Fashion Trends 2018: Parade With Panache This Summer

Chanel 2018 - Fashion Trends 2018 - Parade with Panache This Summer - summer fashion trends - summer outfit ideas

Fashion Trends 2018: Parade With Panache This Summer

Fashion reflects your personality. Summer, spring, and monsoon are the best seasons to experiment with colors, patterns, materials, and trends. The fashion trends change over time, and with it changes peoples’ mentality. Palazzos and parallel pants were synonymous with the hippy culture. Now, international brands like Loewe, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Fendi, Gucci, Givenchy and others are coming up with new sassy looks, which include these fantastic and comfortable pants. Here are some trends, which will rock the fashion scene this year.

Bolds and Pastels Rule

Pastel Summer Trend - Fashion Trends 2018 - Parade with Panache This Summer - Getty Images - gigi hadid - tom ford ss18 Source: Getty Images

When people around you are looking for some shade, you can announce your presence with bold colored dresses. From pencil skirts to jackets, you have numerous options to experiment with. These bold colors pop well on all fabrics. Over the years, perceptions of individuals have changed about fashion, season and colors. Miuccia Prada once said that trend is a way of presenting yourself to the world.

Dolce and Gabbana SS18 - Love Happens via Indigital - floral trend 2018 - fashion trends 2018 - summer fashion trends - summer outfit ideas Source: Indigital

Increase your style quotient with bright patterns, checks, and floral prints. Attain some much-needed break from colors with cool shades. If you want the best of both worlds, then team up pastel shades with hot pinks and reds. In case you want to flaunt your sultry side, then knee-high red boots is a must in your shoe closet.

Ruffles, Fringes and Sheer Material

Balmain Spring 2018 - Fashion Trends 2018 - Indigital - summer fashion trends - fringed dresses - dresses with fringe - sheer dresses - sheer fashion trend Source: Indigital

Looking your best during summers is difficult. But if you have an excellent collection of dresses with ruffles and frills, then you are sorted this summer.

Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2018 - Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Image via Vogue - sheer dresses - ruffled dresses - dresses with ruffles - sheer trend 2018 Source: Vogue

Pair ruffled tops with plain pants for best results. In case you want to pull off a sassy trend, opting for a fringed skirt with sheer or semi-sheer blouse will look amazing during the daytime.

Step Into Stylish Boots

Christian Dior SS18 - Images via Vogue - Summer trends - Fashion trends 2018 - summer boots - shoe trends 2018 Source: Vogue

Summer is not an ideal time to walk around in stilettos. It will not be a pretty sight if your high heels slip off of your sweaty feet! Last summer, stilettos were unable to make the cut. With prediction for an even hotter summer, it seems unlikely that the heels will make a comeback.

Dries van Noten SS18 - Images via Vogue RU - Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - summer shoes - shoe trends 2018 Source: Vogue RU

Fashion brands like Givenchy and Gucci have already showcased their new line of bold and patterned boots. These unique low-heeled shoes will match fitted skirts as well as A-line knee-length dresses. If you are not into bold colors, then opting for solid hues will suit your style.

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Summers Are Perfect for Hats

Jacquemus Spring 2018 - Image via Vogue - Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - oversized hat trend - hats 2018 - summer outfit ideas Source: Vogue / Courtesy of Jacquemus

Hats are always in fashion, no matter what the season is. During the monsoons, it will protect you from rain, while in the summers; it will shield you from the harsh rays of the sun. Oversized hats and berets will dominate the 2018 summer fashion market. Oversized hats suit a vast array of dresses. If you desire to flaunt your pizzazz on a brunch, then these oversized hats will do the trick. In the past, not many designers used headpieces, but they have made a loud comeback since 2017.

Christian Dior Spring 2018 Beret - Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Vogue via Marcus Tondo / Indigital - beret fashion trend 2018 - berets spring 2018 Source: Vogue via Marcus Tondo / Indigital

If huge hats are not your style, then how about a beret? Che Guevara popularized these hats during the Cuba unrest days. Poorer classes once wore these hats before and during Renaissance. Then it slowly became popular among artists and musicians. But with the inception of new age fashion, these bold and light headpieces can offer a sassy look to plain outfits as well.

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Bags! Bags and More Bags!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 - Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - image via vogue - purse trends 2018 - leather purses - alexander mcqueen bags 2018 Source: Vogue

Women who follow fashion closely will never step outside without a matching purse. Purses, handbags, medium, and extra-large bags are not the only choices you have. This summer, bags of all shapes and sizes will rule the charts. Leather is an all-time favorite for top designer brands. Crock and snakeskin bags cost a fortune. If you do not want to shell out such large sums, then opting for the fake croc, snake or leopard skin bags will do the trick. These are cruelty-free as well as cost-effective. A medium or over-sides leopard print bag will transform your plain pastel dress into a bold fashion statement. Normal shapes were so last season. You can expect to see circular, triangular as well as asymmetrical bags on the streets. Brand logos on the bags add more to your entire look.

Chanel Spring 2018 Bags - Fashion Trends 2018 - accessory trends 2018 - purse trends 2018 - chanel purses Source: Purse Blog

Previously tribal people used animal skin to cover their naked bodies. It was not a luxury, but a necessity. When civilized men discovered their lifestyle, these practices were seen as acts of cruelty. It was not long after this that the royals and aristocratic classes got a taste for leather goodies. Since then, there was no turning back for the leather tanning industry.

From Bling to Shoulder-grazers: Statement Earrings Are a Must

Jacquemus 2018 - Fashion Trends 2018 - Shoulder-grazer earrings - accessory trends 2018 - long earrings Source: Jacquemus

Arty and under-stated earrings were a major hit last season. But it is time to flip the page. It is time to sport those stone studded long chandelier earrings and blind people around you. Shoulder-grazer earpieces are still in fashion. If you don’t have these statement pieces in your collection, then there is still time to jazz up your summer wardrobe.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 - Image via Indigital - Shoulder-grazer earrings - long earrings - accessory fashion trends 2018 Source: Indigital

Another benefit of these long hanging earrings is you need not overdo the look with neckpieces. Next time you decide to wear a pair of long earrings opt for a fringed skirt to tie together the entire look.

All You Need Are Layered Neckpieces!

Alexander Wang Spring 2018 - Layered Necklaces - Fashion Trends 2018 - accessory trends 2018 Source: REX

Only five years back, “layering” was associated with teaming up several outfits together. But not anymore! Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and male rock stars helped in setting a new trend of layering necklaces. Your dress, footwear or bags need not make a statement. Let your accessories do the talking.

Fashion trends 2018 - Layered necklaces - bijoux fantaisie - layered gold chains - accessory fashion trends 2018 - catwalk jewelry trends 2018 Source: Bijoux Fantaisie

Give the chunky statement necklace a rest. Create magic with a simple denim pant and a T-shirt by layering several golden chains together.