City Guide Istanbul

City Guide Istanbul
City Guide Istanbul
Istanbul, is an exotic city from the lovely country of Turkey. A city well known by its cultural richness, unique cultural décor details and spicy food. At Love Happens blog we thought about showing you a little more about this beautiful city. In all trips around de world a little bit of shopping is mandatory, if not only for the eyes and indulging your soul. So why don’t go to the finest of what this country was to offer?
Arzul Kaprol, this gorgeous and unique clothes’ shop dresses most of the celebrities for the Cannes Festival. The décor is simple and of sober features which enhances the beauty of all the gorgeous garments.
Beymen, in Istanbul sense 1971 this magnificent store is compared to all of the big names in haute couture fashion like Dior, Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo. Their collections are stylish and fashionable, always with the latest hit. Even a personal stylist is available in case you want some advices and honest opinions.
Chanel, no need to present this established house, right? As a Fashion dictator for the last century, this home doesn’t cease to amaze with novelties and exquisite fashion proposals. High quality, amazing designs and spectacular service is what you will find here.
City Guide Istanbul
When travelling to this city and country is compulsory to taste the local unique dishes.
La Mouette is located in the terrace of Beyolu´s tom tom suit hotel and has a superb view over the old city. In this restaurant you will find two amazing chefs, that not only add their own view to the dishes you may find elsewhere making them truly unique, but they also choose local and fresh ingredients enabling you to taste all of Istanbul.
Lokanta Maya, a simple and contemporary bistro with an amazing chef, Didem Senol has prepared for you a light and delicious menu of Turkish food with season specials, a delight to enjoy.
Rumelihisari Iskele is located in Bosphorus in the Ottoman-era boat dock and has an inspiring atmosphere. Specialized in fish dishes here you will eat traditional dishes within a spectacular prepared meal of diverse flavors and colors.
City Guide Istanbul
After a wonderful day of sightseeing and indulging our 5 senses all we need is calm, comfortable place to rest.
Hotel Ibrahim Pasha, this small boutique hotel is expensively decorated with the essence of Turkish traditional decor. Here you can enjoy the best of Turkey, there is a magnificient terrace view where you can glance down at the beautiful city and the Blue Mosque.
Villa Denise, a luxurious and colorful hotel with exquisite fabrics that has an exquisite tasteful decoration. On the main floor you will find an unexpected Spanish restaurant that will treat you with some extraordinary delicacies from this country.
Sirkeci Konak, a more modern and contemporary hotel facing the Gulhane Park. The decorations are more sober and simple not stilling attention from the gorgeous view. The hotel has a daily newsletter informing guests of the main city activities providing those installed in this hotel of the prime diversion of Turkey.
City Guide Istanbul
Do and Explore
If you are an art lover and need to see what the city has of artistic in its veins…
Istanbul biennial, an event of contemporary art exhibition which goal is to show different cultural art. The best artist, curators and critics all gather up in this magnificent event to change views and work.
City Guide Istanbul
This was our little tour around this fantastic city with a lot to offer and yet to discover. Let us know of your adventures through this city, we’d love to hear back from you!
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