How to create a Zen Garden

If you are one of those kinds of people who love the Japanese culture or simply just love to watch at your backyard and breathe the air of tranquility and calm, well, you should create a Zen Garden for your beautiful house.

How to create a Zen Garden

A Zen Garden creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees, and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water. They were intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, and to serve as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.

So let’s know how to create a Zen Garden:

You will need a garden plot, wood or stones, plastic sheeting, sand, sculptured rocks or boulders, pebbles, evergreens or moss, seating, rake, water element, bridge.

How to create a Zen Garden

The first step is to choose a quiet and isolated setting for your Zen Garden. You certainly would like to emulate the tranquility of Mother Nature in a quiet place.

The second step is to define the site, this means, define the garden’s shape and size, a raised, wooden rectangle creates a structured garden box, and a free-flowing stone border gives a more organic form.

The third step is to build the garden, place plastic sheeting inside the garden area. Then pour 2 inches of sand throughout, level the sand, and add sculptured rocks or boulders to the area. (Use sand made from crushed granite in white, beige, or gray for a pleasing contrast.)

The fourth step is to add texture, layer pebbles, evergreens, and moss for additional texture. Use a rake to create ripples in the sand, which mimic water. (Don’t overdo the elements or the space will appear cluttered instead of serene. The process of creating the garden should be meditative in nature.)

How to create a Zen Garden

Finally, appreciate the harmony, add unobtrusive seating, such as a low-profile bench, for a pleasing meditation spot. Depending on the size of your garden, you may wish to add a water element or traditional Japanese bridge. You can also always ask help from professionals like local gardening and tree care expert Austin to provide you knowledge on how to create the perfect garden.

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