Wrap up your christmas projects today with KOKET's ready to ship list of pieces available for shipment today!

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Wrap up your projects for Christmas today! Check out KOKET’s NEW and UPDATED Ready to Ship list here. Remember all these pieces are available for shipment today! And follow our blog for beautiful stories on these highly desirable and empowering statement pieces that will change your Christmas mood forever…

“It seems the day before Halloween is even over, stores skip out on the Thanksgiving decorations, and head straight to the red and green of Christmas. But who can blame them; there are only so many feathered turkeys and stuffed Cornucopias one can stand to see. Besides, who can resist the allure of the twinkling lights, fresh gingerbread snaps, rosy red Santas on every corner, and of course Starbucks newest version of steaming hot Christmas in a cup. Nonetheless, along with all that allure comes some hassle (They do say everything comes at a price). And this price can be in the form of your oh-so-sweet-I–like-to-comment-on-everything-you-do mother-in-law, to your kids glorified Christmas break (which you still have to work), to trying to find the perfect present for your partner’s sister’s husband’s adopted cat who they consider to be their second daughter named Mimi. Consequently, here at KOKET, we not only feel your strain, we experience it. Therefore, in light of this holiday, we have brought you some pieces that we truly believe will help you during this magical-someone-better-shovel-that-snow-season.

Starting off this collection is Temptation Console, you will for sure need a place to write (or hide!) all those Christmas Cards. From your grandmother to your mailman, the list of names at times can seem endless (Thank goodness for pre-stamped envelopes!) So why not indulge yourself with the Temptation Console where silky python lamb skin is swathed and giftwrapped, perfectly framed on top unyielding gold curves; a present that you can enjoy year round.


Temptation Console

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Next, are the Enchanted Dining Table and Side Table. Everything from the name to the fine details in the antique gilded branch harmonizes with the theme of Christmas. Besides, we personally believe Belle wouldn’t have been so reluctant to leave the enchanted castle had the Beast been a little more inclined to customize this table for her.


Enchanted Dining Table and Side Table

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

Our artisans have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with this table.

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

And we can’t forget about entertaining. Everyone from your neighbors to your friends to your in-laws will be stepping afoot inside your home. First thing-Seating: Pamper your guest to the Colette Sofa where luscious colors from rosy blush to velvety crème are available.


Colette Sofa

Fully upholstered tight back sofa with an elegant lacquered band leading to a sleek and elegant feet.

Luxury Christmas Decorations Ideas

The ever so vintage feeling will enchant them into a day dream, leaving you to finish applying your lipstick. And apply you will…


This is our first article “Merry KOKET-Mas!” Suggestions. They will keep coming until Christmas, don’t miss out on the best Christmas Decoration Tips by the lovely team of KOKET!

We wish you all a very Merry Koket-Mas and don’t forget Love Happens – Especially during the Holidays!


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