Meet Bespoke Furniture Connoisseur Joanna Hauptman of Hyde House and the Innovative RESINATE

When it comes to luxury bespoke furniture designs with personalized, distinctive flair, British-based Hyde House and its trademarked design technique RESINATE are names to know. Founded in 2007 by interior designer Joanna Hauptman and third-generation master artisan and furniture maker Richard Searle, Hyde House creates exquisite custom furnishings for top interior designers worldwide. Designers especially love the brand’s iconic RESINATE concept conceived by Joanna, a cutting-edge resin varnishing system that transforms wallpaper into a durable furniture finish.

Join us as we take a peek inside the creative mind of Joanna Hauptman in this edition of Love Happens’ Design Questionnaire.

The Lh Design Questionnaire with Joanna Hauptman, Co-founder of Hyde House & Visionary of RESINATE

Joanna Hauptman of Hyde House and RESINATE

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

It might seem an exaggeration however for me, design is my life blood and being creative ignites my passion. To be honest, having the opportunity to see my vision become a reality is immensely satisfying and I enjoy it more than any other pastime.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I would have to be terribly predictable and say my two daughters are my proudest achievement, but my third child is definitely Hyde House—having built it from the ground upwards over 17 years—it has been a challenging beast and I have learnt from each and every mistake. In fact it’s been a baptism of fire… but again this is a business that has been built with blood, sweat, toil and tears and I’m incredibly proud of how its grown and established itself at the forefront of bespoke British furniture.

What profession does your alter ego have?

I can’t deny that I have always fancied being a chat show host! I love meeting new people and find people’s stories to be fascinating—I think I’d make a wonderful Graham Norton.

The project you will never forget.

We worked on a sensational 20,000 square foot new build in Hampstead some years ago—it was no doubt a passion project since it took time and patience to curry the trust and favour of the client, who was tentative to say the least in their design choices. However over time, and many meetings, we built the trust required to create beautiful, elegant and timeless designs to their joinery, case goods and upholstery that resulted in a breath-taking family home that sold 5 years later for double the asking price with every piece of furniture we had manufactured for them.

furniture by Joanna Hauptman of Hyde House and RESINATE

Your favorite business tool or resource.

Actually I can’t be without a sketch book and a fine liner pen to sketch my furniture ideas down whilst they are fresh in my mind.

The most timeless design.

Claridge’s Hotel for me is the pinnacle of perfect design—stylish and timeless and a great representation of Art Deco.

The biggest design faux pas.

Frankly I have made mistakes in terms of scale on furniture prototypes—regardless of how experienced a designer you are, there is nothing better than seeing a piece in reality than on CAD or 2d drawing.

Your design motto.

More is more, I have become braver with age when it comes to my design choices in terms of finish and layering. I want my environment to stimulate and infuse my mood and emotions and great design should make you feel happy, privileged, comfortable and inspired.

Our publisher, KOKET, makes statement décor. If you were to design a room around one of their pieces, which would it be, and why?

It would be the Temptation Aged Mirror Bar Cabinet because it would lend itself perfectly to a statement wallpaper that could be both practical and robust but visually arresting—a cocktail cabinet is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your favourite wallpaper through RESINATE™ and create a talking piece that will sit front and centre in any decorative scheme.

temptation mirror bar cabinet koket

Love Happens when…

You have the chance in life to combine your passion with your job. It’s a rare privilege because one spends such a large proportion of one’s life working that it’s a fabulous stroke of luck to make money from the thing you love best.

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All Photos Courtesy of Hyde House

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