My trip to India

My trip to India

My trip to India

Mysticism, warmth, sensuality, beauty and natural surroundings. Lovely experiences, magic and spiritual peace. Energy, purity … a trip through the five senses. It’s the India’s universe…

India’s culture

India’s culture, man blowing fire

To describe something intangible, something we only feel has never been easy but I run the risk of trying today in describing one of my best travelling experiences so far. Fun, evasion but above all cultural and spiritual wealth was what I felt in that trip. An exotic destination, one of the richest and most diverse cultures that I ever saw in my life. My advice to you, dear readers? Read a paragraph and close your eyes … dream or remember, as appropriate. But honestly, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by this visual and spiritual journey…

India’s culture, an old temple

India’s culture, the desert

A moment that I will never forget is the sky with orange and rose shades over the Taj Mahal when the sun is coming down. I think that was the moment I felt more feminine, fragile in the middle of so much power and beauty. If the Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the most beautiful architectural works of mankind, imagine it with a scenario so pure and intense behind such as a quiet sunset. No words.

My trip to India

There are several options for sleeping in India but I suggest you only one, the Oberoi Hotel in Udaipur. I only stayed for one night but I assure you, it might possibly be one of the best nights of your life. The service is unique, but the architectural beauty of the building is something transcendent. A beautiful building is extended in a green valley. In one side you can enjoy a nice pool and have a delightful view of the sea.

Oberoi Hotel in Udaipur, India

I remember diving into the pool and staring at the ocean remembering the Portuguese Discoveries on that territory and their fantastic stories about the Indian people, their different traditions and all of those spices and diamonds they took after their expeditions.

My trip to India

Spices … yes, I ate the most exquisite and aphrodisiacs meals in that land. Hot dishes, of all colors and spices. A forkful was a nice sense of sin and a strange taste, different but addictive. A world full of mysteries and pleasures, each bite was a guessing game and a temptation. One of the days I had dinner in a restaurant where the light was very low and had a sweet smell of incense in the air that was quite engaging, which reminded me of the perfume Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. I felt that suppressed by an intensely sensual and mysterious felling. The moment became even more intense when the dancers came to dance Bharathanatyam. It is impossible to describe the enchanted visuals of the beautiful and gentle gestures and poses, light clothing and bold colors that rotate to spread the magic in the air. All of them with that famous Tilak on the forehead, which I think is such a unique and special detail that only those women could ever be allowed to wear.

My trip to India

My trip to India

My trip to India

I cannot say goodbye without mentioning my trip over the elephant painted with vivid colors such as orange, red and blue. I walked in the middle of dirt on it; saw all that magic in swinging the mighty animal. I felt like a real Queen… Next time, I bet with you I will be playing with the beautiful and intriguing Indian tiger…

My trip to India

India is one of my favorite destinations. A destination where each of us can actually feel more “us”, more feminine, more intense and powerful. Power I would say, is the word that describes this country … Have any of you ever visited India? Feel free to share your experience with me!

With love, Janet Morais.


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  • India is indeed a must to visit travel destination and you have clearly projected about the uniqueness of India with this blog post. Thanks for such a good blog post on India and its travel attractions.

    • Thank you Shiju! We’ll be posting more articles on India soon, keep visiting! Love Happens…

  • these photos are absolutely gorgeous. thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you Stella! Welcome to Love Happens Blog…

  • Zubin

    Great photography!
    There is much more in India. The varying sights and cultures would astound you. Wish you had traveled the breadth of it. Your portrayal on camera is so exquisite.

  • Beautiful pictures! Very well composed and thematically presented!

    • Thank you so much Amit! Come back to more lovely posts on India, we’ll publish more of these soon! Love Happens…

  • KOKET,
    Your photographs and words are absolutely stunning. I have not traveled to India, but you have inspired me. I am studying graphic design in college, and our current project is to create a magazine. The concept of my magazine is a unique travel magazine, unlike anything that is on the shelves. I was so inspired by your beautiful imagery, the country I chose to focus my issue on is India. One of the articles has to be an interview, and I was wondering if I could possibly interview you? I would love to hear more about your travels. Please email me if you would like to help me with my magazine. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  • Howdy, this is a nice write-up. You receive my vote for this and also I am going to bookmark this blog now.

  • I love it when I see someone loves India 🙂 Thank you for this post. It’s beautifully written and the pictures are gorgeous.

  • Kaklali

    Thank you for the Blog. It feels really good when I read something nice about India. Most of the visitors who have been to the country are so busy describing India as a the epitome of all bad things that ever can happen to mankind that they fail to show the other side of the country. The architecture, the lively and colorful festivals, Food, and diverse culture, the rising IT population, Best and yet cheap medical facility and many more. I am an Indian and currently living in United states. I also truly believe that every culture and every country has its ups and downs and it is totally up to the person what He/she wants to see. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

  • Your pictures are incredibly gorgeous! Thank you for such a wonderful narrative on my country! India is truly a magical country and I am glad it’s mine. 🙂

  • This photographs are stunning, what a beautiful insight to India.

  • Very nice writeup. The photographs are really fascinating.

  • Indian is a unique place and dream destination for every traveler around the world but you have shot picture in such manner its looking more adorable than what anyone can think of….thanks janne for posting such stuff….will keep coming at this space 🙂

  • sunil

    India is a beautiful place with warm and loving people. But you need to adapt to the culture and people, just like your tips suggest, agree with you on those tips.

  • Incredibly gorgeous pictures and very nice information about India.

  • The images are stunning. they do depict the diversity and color that india have to offer. what would you say was your most memorable experience?

  • Dussel_Brad!

    Awesome collection my friend; Wow I am awestruck! India is such a wonderful place; a country full of vibrant colors, feelings and strong cultural essence. But what makes them distinct and unique is the simplicity in origin. This simplicity is very well reflected in these homes. Look at the way that girl in pink is blushing; a perfect bride’s grace and charm. Glad I came across this post, Thanks sharing 🙂

  • the photographs are so damn awesome

  • vinay

    In India, there are much more interesting and heritage places. Delhi is the capital of India and the center of all tourism activities.

  • Rohan Singh

    Wow!! Oberoi hotel in Udaipur is breathtaking… It looks like it is somewhere in Italy or Spain!!

  • Gloria Graham (@Kitchens4living)

    Yes!! Visiting India was a landmark moment in my life. It must be experienced to be understood. You’ve captured the sensuality, richness and color perfectly.

  • Manish

    Fantastic photography! I’ll check it one by one. This post is very handy and useful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rajiv Jain

    Wohh!! Awesome. Travelling to India is really awesome and always gives a different experience. Myself is Travel guide as a part time job. I like to see the foreigner at the events like Pushkar mela, Jaipur festivals and many more.

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  • Rekha Devarapalli

    Hi Janet,

    I am an Indian, I love travelling and I have my own travel blog. But I don’t think I could explain India the way you did, especially with those colorful and exquisite pictures. You have done a splendid job!


  • 8SHOT||

    Great Photography! Very Well Composed!
    Thank You For This Blog 😀

  • Issy

    Wow your images are fabulous and love your blog. I too did a 10 day tour of India and loved it. My best trip so far and I have been on a few. The colours you have shown here remind me so much of my visit although I didn’t manage to capture them as well as you have done in this blog on India.
    Thanks for sharing

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    • C H

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  • C H

    I have been to India three times in the last year and a half. It is very intense.

  • C H


    I go to this country frequently. It is easy here for a solo woman. I went from India to SK.

  • C H

    I certainly did not see purity in India although there is so much beauty and interest. Always look below the surface.

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  • Stacy Balthazar

    These are beautiful pictures that you’ve shared. Personally, I visited India three years ago and I can understand your feelings about this fascinating country. I travelled from New Delhi to several other places like Manali, Rishikesh, Lucknow and Agra on a motor bike. Compared to you, I was not sleeping in any hotel, my group and I preferred more roots life and we opted for guest houses. In Delhi, I remembered staying near to the Delhi market, we were always getting up to the sounds of the merchants trying to sell their products to tourists. They were very welcoming and always smiling. They engage with people by saying; “come my friend, come inside my shop, LOOKING IS FREE”. I didn’t have the chance of visiting the Taj Mahal as we arrived there on a Thursday night. We spent only one day and unfortunately, we didn’t know that it was closed on Fridays. However, I do have a good memory as I went at the back of the building and had pictures with the lake and the Taj Mahal itself. And yes, Indian people do have a certain love for animals, not only elephants but goats or cows. I saw a cow once, and he was colourful your picture of the elephant you’ve posted. Animals do have priority in that country. When we were traveling on motor bike, we had to stop to let the animals pass. That’s a little bit of my trip.

    • pratik

      Hello Stacy…your comment says that you liked your trip to India. Do you have any blog written on the same? As you mentioned you stayed more close to the local areas…and it would be interesting too get your perspective.

  • Andrew James

    I am born and brought up in India but never had a chance to see this colorful side, many thanks for sharing this!

    all the way from Goa!

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  • Wow!!! I am amazed to read an amazing description of India and see spectacular beauty through the fascinating pictures. Being an Indian I was not able to explore the fascinating and beauty of the India but after going through your article I will surely explore the places mentioned in the blog. Thanks for staying connected with the roots and giving the colorful and traditional overview of the country to the travelers.