Top Museums you must see in Paris

Top Museums you should see in Paris

Top Museums you must see in Paris
Museums provide the unique experience of seeing some of the greatest masterpieces of all time close up. Walking the halls of some of the famed museums allow the chance to learn about different societies, ideas, and values. One of the greatest inspirations for our exclusive brand is culture. So here you have our top 5 choice of the most amazing museums in Paris that are essential for you to enjoy while in Paris for Maison et Objet.

1. Le Louvre

Being the world’s most visited and largest museum, Le Louvre is the museum for every ages and nationalities. It is like a city inside the greatest city of Paris, a vast, multi level maze OS staircases, galleries, passageways and escalators filled with pieces of art and history like sculptures, paintings, archaeological discoveries and masterpieces of every kind. It is a famous duet to the artistic glories it contains and the collection of masterpieces modified and added from centuries ago.
Top Museums you must see in Paris
Treasures from the Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans each have their own galleries in the Denon and Sully wings, as do Middle Eastern and Islamic art. The first floor of Richelieu is taken up with European decorative arts from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century, including room after room of Napoleon III’s lavish apartments.
There are some highlights you cannot miss: The Mona Lisa, The sculpture Vitória de Samotrácia, The Egyptian escriba, The milos Virgin and the sculpture Eros and Psique.
Top Museums you must see in Paris
Address: Rue de Rivoli, 1er, Paris
Venue website:
Opening hours: Open 9am-6pm Monday, Thurday, Saturday, Sunday; 9am-10pm Wednesday, Friday.
Price: Permanent collections €9.50 (incl entry to the Musée Delacroix but not shows at the Salle Napoléon); €6 6-9.45pm Wednesday, Friday; free under-18s, all 1st Sunday of month. PMP. Exhibitions €11. Combined ticket €14; €12 6-9.45pm Wednesday, Friday,

2. The Center Pompidou

The modern and innovative architecture of the exposed pipes and air ducts makes of the Centre Pompidou one of the best-known sights in Paris.  The architectural duo of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers won a competition with their ‘inside-out’ boiler house approach, which put air-conditioning, pipes, lifts and the escalators on the outside, leaving an adaptable space within. The multi-disciplinary concept of modern art museum (the most important in Europe), library, exhibition and performance spaces, and repertory cinema was also revolutionary.
Top Museums you must see in Paris
When the center opened in 1977, its success exceeded all expectations. After a two-year revamp, the center reopened in 2000 with an enlarged museum, renewed performance spaces, vista-rich Georges restaurant and a mission to get back to the stimulating interdisciplinary mix of old. Entrance to the forum is free (as is the library, which has a separate entrance), but you now have to pay to go up the escalators.
Top Museums you must see in Paris
Address: Rue Saint-Martin, 4e, Paris
Opening hours: 11am-9pm (last entry 8pm) Monday, Wednesday-Sunday (some exhibitions until 11pm)
Price: Museum & exhibitions €10-€12; €8-€9 reductions; free under-18s on the 1st Sunday of month (museum only)

3. The Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay, originally a train station designed by Victor Laloux in 1900, houses a huge collection spanning the period between 1848 and 1914, and is home to a profusion of works by Delacroix, Corot, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Gauguin, Monet, Caillebotte, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and others.
Top Museums you must see in Paris
Alongside the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre, it’s is a must-see in Paris, especially its famed upper levels, which have just undergone a serious brush-up. The top floor is still devoted to Impressionism, while you’ll find Art Nouveau, decorative art, sculpture, Post and Neoimpressionism art, and Naturalism on the middle floors, including a section on Nabi.

Top Museums you must see in Paris

Top Museums you must see in Paris

With an amazing design, the lounge and cafeteria area is the perfect place for you to relax and make plans about what to see next. The beautiful chandeliers remind us of your amazing Gia pendent. A museum with a very KOKET style.
Address: 62 rue de Lille, 7e, Paris
Opening hours: 9.30am-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday; 9.30am-9.45pm Thursday.
Price: €8; €5.50 reductions; free under-18s, all 1st Sunday of month. PMP

4. Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais

Built for the 1900 Exposition Universelle, the Grand Palais was the work of three different architects, each of whom designed a façade. During World War II it accommodated Nazi tanks. In 1994 the magnificent glass-roofed central hall was closed when bits of metal started falling off, although exhibitions continued to be held in the other wings. After major restoration, the Palais reopened in 2005.
Top Museums you should see in Paris
A little known fact is that the Grand Palais has a major police station in the basement which helps protect the exhibits on show in the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, and particularly the picture exhibition “Salons” as the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux ArtsSalon d’Automne and Salon Comparaisons. The building’s west wing also contains a science museum, the Palais de la Découverte.

Top Museums you must see in Paris

Top Museums you must see in Paris

The couture fashion house Chanel annually hosts many of its fashion shows here, setting up elaborate and expensive surroundings for its models and hosts. Here you can see the massive Lion used on one of their brilliant shows.

Address: 3 avenue du Général Eisenhower, 8e, Paris
Opening hours: Open times vary
Price: Before 1pm with reservation €12. After 1pm without reservation €10; €9 reductions; free under-13s

5. Petit Palais

Despite it’s elegant, Belle Époque allure the ‘Little Palace’ is overshadowed by its big brother, Le Grand Palais, just across the road. But ignore it and you’ll miss out on one of Paris’s loveliest fine arts museums, with an extensive mish-mash of works by Poussin, Doré, Courbet and the impressionists, as well as other paintings and sculptures from the Antiquity to 1900.

Top Museums you must see in Paris

Top Museums you must see in Paris

Art Nouveau fans are in for a treat downstairs, where you’ll find jewelry and knickknacks by Belle Epoque biggies Lalique and Gallé, furniture by Hector Guimard (the man behind of Paris’s iconic metro entrances) whose entire wooden dining room is reproduced; and the ceramicist Jean Carriès, whose grotesque creations (think witch-like masks and frogs with rabbit ears) add an element of supernatural fantasy.
Top Museums you must see in Paris

Top Museums you must see in Paris

The building, built by Charles Girault for the 1900 for the World Fair, is lit entirely by natural light and sits around a pretty little garden – a great spot for coffee and cakes.

Address: Avenue Winston-Churchill, 8e, Paris
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm (until 8pm Thu)
Transport: Mº Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau, Mº Franklin-Roosevelt, Mº Invalides
Price: Free admission to permanent collection
When you go to Paris to see KOKET at Maison & Objet, you must find the time to go to on of this museums and enjoy the cultural influence that the French capital will have on you. After that, when you go to M&O find our stands at: 
KOKET – Hall 7 Stand 145
COVET LOUNGE – Hall 5B Stand N15/O16
MAISON VALENTINA – Hall 7 Stand B162/C161
Also, find out where you should go to eat, reading our article about the top restaurants in Paris. We hope you enjoy it.

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