Words of Encouragement: Crutches Don’t Heal

Ooooouuuch! You’ve just experienced the agony of a broken bone. A sharp burning sensation that seemed to last forever but…

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World of Architects: Who They Are, What They Do & Why Hire Them

Before our very eyes, the world around us evolves and progresses. Starting as children design surrounds us. Legos, The Sims…

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Infuse Your Home with Art Deco Style

While the Art Deco style first claimed its fame in France during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, it has since…

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Guilty Pleasures at ICFF 2015

Guilty Pleasures at ICFF 2015 Decadence and design are one in the luxurious inky black KOKET booth 2049 as we...

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