Women Empowerment

Rossana Orlandi: A Heroine Gallerist Making Plastic Guiltless

Women have been known to wear many hats, but few possess the poise of a luxurious goddess while creating innovative…

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Practices of Strong Women

Strong women embody the essence of what it means to take ownership of one’s life and live defiantly in a…

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Powerful Women of Ancient History

Our world today is vastly different from that of antiquity, and yet many things such as love, fear, and power…

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Amy Bonnaffons: One to Watch in the World of Literature

Sometimes when reading a debut novel, you get a sense that it marks the start of a long career on bestsellers’ list….

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Meet Rosa de la Cruz and the Woman Behind the Stunning Jewelry Brand

The first stop on my 48-hour venture to Miami Design Week 2019 was the fabulous de la Cruz Collection art…

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Lh Interview with Hospitality Design Master Stina Funch of Atwater Inc.

When it comes to interior design Stina Funch, co-founder and creative director of the international boutique design studio Atwater Inc.,…

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