KOKET IS Every Woman

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KOKET IS Every Woman

In a world that can be particularly critical of woman, it’s important to appreciate and recognize the beauty of every single one. She comes in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, and she is empowering in every way. She can be the diva, the fashionista, the romantic, the mom, a bit on the dark side. Georgeta Varodi embodies this concept in this set of renderings created using KOKET furniture for a variety of types of women. This creative task not only shows how adaptable KOKET is to every woman but also celebrates her!


feminine design Sitting Room area with KOKET reptilian floor lamp and envy chaise for a diva woman

When we think of Diva, sometimes it’s easy to think of it as a negative term. But, what makes a diva a diva? Is it about how you think, how you act, dress or how you live? Is a diva a representation of femininity or being spoiled or selfish? Could there be a more positive way we can think about the term, Diva? Being ambitious and having high standards for yourself is something that every woman should have. Being a perfectionist and not expecting anything to be handed to you is the true definition of a diva. Constantly striving for success and expecting everyone on your way up to treat you well is something you deserve. So yes, you are a diva. Wear it loud and wear it proud!


feminine design Sitting Room area with KOKET Brilliance Sconce, Serpentine Sconce, orchidea console and envy chaise. Red, black and gold color scheme. for a fashionista woman

If you identify yourself as the fashionista, you rewrite the fashion rules in your personal style. You have the latest designers’ collections of shoes and bags, the perfect outfit for every event under the sun, and you own the most exclusive pieces that no one else has. Accessories are bold and chic because you settle for absolutely nothing less. Is the real fashionista the one who follows closely to the trends, or the one who creates her own style?


Dark colored sitting room with royal blue details featuring KOKET Vengeance Table Lamp and lele bench for the new dark woman

The New Dark Woman is one who shrouds herself in mystery and leaves the others in uncertainty. She does not give any certain data and makes everyone amongst her believe that their perception is not reality. Humans are afraid of darkness for a reason, but they love the mystery. Could this be because, in the end, the revelation is the reward?


feminine design Sitting Area with KOKET Audrey Chair and Brilliance Sconce and Flower printed wallpaper  for a romantic woman

Romance is not just about Valentine’s Day, flowers and love! An ancient ideology describes romanticism as a reaction against the industrial revolution, enlightenment, and urbanization. The romantic woman values nature, childhood, emotions, religion, romantic love, and nostalgia. Interestingly enough, all of those things tend to make us look backward and think about what we once had. With that being said, a true romantic woman takes a look at the beauty of the past but keeps a hold on the modern eye.


feminine design Classy sitting area with KOKET Vengeance Table Lamp. Gold, Black and Brown theme for a globetrotter woman

Katmandu – done! Mumbi – been there. Cuzco – done that. Perth – last year. Beijing – that too. The globetrotter woman is curious and rich in experience and culture. When she goes n a journey her home becomes the world. Her family rarely sees her, but she doesn’t even realize it because she is so busy fighting to save the world in some way. She returns home with unforgettable memories and already looking forward to traveling to the next unique place to check off her list! The question comes spontaneously: is traveling about having fun or being tormented?


KOKET MIA sofa and BOLVARDI bench arranged in an all white themed feminine design sitting area for a purist woman

The term “pure” comes from the Latin term “purus” which means “clean, clear or unmixed”. So then, the purist’s main goal is the purification of all excesses in order so get as close as possible to the pure and essential ways of life. She has a rigid way of thinking and acts with almost mathematical precision, leaving no room to chance. Some might appreciate this radical approach, but some may say she is narrow-minded. However, in the end, what really matters is living a coherent life without too many compromises.


Elegant sitting area for a woman entrepreneur with a feminine design featuring KOKET Ruche' table lamp, Reve mirror, Enchanted II dining table, Sinful cabinet, and Besame II Chair

Every woman is the entrepreneur of her family. Managing, controlling, and being in control of the success or failure of her home are only a few of the skills she has always lent to her family. The woman entrepreneur governs the company like she does her family. However, there may be an issue if the employees mix the two roles: being a manager and being a mother. Compared to a male entrepreneur, the woman starts a business with a disadvantage. But has that ever stopped a woman when she is trying to make her dreams come true?

About the Author:

An artistic soul that has expressed her creativity since childhood, Georgeta Varodi is a self-taught professional who never stopped learning all the secrets of various creative platforms and professions. She ranges between interior design, art, jewelry design; and along the way learned to free herself from the judgment of others and continue to be interested in new fields to explore.

Introduction and copy editing by Tatiana Roberson. All renderings by and courtesy of Georgeta Varodi.