Empowerment Through Beauty: Fighting Cancer With Positive Energy

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - hope - breast cancer - ovarian cancer - look good feel better

Empowerment Through Beauty: Fighting Cancer With Positive Energy

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - using makeup to mask cancer - coping with cancer - look good feel better Image via Look Good Feel Better – Fighting Cancer with Confidence

Cancer wreaks havoc on its victims both physically and mentally. The skin and hair become representations of the battle. They break down and appear pale or brittle. Symptoms and treatments strip women of their womanhood. But life goes on around you. There are ways to fight back when life has dealt you such a dark card. Feeling beautiful, experiencing joy, and having hope for the future are sure ways to harness the power of positive energy while fighting cancer. We are our strongest when we feel our best, even if our best is far from good.

Dressing It Up

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - Model Dayna Christison After multiple rounds of chemotherapy left Dayna Christison bald, she couldn’t find any good, hair-free female role models – so she set out to become one for others and took to the world of modeling!

Wearing comfortable clothes during chemotherapy and other treatments is understandable. Patients are going through a difficult time. However, these clothes don’t always show off a person’s personality. Pick out some new clothes at your favorite store. Be unique with colors and fabrics. Feeling comfortable with a style boosts the patient’s confidence to high levels.

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Consider fun accessories that are also functional pieces. Scarves and hats cover patients’ heads when baldness is setting in. Women look spectacular in colorful scarves that bring out their true complexion.

Creating Skin Normalcy

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - Photo by Angelo Merendino - breast cancer - ovarian cancer - the battle we didn't choose - cancer photography - women empowerment - breast cancer Cancer victim Jennifer Merendino photographed by her husband photographer Angelo Merendino, The Battle We Didn’t Choose.

Cancer treatment is difficult for any person, including successful models, reports the New York Daily News. The skin doesn’t have the same glow that it once had.

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - Look Good Feel Better - makeup during cancer treatment Look Good Feel Better is an organization dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment.

Try a few foundations, powders or blushes to bring out the color in the skin. The makeup doesn’t have to be a dramatic departure from the norm either. It should simply make a patient feel normal again. Women who have beautiful skin want to show it off. Makeup makes this scenario possible as the body deals with treatment side effects.

Toning the Body

Empowerment through beauty - fighting cancer with positive energy - Photo by Kayla Snell - muscle toning - toning during cancer treatment - exercise during chemotherapy Photo by Kayla Snell

Losing weight is the hallmark of a cancer patient’s struggle. Although many women dream of weight loss in general, they don’t want this type of lean physique. The body seems like bone and skin. With a doctor’s permission, hit the gym to gain more muscle. Concentrate on weightlifting so that the muscles have some resistance. Growing lean muscle helps the rest of the body fight off the cancer. Patients also have a toned appearance that makes them feel normal once again. Women benefit from resistance training as they improve their bone development too. Every body system is connected during cancer treatment.

Decorating for Empowerment

Empowerment Through Beauty - Fighting Cancer with Positive Energy - vibrant bedroom designs - colorful bedrooms Image via Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Focusing on the individual woman is critical, but patients should also look around themselves. Blank walls staring back at them aren’t inspiring. They can be outright depressing. For a dramatic project, paint the walls a relaxing color. Steer clear of white and choose a favorite hue. Don’t be afraid to try accent colors too.
If patients aren’t excited at a painting project, try re-thinking the color, pattern, and placement of objects in the room. Bright colors are good for improving your mood, so improve where you sleep with colorful accented pillows or even an upholstered headboard. Just like with clothing, patterns can be used for a desired effect, so experiment and find out which ones help you feel comfortable, happy, and beautiful.
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Décor and accessories in a room can be visually comforting as well as physically comforting.  Imagine the feeling of a smooth cashmere blanket, or a snuggly wool blanket on a cold night. The sensation of a luxurious fabric and the way you feel pampered can be an instant mood enhancer.

Empowerment through beauty - fighting cancer with positive energy - Hayley House Interior Design by Hayley Pannekoecke of Kip and Co - Photo by Nikole Ramsay via thelocalproject.com.au - comfortable bedrooms - zen bedrooms Interior design by James and Hayley Pannekoecke of Kip & Co. Photo by Nikole Ramsay via The Local Project.

Consider adding artwork on the walls. Select dreamy landscapes, favorite people or adorable animals. Some patients decide to photograph themselves so that they can post the photo on their wall, reports Cure Today. One look at the wall should inspire women to keep on striving toward their ultimate goals of being happy and healthy.
The way a room is light can also affect mood. A brighter room can enhance whatever emotion you are feeling.  “Happy” can become “ecstatic” with the right amount of light. Have fun with decorative lamps, chandeliers or even skylights to add more natural light. Lighter colors on the interior of the room will get you the most of out of your light due to the reflective properties of colors.
At the end of the day, doing what feels natural as a woman is the key to happiness. Fighting cancer is both a physical and mental challenge. Find solace in the inherent beauty found in each woman. With positive thinking, cancer can be fought off with vigor.

By Virgil Anderson // Mesothelioma.net/virgil