. A custom mural by James Mobley brings in natural elements with floral and fauna over a canvas of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 wall color. The mural continues on all surfaces, including the under-stair area with an aged brass bar, floating glass shelves with custom brass undulating corbels, and a pair of Marco Zanuso for Oluce sconces. The barware is courtesy of The Future Perfect.”

bathroom design by Margaret Naeve Parker, M.Naeve

“The adjoining powder room brings even more modernity and romance with bespoke rouge plaster walls, antique rouge and blanc marble checkered floor tile, and a Belgian slate sink from Domingue Finishes. A Kohler-mounted faucet in brushed bronze pairs with brass and smoked glass sconces by Apparatus Studio and a vintage asymmetric brass mirror above the vanity. The bath also has recessed shelving and an antique wooden sculpture chair by M.Naeve. The spaces were renovated and constructed by Liebhaber Company.” | @m.naeve

Old Guard / Avant-Garde by McMillen Inc.

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - McMillen Inc. blair house revival

In the words of McMillen Inc.: “The restoration of Blair House, the official residence of visiting dignitaries to the United States, began in 1963 at the bequest of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who feared that the appearance of Blair House was so “shabby” when President Kennedy took office that it would “shock” visiting dignitaries who might have just come from the Kremlin where they would have ‘slept in a gilded bed and eaten off a gold-plated plate that had belonged to Ivan the Terrible.’

“By 1964, following the assassination of President Kennedy, Eleanor McMillen Brown, the president, owner, and founder of McMillen Inc., was asked to take charge of six rooms of Blair House. The Lee Drawing Room, being the most important, was started by a decorator Mrs. Kennedy had not liked, particularly because the decorator suggested fabrics whose colors Mrs. Kennedy didn’t like—fuchsia, chartreuse, royal blue, and magenta. (“I don’t think the Fuchsia and Chartreuse are very appropriate colors for a traditional house,” wrote Mrs. Kennedy.”)

“This year, sixty years after the completion of the Lee Drawing Room for the Blair House Restoration Project of 1964, and fifty years after McMillen Inc.’s participation in the first Kips Bay Show House New York of 1974, Charles R. Gracie & Sons most generously reproduced the very wallpaper used by McMillen Inc. for the Lee Drawing Room (and that is still gracing the Lee Drawing Room today).

“Joining their effort to help us create an imaginary “Lee Drawing Room at Kip’s Bay” are Peter Lane, whose mantel has created the ‘challenge’ of our room, Vinny DiSalvo and John Nalewaja installers, installer of ‘the challenge’ (and other smaller challenges), Joe Lawrence of Anthony Lawrence Belfair, always at the ready to help McMillen Inc., Stark & Co., Ellen Kravet and all Kravet Inc., including Lee Jofa, (with whom we share a centennial), Samuel & Sons, Benoist Drut and his colleagues at Maison Gerard, Stephen Antonson, Shizue Imai, Liz O’Brien, and Studio Van Akker.

“We at McMillen Inc. today, or anyone else, for that matter, could not have possibly known what the Lee Drawing Room at Blair House, with its magnificent 18th-century wallpaper, would have looked like had the room’s first decorator had her way, or what the room would have looked like had Mrs. Kennedy made it feel a little more like what a visitor to the White House might have expected after a visit to the Kremlin — more ‘gold,’ that is (gold being anathema to both Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Brown.) It is, therefore, with a slightly mischievous spirit that McMillen Inc. in 2024 has chosen the very colors rejected by Mrs. Kennedy and lots of the gold Mrs. Brown would not have approved of to accompany the second incarnation of the “magnificent wallpaper” installed in the Lee Drawing Room.

“With a hint of playfulness, we have chosen objects and furnishings that we feel better accompany the spirit of these colors than do the Federal Period choices made for the ‘real room,’ while not forgetting to make reference to, in one way or another, the original “Chinese Chippendale” intent of the room, and Mrs. Kennedy’s preferences. As the title of our room, Old Guard/Avant-Garde, old guard’ relates to the Lee Drawing Room of 1964—Mrs. Kennedy insisted it looked like a historic room, and it did; ‘avant-garde’ relates to the lenders of this exhibit, who would prefer, we imagine, to be considered more “avant-garde” than otherwise.” | @mcmilleninc

The Watering Hole by Michelle Gerson Interiors

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 Michelle Gerson Interiors luxury pantry design

In the words of Michelle Gerson Interiors: “A glamorous space with a splash of tradition done right in none other than Black & White. Room 10 transformed into an elevated watering hole. A place for a delicious fancy libation – where you can sip a martini in style. The floor sets the stage in Calacatta Viola and Nero Marquina in the “Slide” pattern from our very own collaboration with Artistic Tile. Also from Artistic Tile are the Arabescato Corchia, Breccia Vino, and Nero Marquina slab material that envelop our cabinet doors, skillfully applied by NJ Classic Tile & Marble.

“We invite you to open these cabinets using the luxe hardware custom-created by Dune. The walls and ceiling feature a mural developed in collaboration by MJ Atelier on a backdrop of Benjamin Moore paints. A Garden of Eden is depicted in hand-painted plaster, complete with an antique mirror with plaster applique. The imagery wraps appliances by Jennair. Reach inside for your favorite cool crisp champagne, or top up your tumbler with a fresh round of ice. Baccarat drinkware and accessories from AnnSandra Gifts and accessories from Todd Merrill perch atop glass and metal shelving by Amuneal. Cocktail napkins and tea towels by E. Braun & Co. New York, embroidered with imagery that nods to our walls, await your use.”

Michelle Gerson Interiors fornesetti

“When the party’s over, place your glass in our black Kohler sink and allow it to be rinsed with the beautifully detailed Kohler bar faucet. Don’t worry about water rings, as TuffSkin protects the Nero countertops. Gray walnut counter stools by Thomas Hayes, complete with a rich oxblood sheepskin by Garrett Leather, sit by the window, which is shrouded in metal beads. Beautiful, elegant light fixtures from David Duncan set the mood, with horoscope imagery set in high gloss white lacquer created for this bar. Dartom Construction and Cabinetry oversaw the millwork and completion of the space.” | @michellegersoninteriors

See Michele Gerson in “Tempted by Design: A Celebration of Individuality in Home Design”

A Cotswolds Retreat by Mikel Welch Designs

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 bedroom design by Mikel Welch Designs

In the words of Mikel Welch Designs: “Step into “A Cotswolds Retreat,” where the essence of the English countryside distills into a single room. Inspired by the timeless allure of quaint English inns, this guest bedroom encapsulates the rustic charm and character found amidst the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. The walls, painted in the rich limewash style hue derived from mixing Rainy Afternoon & Intrigue by Benjamin Moore, exude a moody elegance, reminiscent of misty English afternoons, skillfully crafted by Morency Painting.

“Dominating the Kips Bay Show House New York space is an oversized wall tapestry, serving as a captivating focal point that immediately draws the eye. Antique treasures abound, including a vintage hand-carved Wretling Sofa by Lawton Mull, its shearling upholstery a nod to cozy evenings by the fire. Wooden ceiling beams by J. L. Schroeder impart a sense of vintage authenticity, transporting guests to a bygone era where imperfections are celebrated and every detail tells a story.”

powder room design Mikel Welch Designs

“To ensure the bathroom complements the English countryside aesthetic, E. Braun & Co. provides luxurious towels and bathroom amenities, creating a tranquil mood. The bathroom floor boasts an iconic checkerboard look using three neutral Dekton surface colors—Micron, Kreta, and Lunar, with the latter carried onto the shower walls. Kohler enhances the space with a pedestal sink, toilet, shower door, and all bathroom fixtures, while the Plantasia mural wallpaper by House Of Hackney adds quintessential UK essence to the walls.

“No room is complete without window covers, and The Shade Store delivers a casual yet sophisticated custom relaxed Roman Shade in Granite-Heathered Linen fabric. The artwork on the bedroom desk, a rare showcase of an aristocratic black man, is by Fine Art By Carmen. The Gladys Extended Headboard Platform Bed in chocolate boucle fabric adds a bit of youthful whimsy to the space with its playful scallop design, complemented by pillows featuring a tapestry border kindly donated by Kravet to enrich the space. For a floor covering that feels luxurious without being stuffy, Stark Carpet provides the perfect rug, cut to size to span the room. The stately Merritt Cabinet in sage green adds an air of vintage curiosity with its peek-a-boo glass front window panes.

“Lighting sets the mood, and the Saxon chandelier by Currey & Co. elegantly dances with a pairing of brass arms wrapped in rattan. Above the sofa, an antiqued Convex mirror from Pooky Lighting opens up the space and adds a touch of sophistication. In the bathroom, a classic checkerboard pattern made of custom-cut Dekton stone seamlessly merges into the shower, while the custom wooden tripod, masterfully constructed by Juniper & Bros., doubles as a plant stand, adding to the room’s organic charm. Welcome to a sanctuary where old-world charm meets modern comfort—a retreat steeped in nostalgia and warmth.” | @mikelwelch

An Opium Den for Halston by Nina Seirafi Interior Design Inc

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 Nina Seirafi Interior Design Inc

In the words of Nina Seirafi Interior Design: “As a New York-based designer inspired by the iconic artistic era of the 60s and 70s, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of that era within a singular space—an ode to Halston’s opulence and the avant-garde spirit of Paul Rudolph. I saw this as something of a sanctuary or opium den for Halston, with a nod to Rudolph’s architectural ethos.

“I enveloped the room in dark stained oak panels, instilling it with an air of timeless sophistication while adding a contemporary twist to the traditional narrative by cloaking the walls, ceiling, and floor in a shimmering coat of silver roof paint. The fireplace, adorned with sleek black glass bricks, serves as a homage to the era’s aesthetic, drawing inspiration from Rudolph’s affinity for this material while adding a touch of mystique and intrigue.”

Nina Seirafi Interior Design Inc

“My bespoke furniture pieces, crafted from black oak and suede, echo the dark allure of the wall panels. In essence, this room stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of New York’s golden era, a fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation, encapsulating the spirit of Halston, Warhol, and Rudolph in a space that is at once timeless and of its time.” | @ninaseirafidesign

On a Clear Day by Patrick Mele Inc.

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 - bedroom design by Patrick Mele Inc.

In the words of Patrick Mele: “This Bedroom is dedicated to the many intelligent, strong, and inspiring women in my life. They have helped guide and shape my early career—cheering me on creatively, professionally, and personally—thank you. I designed this room with your collective beauty in mind. My hope is for the room to feel strong, glamorous, fresh, clear, and vibrant: timeless, yet of this time.

“Anchored architecturally by a pared-back and disciplined modernist envelope (developed in collaboration with the esteemed firm of Bories & Shearron) with a nod to the great master Albert Hadley. The room is an urban oasis for a sophisticated, confident character whose love of art, nature, and literature could envelop them. A special thank you to Hayley Von Rigal, Carol Swedlow, and Sarah Kennedy Flug for bringing my wildflower dreams to life. Who wouldn’t want to sleep amongst the flowers?”

Patrick Mele Inc. floral wallpaper in canopy bed

“This room would not be possible without the generosity and brilliant creative spirits of  Dara Caponegro, Liz O’Brien, Lauren Santo Domingo, Daisy Fornengo, Jonquil O’Reilly, Kate Brodsky, Ellen Ward Scarborough, Pamela Bell, Ruby Modell, Wendy Scuccimarra, Emma Pilkington, Betsey Ruprecht, Anne Miller, Dale Goffigon, Janet Maya, Sara Khalifa, Jeanne Greenberg, Marina Rust, Mary Ryan, Mary Foley, Karen Ford, Gabriella Forte, Elena Pizzoli, Ryan Lee, James Shearron, Dick Bories, Josh Wiener, Griffin Cece, Sourabh Gupta, Max Lamb, Stephen Antonson, Nicholas Newcomb, Matthew Remy, Jamie Creel, Marco Scarani, Jake Baer,  Jonathan B. Robinson, Matthew Tyrrell, Corey Grant Tippin, Kelly Bugden, Van Wifvat, Connie Plaissay.”

Patrick Mele Inc.

“A special thank you to Silver Lining Contracting, Vaughan Lighting, Tiffany & Co., Moda Operandi,  Salon 94, Ryan Lee Gallery, Liz O’Brien, Schumacher, Aronson’s Floor Covering, Benjamin Moore, The Shade Store, Miller Knoll Design Within Reach, Phaidon, Plaza Flowers, Jonathan Robinson, Innovation Interiors, Christie’s, Ace Glass, Van Gregory & Norton, Ilumé Lampshades, Newel, Norwalk Mattress Co., and Morris Moving. A special thank you to Jamie Drake and Alexa Hampton, along with the entire Kips Bay organization. To Sondra Barlow and Megan Dix, who anchor this business, you mean the world to me. Lastly, and most importantly, my mother, Patricia Regan Mele, who has supported me from day one, without whom there would be no PM—you are my muse and north star. I love you, Rab.

“On a clear day, you can indeed see forever.” | @patrickmele

orchidea sculpture wall light art koket high end home decor

The Andes Club by Phillip Thomas Inc.

Kips Bay Show House New York Phillip Thomas Inc.

In the words of Phillip Thomas: “Interior designer Phillip Thomas has created a dramatic after-dinner salon space, entitled “The Andes Club”, for his return to the Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York. As a child in Chile, Thomas’s mother grew up in a home where every Sunday, the house filled with guests for what they coined “The Paris Club”. Among the guests would be musicians, members of the clergy, writers, politicians, artists, etc., and they would talk about anything and everything. Lunch would often turn to dinner as people wouldn’t want to get up from the table, and eventually, guests would move to the salon to continue their conversations while enjoying cocktails and listening to music.

“When Thomas’s parents moved to New York City, they created their own version of this wonderful tradition for their young family and called it “The Andes Club”. The children were included as their parents thought it important for them to learn from these fascinating guests. It is with fond memories of these gatherings in the warm atmosphere of his family’s home, with the glow of the candlelight dancing on the walls, that Thomas was inspired to create “The Andes Club” for the 2024 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

“On a recent trip to Paris for Paris Déco Off, Thomas discovered a fabric inspired by the Andes Mountain Range designed by the artists of Brochier in Como. Childhood memories of traveling to Chile on overnight flights, arriving just as the sun rose over the Andes, often appear in his work. He knew immediately that this beautiful fabric from Brochier would be the perfect foundation for the “The Andes Club”.  With generous help from several artisans and craftsmen, Thomas’s room, layered with furniture ranging from vintage to contemporary and showcasing art that highlights the rich history and colors of Latin America, is a space where people will gather and never want to leave.”

“As I say, with any project, it takes a village. A special thank you to my team for your hard work on the Kips Bay Show House New York and all projects, to our wonderful contractors Hudson Green Craft, and to the many talented trades people, artists and brand partners that contributed to bringing my vision to reality: Andrew Tedesco Studios, Inc., Angela Brown LTD, Armac Martin, Arte, Artistic Tile, Aydin Arjomand, Barn in the City, Benjamin Moore, Bernd Goeckler, Blanche Field, Brochier Como, Brunschwig & Fils, Camengo Editeur, Christina Grajales, Christopher William Lifestyle Technology, Cowtan & Tout, Diane Carnevale, Donzella, E. Braun & Co., EK Finish Painting, Elegance in Hardware, Felipe Lavin, Francois & Co., French Finish Wall Upholstery, The Future Perfect, Galaxy Glass, Hermès Paris, JennAir, John Lyle, Kohler, Koroseal, Kravet, Kurt Rausch Master Florist, The Lacquer Company, LaRegence Inc., Lee Jofa, Liz O’Brien, Lorin Marsh, Luxe Surface Design, Maison Gerard, Manuel Cánovas, Michael Mundy, Misia Paris, Phillip Jeffries, Prava Stone, Rubelli Venezia, The Shade Store, The Sign, Stark, St. Louis Crystal, Studioart, TP Decorating, Twenty First Gallery, Upholstery Services by MV, and Vaughan Design.

“And most importantly, thank you to my family and friends. You are my constant inspiration.” | @phillipthomasinteriors

Steel Sanctuary by Shawn Henderson

Kips Bay Show House New York luxury bedroom oasis by shawn henderson

In the words of Shawn Henderson: “Steel Sanctuary envisions an urban oasis, blending elements of strength and tranquility as a meditative escape from urban life. Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, Betty Catroux, the bedroom pays homage to the sophistication and seduction of powerful women.

“The design for Kips Bay Show House New York juxtaposes sleek steel elements coupled with warm hues of rose and garnet. The duality of these aesthetic pairings evokes a stoic strength balanced by a hushed ambiance. The upholstered ceiling with custom-fringed crown detail cocoons the space, providing a sense of intimacy conducive to serene contemplation. Extending that feeling, a cozy daybed niche with custom garnet-colored handmade wallcovering offers an additional moment for respite.”

“Key furniture elements include a striking Paul Evans cabinet which introduces a bold organic element, a sculptural steel cabinet by the Campana Brothers, as well as a vintage Gio Ponti wing-back chair. Central to the sanctuary is a custom-designed bed with a silver metallic finish and walnut “portholes” inspired by Pierre Chareau, a focal point which encapsulates the essence of Steel Sanctuary. Meticulously crafted E. Braun bedding and custom drapery by The Shade Store add an elegant finishing touch to the space.

“Here, powerful design elements coexist harmoniously within varied textures, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a space that celebrates the dimensions of strength and the interplay of masculine and feminine energies.” | @shawnhenderson

The Design Questionnaire with Shawn Henderson

The Coveted Kitchen by St. Charles New York

Kips Bay Show House New York - luxury kitchen design - coveted kitchen by St. Charles New York

In the words of St. Charles New York: “The quintessential 120-year-old Neo-Georgian brownstone, home to the 2024 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, seems destined to have a St. Charles Kitchen. Coveted, celebrated, and incomparable, “The Coveted Kitchen” pays homage to the unquestionable heart and soul of a home, with historical appropriateness and the discerning expectations of modern-day luxury kitchen design. A masterpiece of culinary efficiency, performance, and advancement, “The Coveted Kitchen” remains a chic cooking suite crafted for both state-of-the-art entertaining and effortless, intimate meals thanks to the cutting-edge JennAir Appliances throughout.

“Wrapped in timeless finishes, sunlight, and gracious gravitas, the room conveys a sense of timelessness and permanence. Unparalleled St. Charles craftsmanship provides a palatable warmth for our historically undisputed favorite room, with cabinetry in an inviting combination of lustrous blue paint and sumptuous metals.  Architecturally appropriate to both 1904 and 2024, classic pre-war style panel cabinetry featuring STC No. 2 from the acclaimed St. Charles Collection boasts signature inset square hinges and hand-crafted brushed brass hardware. “

St. Charles New York luxury kitchen

“A handsome herringbone floor stands neutral and grounding, a complement to the distinctive Dekton counters, backsplash, and striking ribbed columns. With a place for everything and everything in its place, walnut-lined cabinets and drawers provide a detailed system of preparation and organization that never fails to surprise and delight the fortunate home chef. A highlight of the impressively efficient kitchen is the Maestro Culinary Suite Island. Both stimulating and functional, an artisan workshop in Southern France crafted the island. Light trickles through the sheer yet textural Roman shade from The Shade Store, while hammered copper pots and pans from Amoretti Brothers add a distinctive touch to the classic kitchen.

“With an artful balance of extraordinary kitchen features, a refined mix of metals, tantalizing woods, and custom blended finishes, this year’s Kips Bay kitchen also includes an exuberant Ralph Pucci chandelier that illuminates the space. As the most hardworking room in this historical residence, it is also the most heartfelt room in the house. Significant, satisfying, and elevated, “The Coveted Kitchen” demystifies the process of crafting an extraordinary kitchen and embraces us with a new level of undeniable luxury and lasting style. Considered the most “Coveted Kitchen” since 1935, a St. Charles kitchen is like no other, offering a rare and magical connection between people, place, and food.” | @stcharlesnewyork

Metamorphosis: A Journey of Transformation by Swati Goorha Designs

Kips Bay Show House New York luxury foyer Swati Goorha Designs

In the words of Swati Goorha: “As I ascended the staircase, it felt like embarking on a transformative journey. The garden level represents the starting point of this journey, with its closed curvilinear lines and dark, moody vibes as one progresses upwards, transitioning into the top flights that are open and a traditional winding staircase symbolizing the culmination of this journey.

“The stairs, the spine that holds the house together and connects all floors, are an essential and integral part of the daily transition. We designed the staircase to resonate deeply with everyone, serving as a symbol of Transformation. It is a transportation medium that invites anyone walking or seeing it to enter different worlds and experience the journey of Transformation. We have created a distinct yet harmonious design that immerses you in distinct sections and journeys on the staircase. The space envisioned is one where people would imagine, feel, and see this change of light and color and infuse their imagery of Transformation into their narrative as they traverse the staircase. We aimed to create a concept that invites and encourages people to share their spiritual, emotional, and personal stories of Transformation.”

“The space is filled with metaphors, each interpreted uniquely by talented partners who have helped us bring these different worlds to life. With LED lighting, the unique wallpaper brings a starry night sky experience and an ephemeral feeling of walking out in space. The custom-carved door and niche highlight this beautiful, earthly vibe. The colors become lighter as one approaches higher floors, and the transition continues. Walking on this journey allows the feet to touch the ground, but the feel of the rug guides the path and elevates the experience. All the worlds, seasons, and emotions come together with starlight, sunlight, moonlight, and their interplay to suit your mood and become one with the source of light and color undergoing inner Transformation.” | @swatigoorhadesigns

Smoke & Mirrors by Vanessa Deleon Associates

Kips Bay Show House New York 2024 luxury bathroom design Vanessa Deleon Associates

In the words of Vanessa Deleon: “Welcome to a luxurious sanctuary where a refined, moody vibe fuses with the grandeur of Art Deco glam. This opulent primary bathroom, adorned with lavish materials, lush green hues, and gilded accents, is the ultimate escape from the ordinary, inviting you to immerse yourself in true luxury. The walls, draped in deep emerald wallpaper from Phillip Jefferies, are a captivating backdrop, perfectly complemented by a large Reflectel mirror finished in sleek gold fame, positioned above a golden Francois & Co fireplace mantle.”

“At the heart of it all lies a decadent Kohler clawfoot bathtub, exuding old-world charm and sophistication. Draped with plush black towels and surrounded by lavish fixtures, it beckons viewers to indulge. Nearby, a custom-built vanity steals the spotlight with its chic lines and Artistic Tile countertop, while black marble with golden veins ties the whole luxe look together. In the water closet, majestic golden wall sconces from Vaughan Design cast a soft glow over elegant calligraphy that whispers tales of timeless chic. An intricate mosaic flooring echoes the geometric motifs of the Art Deco era, while bold black and white drapes, paired with a metallic green bracelet from The Shade Store, demand attention. An Allegri crystal chandelier adorns the ceiling like a glamorous crown, and the embellishment of cheeky art and a mirror TV add a taste of flippant to the decadent jewel-box space.” | @vda_designs

Le Fumoir Féminin by Workshop/APD

Kips Bay Show House New York - Workshop/APD

In the words of Wordship/APD: “A modern sanctuary nestled within the home’s primary suite, Le Fumoir Féminin offers the lady of the house an intriguing retreat from responsibility and Upper East Side propriety. An enveloping cocoon for her private passions, artful collections, and little vices, Workshop/APD’s decompression zone blurs the lines between architecture, interior design, and furnishings.

“Inspired by swirling smoke plumes, curving, artfully lit, custom-cut wall panels with incorporated floating shelving, awash in a hand-applied plaster finish and paired with smoked mirror, soften the room’s modern architecture. The space is sensual and tactile from top to bottom—from a deeply textured custom Marc Phillips rug to the ceiling’s expressive Fromental wallpaper in rich, earthy, feminine tones to an immersive invisible sound system by Christopher William Lifestyle Technology and a transformative Lutron natural light system.”

Workshop/APD living room design

“Custom, vintage, and gallery furnishings from Todd Merrill, Maison Gerard, Gaspare Asaro, Donzella, and Workshop Collection, chosen for their compelling, languid lines and comfort, celebrate exceptional craftsmanship and materiality. Together, these elements set the scene for cocktails and intimate conversation with her inner circle, perusing her favorite records, and late-night lounging in high style.” | @workshopapd

Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York Sponsors: Artistic Tile, Benjamin Moore, Bokara, Christopher William, Cosentino, Dedar, François & Co., E. Braun & Co. New York, Kravet Inc., Liesl Collection, Made Goods, Marc Phillips, New York Design Center, Phillip Jeffries, Pooky Lighting, Rug & Kilim, Sanderson, SilverLining, Susan’s Jewelry, The Shade Store and Vaughan.

All Photos by Nickolas Sargent / Courtesy of Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York

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