My Business Trip to Asia

My Business Trip to Asia

My Business Trip to Asia  My Business Trip to Asia 11

Asia, one of the oldest cultures in the world. Meditation, peace, Buddhism, a world of cultural and ancient traditions. As I’m on my way back I thought that I needed to write down some of what I have saw!

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One of the things that I was amazed by was the contrast of two opposite realities we can find within each country. On one hand we find extremely technologically advanced places and companies but on the other hand they still have the magic of their ancestors and culture craved in them. It was beautiful. Indonesia is a vivid mixture of ethical groups with endless traditions. The buildings are mainly inspired by Indian architectures and they are astonishing! I was able to taste the various traditional cuisines and savor delicious dishes with coconut milk and spices.

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And then I travelled from Indonesia to Bali! The Balinese culture is a unique combination of spirituality, religion, tradition and art. Religion is considered to be art and it seems that almost every Balinese is a devoted artist. Expressed through beautiful and intricate paintings, extraordinary carvings, superb weaving, and even in rice decorations that cover the myriad shrines found in public areas, in paddy fields or in the homes, the island is alive with art!

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Macau however was a special trip. Former oversea Portuguese territory, the distinct feature in Macau has been the fusion between the Portuguese and Chinese cultures. With most of the population being Chinese, one would expect the total assimilation of the Portuguese over the past four centuries. However, this has not been the case and being there was an amazing experience.

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But, of course it wasn’t sightseeing all the time! This trip had an intention, to build up professional relations. And so it did, I met with several business owners hoping to establish long and fulfilled relations and had a great feedback from them, returning with great contacts. I also visited Hi Design Asia, the event that brings the region’s most active hotel interior designers together with leading suppliers to discuss business. An opportunity that I couldn’t miss! I was very impressed with the event and had to congratulate the organization eventually.

This was the sneak peak at my magical trip through some of the Asiatic countries. Hope you loved it!

With love, Janet Morais

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