Making an Armchair Statement: Vintage Classics by Timothy Oulton

Making an Armchair Statement: Vintage Classics by Timothy Oulton

A sofa can definitely be a wonderful thing to sink into, soft and luxurious as it is. As a major part of most living rooms, it’s also a major component of the interior design philosophy of any home.

Classic Sofas Timothy Oulton

However, there’s nothing quite like the personalized, borderline selfish comfort of an armchair. Each of these solo affairs is designed to serve a single master and no more, representing a profound individuality that extends to the many eclectic, controversial, and sophisticated designs that armchairs can come in.

Vintage furniture designer Timothy Oulton knows what’s up in the design of the armchair, and have produced a wide variety of classic-styled armchairs that are all delivered in their signature handcrafted style.

Classic-styled armchair by Timothy Oulton

Their Professor Chair is a compact, yet standout design statement that exudes sophistication and class, while proving contoured comfort unlike any other. Smaller than many other armchairs, it’s ideal for bedside positioning, or unobtrusive placement in hallways.

Professor Chair by Timothy Oulton

The broad, extravagant proportions of the Lazy Chair come in sharp contrast to the Professor Chair’s comparative diminution. It provides an elegant take on the iconic Chesterfield design, while leverages a larger-than-life size to promote the height of comfort. Meanwhile, its dramatic leathered cushion and solid, aged oak frame add an accent to any modern home.

Lazy Chair by Timothy Oulton

The Manor Chair is another magnificent, illustrious product, its authoritative wing chair design and massively tall back drawing attention to itself and to its user.

Manor Armchair by Timothy Oulton

These and many other of Timothy Oulton’s armchairs come in luxurious leathers, distressed and aged by hand to produce an authentically vintage feel. There’s nothing quite like having the classics in your home, and they certainly deliver!

All Photos Courtesy of Timothy Outon


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