12 Luxury Brands We Love, Spring 2018

12 Luxury Brands We Love, Spring 2018 

Our favorite brands, laid out just for you. This exclusive list features all the brands we love right now and all the brands you’ve seen throughout the mag.


A Modern Grand Tour

Having amassed a fascinating and wondrous collection of art, curiosities, antiques and collectibles at his 17th century palladian home in the UK, Aynhoe Park, James Perkins has a brand like no other. A Modern Grand Tour is the curated collection for sale, famous for those fabulous Ostrich Feather Lamps we are so obsessed with!


ostrich floor lamp luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of A Modern Grand Tour


Expert craftsmanship has been the focus of this company since its creation in 1958. Its founder, Mario Guerra, specialized in crafting with Zebu horn (hence, the name). The lux collection is absolutely lust-worthy, replete with golds, blacks, and intricately beautiful horn details.


Interior Design by Erik Kuster luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Arcahorn


Seguso Vetri d’Arte

The Seguso family have been creating beautiful works of art from glass since the 14th century   they know what they’re doing and they do it masterfully. With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, we don’t know their secrets but we know they make some of the most exquisitely designed and crafted glass lighting and table top Italy has to offer!


Elya chandelier sesugo vetri d'arte luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Sesugo Vetri d’Arte


Sicis has completely reinvented the art of marble and stone mosaics. From glittering gold patterns to Marilyn Monroe, they do it all. Creative, avant-garde, colorful their designs are anything but boring. 100% made in Italy, this luxury brand is made for those who appreciate fine art and design. Be sure to check out their furniture as well!


betelges amb1 by sicis luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of SICIS


Tori Soudan Collection
Fabulous statement shoes, designed by an empowered American woman and made in Italy. Inspired by seeing master shoemakers on a study abroad trip to Italy in college, Tori Soudan took that inspiration and ran! Creating sophisticated and sexy shoes for powerful women, she calls on them to express themselves fearlessly.


Adia orange boot by Tori Soudan luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Tori Soudan



It’s difficult not to fall in love with Fornasetti! The iconic face of Lina Cavalieri lives on forever, through the thousands of drawings made by the Italian artist Piero Fornasetti throughout his career. Today, his son reinterprets his work by incorporating them into the design of home items like decorative plates, candles, and more.


teapot teme e variazioni by fornasetti luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Fornasetti


Patricia Urquiola

Patricia may have been born in Spain, but she is Italian by choice. Famous for her innovative furniture design, she has won Designer of the Decade, Designer of the Year (for multiple magazines), and been awarded the “Order of Isabella the Catholic” by His Majesty The King of Spain Juan Carlos I, we’d say she’s a name you NEED to know.


credenza by patricia urquiola luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Patricia Urquiola


Venus et Fleur

Disappointed by the short lifespan of roses and lackluster arrangements, Seema Bansal and Sunny Chadha searched the world for a better alternative. All of their beautiful roses last a minimum of one YEAR. Wow! These luxurious, lasting, picture perfect arrangements are worth the price.


metallic collection venus et fleur luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Venus et Fleur


Tommy Mitchell

Gold, glittering gold! Tommy Mitchell is an artisan who creates furniture, lighting fixtures and artwork out of copper, brass, steel, paint and gold leaf. Based out of New York and North Carolina, these intricate, luxe pieces look like they’re made out of pure gold. Check out his new jewelry collection as well for beautiful, wearable art!


gilded butterfly cocktail table by tommy mitchell luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Tommy Mitchell Company


Newby Teas

Experts in the art of the fine tea experience, Newby Teas offer the best of the best. Newby products have won over 120 awards, and you will find their teas in high-end hotels, restaurants, and stores around the world. Their Gourmet and Oolong Collection caddies are their most lavish gifts perfect for the luxury tea lover.


rare assam by newby teas luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Newby Teas


House of Sillage

House of Sillage is a haute parfumerie created by Nicole Mather, creating delicious fragrances with stunning packaging. The quality of these scents and bottles are incomparable in their elegance, style, and uniqueness.


emerald reign by house of sillage luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of House of Sillage


Maison Valentina

Who says bathrooms can’t be luxurious? Outfit your bathroom decadently with Maison Valentina’s glamorous pieces, like bathtubs, washbasins and mirrors. Made from the finest selection of materials (think marble, glass, brass), this company will give you an absolutely luxurious bathroom space that is completely your own.


diamond bathroom by maison valentina luxury brands

Source: Photo Courtesy of Maison Valentina



Article Originally Appeared in LOVE HAPPENS VOLUME 2, 2018


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