Stunning Private Jet Interiors: A Glimpse Inside 9 Luxury Private Jets

Luxury Private Jet Interior by Alberto Pinto

When looking to travel in style, there are many modes of transportation to get to your destination. But when it comes to flying, while first-class isn’t too shabby, there is really only one way to journey in absolute comfort and style—by private jet! Now, we can’t all be billionaires with our own personal planes, but we certainly can fantasize! Here’s a look at 9 luxury private jet interiors for your next dream trip.

Stunning Private Jet Interiors

Gulfstream G550

Luxury Private Jet Interiors - Gulfstream G550 - Versace private jet interior design

The swanky Gulfstream G550 stands out among its private jet peers for its insanely high cruising speed, heart-racing 662 miles per hour, and its ultra-glamorous interior. The cabin is lavish, to say the least, with four separate spaces, three temperature zones, twelve-floor plan options, and the ability to transport up to 18 passengers comfortably. You can even get a Versace-designed interior!

avalanche dining table koket

Boeing 747-8 

The longest and second-largest airliner ever built, Boeing 747-8, offers 4,786 square feet of stunning interior space with a lounge, office, dining room, and luxurious art-deco-inspired stateroom. Now there is a chic way to join the mile-high club! At $367 million, this private jet is seriously VIP!

Luxury Private Jet Interior - Feminine jet interior - Elegant jet interior design

This elegant private jet interior with a soft pink and champagne color palette offers a feminine flair that looks like a wonderfully serene place to relax in-flight!

Luxury Private Jet Interior - Luxury Futuristic Interior Private Jet Dining Space Design With Black Tufted Buttoned Dining Chairs And Modern

How about voyaging in this modern black and white jet interior? Enjoy the faux skylights while dining in an elegant space with black tufted dining chairs and a crackling faux fireplace.

Jet Aviation

Luxury Private Jet Interior Design by Jet Aviation - Black and white jet interior - jet with a fireplace - airplane fireplace - Timeless concept

This rendering of Jet Aviation’s ‘Timeless’ concept represents the exquisite bespoke interiors for private aircraft. Since 1977, the Basel-based design studio has created luxury interiors for its VIP clients. The conceptual interior of this jet beautifully portrays how Jet Aviation masterfully translates home elements into private jet interiors. This magnificent fireplace has life-like flames, crackling embers, and the way it instantly creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Luxury Private Jet Interiors - Private Travels - Luxury Furniture

A glamorous curved sofa with lacquered wood veneer detailing sweeps through this lavish jet interior!

Luxury Private Jet Interiors

This neutral-toned private aircraft interior is no small space, bigger than many Manhattan apartments!

Warm creams, gold accents, and honey-toned wood veneers create a luxurious and comfortable interior in this private jet.

Boeing 737 BBJ

Luxury Private Jet Interiors - Boeing 737 BBJ private jet designed by the renowned Parisian interior designer Alberto Pinto

To wrap up this post we saved this stunning Boeing 737 BBJ designed for last. It was designed by the renowned Parisian interior designer Alberto Pinto. Let’s just call this jet a palace in the sky!

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