Gift Guide, for her: special handbags

Gift Guide, for her: special handbags

Gift Guide, for her: special handbags

Our first feminine gift guide could not have ben focused on anything else but… handbags! What else? There are hundreds of thousands of models available in the market but somehow, when handbags is the topic of casual conversations there seem to be only a few brands that pop up in our minds as the most desirable dreamy items of shopping. These are the TOP luxurious and prestigious brands that have rightfully earned their place in the world and the hearts of girls, teenagers and women everywhere.

Our choice of handbags in this guide however, was not taken lightly, and was specifically cherry-picked considering the latest WorldHandbagReport™ by the Luxury Society & Digital Luxury Group. A complete report on the luxury handbag market that analysis the performance of more than 120 luxury handbag brands within ten international markets. Stay tuned, for the TOP 12 luxury handbag brands in the world.

Let’s start with the winners…

The classic Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Handbags


The lavish Chanel

Chanel Handbags

And the prevailing Gucci

Gucci Handbags

Take this chance boys, and indulge your women with the handbag they desire the most…




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