Best Interior Design Trends 2017 by Uma Campbell @bykoket

Best Interior Design Trends 2017

Best Interior Design Trends 2017

With fall right around the corner, homeowners may be considering new ways to refresh the design of their homes’ interiors. This is because the arrival of fall signals change. From the transition in seasons to the beautiful shift in the colors of leaves—there are many ways in which fall can inspire a chic, trendy home décor project. This is why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best interior design trends 2017 has to offer for this fall. Give the rooms in your home an upgrade by trying one (or even all) of these great ideas today!

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Texture & Shape

While fall is reminiscent of warm colors like yellow, red, orange, or brown, home décor this fall is far less focused on color and is instead focused on textures and shapes. Homeowners can delight their senses by incorporating fun and surprising textures, shapes, and materials into their homes. From luxurious yarns, fun fabrics, textured wall paper, and even manipulated textures that have been folded or re-shaped, this season is taking this stylish concept to the next level. One great way to incorporate this trend is to pair textured neutrals like decorative pillows with seasonal throws that have equally impressive textures and shapes, for a unique look and feel.

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Faux Finishes

This fall is also ushering in the use of trendy faux finishes for an incredibly well-designed home. Faux finishes are an affordable alternative when compared to pricier authentic options. Fur accessories, faux leather surfaces, replica wood beams for ceilings, manufactured quartz, and even faux leather counters are just some of the most sought-after finishes making waves in today’s modern homes. No matter the personal preference, there is a faux finish option available for every homeowner’s design taste. Faux finishes are a great way to bring a bit of glamour into the home without breaking the bank.

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Unexpected Uses of White

An all-white backdrop can provide stylish design inspiration for Fall 2017. This year the use of white is making a huge impact when it comes to interior design. While white is typically a color more aligned with the winter season, this year white is making a strong debut as an autumn color instead. For instance, try pairing different variations of white together for a very sophisticated look. From pure, raw white, to off-whites, to beige and creams, this unexpected play on colorlessness is one of the top interior design trends for this year. Mixing and matching different whites can create harmony and flow throughout the home for a pleasant autumn experience.

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Mix Bright Colors

On the opposite spectrum of the colorless trend for this year is the use of bright colors that are not typically associated with the fall season. For homeowners who prefer a stronger color palette, the right mix of bright colors can make a dramatic statement in the home for this fall. For instance, the color green paired with any other bright color is a top choice for many homeowners. Not only does green bring in a hint of the outdoors, but it also adds to the coziness of fall—an undeniable feeling that goes hand-in-hand with the comfort and warmth of the season.

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Art and Accessory Curation

Proudly display collections of artwork and other accessories around the home for a thoughtfully curated look. It does not matter if these items are high-end or inexpensive, a carefully put together mix of items is a great way to bring personality into the home this fall. For instance, mix and match luxury furniture, wall hangings, and accessories like accent chairs, mirrors, and other items that can be placed on a bookshelf for the most visual impact.


Spruce up your home today with one of these inspiring new looks for Fall 2017. From a complete design overhaul to one room re-designs, these are just some of the best trends for this year that can give your home a new, stylish look, right on time for the new season.


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