Famous Feminists of 2017

Famous Feminists of 2017

This year has been a whirlwind for everyone — but luckily, there are amazing feminists empowering us as we push through this tumultuous political climate. A lot has happened in the name of feminism this year, in part thanks to these amazing famous feminists of 2017.

Hillary Clinton

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Image by the Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Do we even need to explain this one? Former secretary of state, runner up to the 2016 election, grandmother, activist, overall phenomenal woman; the list goes on. Remembering the iconic, empowering Hillary Clinton pantsuit and her tough political fight has gotten us through the roughest days of 2017.

Matt McGorry

famous feminists - matt mcgorry - orange is the new black - male feminists - men who are feminist - hollywood

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The hearthrob from the premiere season of Orange is the New Black, Matt McGorry is showing men what it means to be male feminists. He’s a master of intersectionality and allyship — make sure to check out his Instagram for excerpts from great books about race in America, too.

Chrissy Tiegen

famous feminists - chrissy tiegen - cook - mom - female chef - john legend - new mom - young mom - hollywood - la

Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

She’s known for body positivity, Twitter activism and her delectable recipes. This model and new mom has not shied from speaking out about what she thinks is right — and often, those tweets are targeted right at you-know-who. (President Trump even went as far as blocking the positive body image activist on Twitter!)

Meghan Markle

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Photo by Jeremy Selwyn

While you may recognize her and her white coat from the amazing royal engagement photos with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has long been a pronounced feminist in the United States. She’s fought for racial equality on her show, Suits, and often speaks out to support girls — like when she got a Proctor & Gamble advertisement changed at the age of 11.


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Ashley Judd

famous feminists - ashley judd - harvey weinstein - sexual assault victims - sexual assault allegations - hollywood - shut it down - ashley judd shut it down

Photo by Richard Drew.

So many people know the pain of being sexually harassed or assaulted and the fear of speaking up. Sparking a whirlwind of sexual assault allegations against powerful men in Hollywood, Congress and other industries, Ashley Judd bravely disclosed her own assault by movie king Harvey Weinstein to the New York Times in August.

Danica Roem

famous feminists - famous feminists of 2017 - danica roem - trans activist - trans lawmaker - transgender women - trans women in politics

Image courtesy of Danica Roem.

This recently-elected Democrat for Virginia’s House of Delegates ousted her predecessor, who infamously introduced bills that would decrease protection for transgender individuals in the state. Danica Roem is trans herself — but that’s not the most interesting thing about her, according to the New York Times.

Ava DuVernay

famous feminists - ava duvernay - ava duvernay - female directors - black female directors - black activists - famous black women - black women in film - women in film - a wrinkle in time

Image by unknown source.

This famous director is bringing the voices and stories of black America to the big screen. While you may know her from the recent A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay also directed Selma and 13th, the documentary that unfolds corruption and systemic racism in the prison industrial system.

Linda Sarsour

famous feminists - linda sarsour - women's march 2017 - muslim women - hijab - linda - linda sarsour

Image obtained from Facebook.

One of the hosts of the famous Women’s March 2017, Linda Sarsour has come under fire time and again this year for standing up for women’s rights. Her hijab has become a symbol of American Muslim equality, as well, as she’s reminded politicians and the general public of the unfair discrimination Muslims face in this country.

Justin Trudeau

famous feminists - justin trudeau - prime minister trudeau - canada - canadian politics - male feminists - male feminist - justin - diverse cabinet

Image by Christinne Muschi.

Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada famously appointed the country’s most diverse cabinet in history and since then, he’s committed multiple feminist acts on behalf of the large country. Most recently, he bid a tearful apology to the LGBTQIA+ community for the country’s historic mistreatment of those individuals.

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