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Architecture & Design

Dragons Come Alive at the Imperial Palace Saipan

Located on a sandy beach in Garapan on the west coast of Saipan, Imperial Pacific’s Imperial Palace Saipan offers an…

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European Style in American Homes – Update Your Interior This Season

What do you think of when you hear “European style homes?” A towering French chateau with floor-to-ceiling windows and a…

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Where to Find Inspiration for Custom Homes

Are you ready to build your own home? There’s just something about having your home built from scratch! You can…

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Rossana Orlandi: A Heroine Gallerist Making Plastic Guiltless

Women have been known to wear many hats, but few possess the poise of a luxurious goddess while creating innovative…

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Feminine Chairs Designed for Women, The KOKET Way

As a woman, there is a good chance you have sat perched on the edge of far too deep chair….

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Sensory Design and Nature in Architecture and Interior Design

A wood-clad floor that reverberates through space. The brilliant marble of a workbench that invigorates the spirit. The roughness of…

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