About Love Happens Mag

Don’t you love the moment you fall in love…The pulsing heart, the rush of emotion, the slight flush across your face. Love can strike at any moment and with anything, consuming your being with a passionate fire, whether it be an object, design, feeling, person, place, or something in between. Love Happens!

Out of the minds behind the luxury home décor brand KOKET comes the timeless luxury lifestyle magazine Love Happens. Offered online and through special print editions, Lh celebrates all things beautiful and iconic, inspiring and empowering the world’s most discerning women along the way.

Sharing stories to ignite the fire within you while detailing all things beautiful and inspiring, the mission of Love Happens is to provide not just information but an emotional response in our readers. A response that fuels desire. Chronicling a range of topics from interiors, fashion, and living your best life to amazing women, talents of all genders, and so much more, you will quickly understand why, with us, love happens!

Founder & CEO: Janet Morais, Editor: Anna Beck Bimba, Creative Director: Sofia Silva, Graphic Design: Sofia Cunha, Marketing: Marta Viera/Sílvia Oliviera, Publisher: KOKET

love happens magazine founder janet morais, editor anna beck bimba

About KOKET & Founder/CEO Janet Morais

Noted for her dramatic and edgy design aesthetic, enticing personality, and strong love affair with life, Janet Morais is an avid design entrepreneur. Currently, the multi-brand founder and CEO is the driving force behind her world-renowned home decor and interiors firm KOKET, brand agency DeMorais International, international magazine Love Happens, and decor/fashion e-boutique My Object of Desire.

Born in New York and raised between Europe and the US, Janet is deeply connected to European culture, uniquely positioning her at the center of the rapidly evolving international luxury brand market. Early in her career, Janet’s love affair with Paris, design, and fashion led her to move to the captivating city of all things glamour. While living in Paris, she immersed herself in the refined Parisian world and developed a highly trained eye for haute taste and a dead-on instinct for trends to come and what people want.

In addition to seducing design lovers, Janet loves supporting women. In particular, helping young women reach their potential, a passion she discovered after hiring young female employees and finding joy in sharing her knowledge in hopes of helping them evolve! Through Love Happens content, the Love Happens Intern/Mentorship, and the Portuguese-American Women’s Empowerment Alliance, Janet is always looking for ways to empower women. 

“I love taking risks and turning heads! And I live to empower through design, content, and experiences. So, I created KOKET, born from my interior design business and branding agency DeMorais International, and the inspiration for my lifestyle magazine Love Happens and e-home decor boutique My Object of Desire.

Each of my professional endeavors offers a glimpse into my world and everything that moves me. Through my work I strive to share my joie de vivre and coquettish frill while empowering all willing to listen to be their best selves. My products are about unique, inspired design, craftsmanship, and bringing joy to all who encounter them. While my content is all about my passion for the world my products live in, a world of beautiful design, fashion, travel, and beyond.

Take risks with me! Create your own individual sense of style at home, in your closet, and in every element of your lifestyle. I hope you fall in love with us, and feel empowered by our statement pieces and unique design driven experiences and content.” Janet Morais

Anna Beck Bimba, Editor

A born lover of all things beautiful and inspiring, Anna Beck (Bimba) met Janet Morais in 2005, and the two instantly connected! So when Janet asked Anna if she would be interested in writing for KOKET’s Love Happens blog in 2017, now Lh Mag, despite having two small children at home, Anna jumped on the offer.

Before Love Happens, Anna worked in interior design and the luxury furnishings industry. And while she loved finding and admiring beautiful spaces and products, she never quite felt satisfied. So when Love Happens came along and the opportunity to combine her passion for the art of the written word and borderline obsession with research, Anna found a job she loved!

“I hope Love Happens empowers you to find what you love to do and figure out a way to do it, like I did with this magazine. As you flip through our content, I hope love happens for you over and over again.” Anna Beck

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