Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013

"Shay Geyer and her unique design style."

Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013
Every time we talk about style Spotters, Shay Geyer and Michelle Jenning Wiebe are the names that must be there.
Let’s start with Shay Geyer, interior designer since 2001 and design expert for Good Morning Texas, her passion for home furnishings and her outgoing personality, made her one of the most wanted interior designers for celebrity houses. So it’s quite normal she is one of the High Point Market Style Spotters this year.
Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013
Living since ever surrounded by design, Shay works in IBB Design Fine Furnishings, the Family business. Her work has been published in several magazines and her projects range in style from modern lofts and high rises to French pulent states. She says she get’s her inspiration : “I find my inspirations all around me ~ in art, nature, on the internet, in words, in pictures, in colors, in books, in relationships ~ basically everywhere! “
Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013
We can see her work, tips and her preferences in her Pinterest or in the blog where she gives you tips and show off the work of her amazing staff from IBB Design.
Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013
Michelle Jeannings Wiebe, 2013’s Spring Winner of Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013, she is the president of the interior design firm Studio M, specialized in sophisticated luxury interiors. Her works have been featured in several newspapers and magazines. We can see her opinion in her blog and Pinterest .
Her studio is located in Tampa, Florida, but her work is known everywhere, she is always being invited to participate in meetings in design events. She says “I have always been intrigued with how light, colors, textures, and sound can influence a space. At StudioM, we strive to produce interiors that enliven your senses.”
"Michelle Jeannings Wieber, the mentaor of Studio M."
So now we let you here some images of her amazing work. Follow her on twitter and facebook to see more.
"Michelle Jeanings Wieber bedroom exemple."
Top Style Spotters of High Point Market 2013
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