19 Fun Things to Do in Miami That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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19 Fun Things to Do in Miami That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

The true locals would know, one of the best things to do in Miami is to lounge for hours on the sandy beaches, although it can go without saying, the beaches in Miami offer a soul-satisfying experience. Miami is also known for its age-old art and architecture. Amid swimming, sunbathing, and sipping minty cocktails, one may check off the essential experiences.

  1. Steal a Glance of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
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Get the surreal sight of Italy’s Renaissance-style villa at a hippie enclave- the Coconut Grove by visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Its extravagant architecture makes way for a magnificent interior. Loaded with European antiques and lucrative decorative, this will surely transport your soul to the golden age.

  1. Stroll through Calle Ocho at Little Havana
Things to do in miami - Little Havana Domino Plaza - calle 8 miami - calle ocho miami - Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr - miami with kids Photo by Wally Gobetz via Flickr

Back in 1959, many Cubans fled to the U.S city of Miami. While some moved towards other parts of Miami, their legacy sustains at Calle Ocho. It has Mediterranean-styled houses having rocking chairs. The humming of Latin melodies at the record shops contributes to the authentic Cuban culture.

  1. Feel the Waves of the Ocean
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The best part of the Miami tour is hitting the waters. There are several amazing beaches to stroll through. The kiddos would love to splash the waters around. The kids may bring along their favorite toys or can indulge in making those beautiful sand castles.

  1. A Long Walk Down Ocean Drive
things to do in miami - miami with kids - ocean drive miami - Photo by Nathan Forget via Flickr Photo by Nathan Forget via Flickr

Ocean Drive can entertain people of all ages. Kids will fall in love with the neon lights and its cool architecture. Miami remains frequently warm, but the South Beach is way cooler owing to the ocean breeze. Enjoy a family getaway at Lummus Park; you may even catch up with the Volleyball teams to enjoy an amusing beach sports activity.

  1. Taste the Cuban Flavors at the Versailles Restaurant
things to do in miami - best restaurants in miami - cuban restaurants in miami - versailles resturant - photo credit phillip pessar via flickr - miami with kids Photo by Phillip Pessar via Flickr

More famous than the palatial namesake of France, Versailles offers you tasteful delicacies from the Cuban Kitchen. Its constant buzz and the most unabridged menu will get you closer to the Cuban vibe. The menu features the most succulent fish, ham slices, Swiss cheese and roasted pork.

  1. Shop, Snack and Sip at Lincoln Road
Things to do in miami - lincoln mall road - shopping in miami - miami with kids Image via Pinterest. Orignal Source Unknown.

Lounges, coffee shops, and authentic cultural stops stretch along the length of Miami. The Herzog and de Meuron at the Lincoln Road is an ultra-glamorous parking garage. Shop to your heart’s content at the local fashion boutique or buy some souvenirs from the gift shops. The most-fancy Cappuccino or a brunch at Balans, the most popular eatery can complete your day.

  1. Visit the Farmer’s market
things to do in miami - miami with kids - Adrienne Arsht Center farmers market - photo by justin namon - fun things to do in miami with kids Photo by Justin Namon via Artplaceamerica.org

A trip to the farmer’s market can be an excellent learning for the little kiddos. Here one may find fruits, vegetables and local goodies that are a little rare at local grocery stores. Ask vendors various questions about farm-to-table things. Plus, you can binge on healthy snacking alternatives.

  1. Tour Downtown towards Metromover
things to do in miami - metromover - miami with kids - riverwalk metromover station downtown miami - miam with kids - fun things to do in miami with kids Image by Averette via Wikipedia Commons

Kids love tall palatial buildings and other riding activities. Head towards Downtown Miami to enjoy hopping on free Metromover. This is an amusing small-scale ride that takes you through Brickell to an old Miami Mall, where you can take numerous stops all the way.

  1. Run Wild at the Aventura Mall
things to do in miami - shopping in miami - Aventura Mall - miami with kids Image via Aventura Mall

Fulfill your shopping fantasies and see your kids running wild at the Aventura Mall. The major malls at Miami offer open spaces so you may go hither and thither. There are decent play zones for the kiddos. The Rainbow-Valley Playground is a visual treat for your younger ones.

  1. A Glimpse of the Starry-Sky at the Bill-Sadowski Park
things to do in miami - stargazing - Southern Cross Astronomical Society - miami with kids - fun things to do in miami Image via Southern Cross Astronomical Society

Stealing a glance of the starry-sky at Bill-Sadowski is a whole new experience. The Southern-Cross Astronomical Society conducts weekly stargazing meets. Looking through those powerful telescopes arouses enthusiasm in people of all ages. Blinking stars and planets are sure to entertain you.

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  1. Make Some Time for the Local Library
things to do in miami - miami with kids - miami dade public library - miami libraries - things to do with kids in miami Image via GovExec.com

Reading keeps us engaged. Most people have developed this good practice. Miami-Dade’s libraries have been divided into various sections offering stories based on age-groups. They conduct certain events to socialize with the locals. Kids may even indulge in fun games.

  1. Explore Havana during the Viernes Culturales
things to do in miami - Viernes Culturales - arts festivals in miami - miami with kids - arts festival little havana florida Image via ViernesCulturales.org

Little Havana conducts celebrations of the Cuban Vibe. Here adults and infants are treated alike. At the Viernes Culturales, middle-aged people may grab the opportunity to praise the artwork of Cuban-Galleries. The humming of the Latin Music will give you the perfect Cuban Vibe.

  1. Drop by Robert to Taste Yummy Fruits
things to do in miami - Robert is Here fruit stand - miami with kids Photo by Anna Moehling via Time Out Miami

Robert is a famous fruit stand at South Dade. The area is also called the Homestead. You’re all welcome to taste local fruits, purchase rare ingredients and binge on honey-sauces and yummy milkshakes. There’s a petting zoo open for the public. Meet the donkeys, chickens, and geese for free.

  1. The Biscayne National Park is Truly Amazing
things to do in miami - biscayne national park walkway - what to do in miami with kids - family friendly activities miami Photo by Scott Densmore via AllTrails

This park offers a very relaxing walkway across the river-bed. Fishing activities are allowed here. You may even enjoy delightful barbecues. There’s an impressive learning center for young individuals. Learn about the geology of the place, with a plenty of activities to explore.

  1. Visit the Art Workshops at Perez Art Museum
fun Things to do in Miami - Perez Art Museum Miami - Photo by Daniel Azoulay Photography - family activities in miami Photo by Daniel Azoulay Photography via PAMM

This art museum in Miami conducts family tours every month. Grown-ups and the kiddos are all welcome to visit every corner of the museum. Participate in the hands-on art exhibitions to inspire the younger generation.

  1. Enjoy Skateboarding at the Skate-Park
things to do in miami - skateboarding parks - Lot 11 - what to do in miami - activities for teenagers in miami A Rendering of the Lot 11 Skate Plaza by Team Pain design via Skate Free

If you love roller-skating and blading, or maybe skateboarding, there are numerous skate-parks scattered through the lengths and breadths of Miami. Most of them are free of cost, so you do not have to worry about budget-breaking bills. You may join roller hockey and roller derby to experience that magical joyride.

  1. Enjoy the Miami Helicopter-Tour
things to do in miami - miami helicopter tours - miami attractions - what to do in miami - family activities in miami Image via Miami Helicopter

Embark on the thrilling helicopter-ride and enjoy different sites from the air. Enjoy expert narrations and spine-chilling navigations. Feel blown away by a gush of fresh air.

  1. Tropical-Adventure Cruise
fun things to do in miami - tropical adventure cruises - miami attractions - what to do in miami - best miami boat tours Image via Tropical Adventure Cruise

This adventurous cruise is the ticket to all sorts of family fun. Stretch out to one of those sun-drenched chairs. Staffed by amiable crew-members, the sophisticated interior lends views of stunning beaches, extravagant mansions, and mangrove estuaries.

  1. Fort Lauderdale Water-Taxi
fun things to do in miami - fort lauderdale water taxi - miami attractions - what to do in miami - family friendly activities miami Image via Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

It can be the unique experience riding a water-taxi amid vast waterways. The navigable boating activities across this glamorous U.S city are simply awe-inspiring. The captain with its crew will head you towards a store-house of interesting facts. There are numerous shops and dining-stops at the Las-Olas, Boulevard.
If you are looking for more lists from all over the country, the United States is full of destinations suitable for family outings!

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