Top Interior Designers: B. Pila and Design Enlightenment

Top Interior Designers: B. Pila and Design Enlightenment

Bea Pila-Gonzalez of B. Pila Design Studio - Top Interior Designers
Mother, wife, interior designer, furniture designer, author, and pioneer of the Design Enlightenment Movement – meet the amazing Beatrice Pila-Gonzalez (or Bea, as I, and most, know her)!
Bea Pila is the founder and principal designer of her Miami-based interior design studio and home furnishings brand, B. Pila Design Studio. One of Florida’s top interior designers, Bea and her firm are known for their soulful, fun, stylish, free-spirited and luxurious residential and commercial interiors, and luxury furniture designs.
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With projects across the US, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, B. Pila designs spaces which span all styles and periods. Her hallmark style is defined by the deep personalization of each of her projects, rather than their historical stylistic classification. According to Bea, “I believe in spaces being an expression of a person’s journey through life; one that creates a personal sanctuary that brings joy to living regardless of textbook notions of what makes a room “well designed.”” She says the style of the future is “freedom” and thus offers design services and branded products which allow the personal style and lifestyle of each of her client’s to be “expressed, encouraged and enjoyed.”
B. Pila - Bea - Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living Your Guide to Design Enlightenment - Top Interior Designers
Through her work and personal life journey, Bea developed a movement which she calls Design Enlightenment. This philosophy is rooted in the concept that one’s lifestyle and home should be properly aligned. In her 2017 book titled, Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living: Your Guide to Design Enlightenment, Bea writes about a 7-step process which helps you find out what is right for you in regards to the spaces we give labels to, without the preconceived notions of someone else’s life. Her process is all about what works for you, and giving you the freedom and permission to use your rooms as you wish. On her book and Design Enlightenment, Bea says, “Forget past conventions of what interior design should and shouldn’t be. A home isn’t just about style, a home is about how it makes you feel.”
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In addition to her interior design work and Design Enlightenment Movement, Bea also has her own furniture collection, B. Pila and a Bespoke line. She has also designed a collection for the North Carolina-based furniture brand Tomlinson. Designing furniture was not only a natural extension to her work as an interior designer, but she also has a passion for sketching furniture and says it is one of her all-time favorite pastimes. Her captivating designs express her philosophy that furniture is not just about how it looks but how it makes you feel. Alongside her personal designs are those of fellow designers and artists who she collaborates with in order to expand her offerings, and in her naturally fun spirited way, Bea explains this collaborative approach on her site by saying, “sometimes two minds (or more!) are indeed better than one… especially creative ones.”
B. Pila Bespoke Furniture
The Bespoke line offers over 90 pieces of acrylic furniture, something to fit into almost any décor! With a curated and vast selection of unique materials and finish options each piece can be transformed to meet your personal needs. Or you can select from their core collection, which pays homage to the classics of the modern era, or from their newest additions that take inspiration from their “furniture manifesto” which states:

  • WE believe that fun and luxury can live together.
  • WE believe that stylish and soulful can be in harmony.
  • WE believe that furniture is art.
  • WE believe that life is too short to take this all too seriously, so welcome to the freedom to create and be yourself with us!

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Passionate about design from a young age, Bea obtained an Associates in Arts degree in Interior Design from Miami Dade Community College in 1982, went to work for an established design firm for a few years and then set out to make her own way! She was quickly recognized for her talent and named one of Design Times’ heralded ‘10 Designers to Watch’ and one of Contract Design Magazine’s “New Faces of 1998.” Since then she and her firm have received numerous design awards and her work has been featured in the industry’s top publications.
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Looking for a residential design team that embraces outdoor spaces with as much attention as indoor, loves creating the perfect setting for socializing, has mastered the art of the home theater, has a flair for creating home bars and wine rooms, or knows just how to help you create the personal retreat you have been dreaming of?
Condominium Community Lounge - Common Area Design by B. Pila Design Studio - Top Interior Designers - Social Room Design
Or perhaps you are looking to bring that special home-like feeling that invites guests to stay longer, enjoy further and spend more to your lobby, hotel rooms, dining establishment, or office?
Does their design manifesto strike a chord with you?

  • We believe that fun and luxury can live together
  • We believe that the stylish and soulful can be in harmony
  • We believe that furniture is not just about looks, but how it makes you feel
  • We believe that furniture is art; therefore should be just as self-expressive
  • We believe that everyone deserves to have their home feel sacred
  • We believe that life is too short to take design too seriously
  • We encourage the freedom to be yourself, create, and innovate alongside us

Then B. Pila Design Studio should be at the top of your list of firms to call!
We look forward to continuing to see what Bea and her team create next! Especially curious about the “House of Design Enlightenment” and permanent headquarters for B. Pila Design that she eludes to in her most recent blog post!
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By Anna Beck Bimba