Pool House Ideas: How to Design a Luxurious Pool House

luxury pool house ideas

If you’re one of those people who has always enjoyed swimming and relaxing by the pool – welcome to the club! A key component to the ultimate poolside experience is a luxurious pool house. Here are five useful pool house ideas to help you design your perfect pool house like a pro. Happy lounging!

Pool House Ideas: How to Design a Luxurious Pool House

Think About the Overall Design First

Even though pool houses tend to be quite modest structures, this doesn’t have to be the case with your pool house at all, so be sure to take the design of your home into consideration first. The architectural relationship between the two is extremely important especially if luxury is one of your primary goals. Thus, both of the buildings should follow the same style. For example, the Mediterranean style is quite popular these days among homeowners around the globe, as it adds the innate touch of elegance and sophistication. And if you live in the fabulous Las Vegas, Las Vegas Pool Decking is just the perfect and trusted pool deck contractor that can help you in revamping your pool area.

Whitewash wood floors and stucco walls will look flawless in your pool house, especially when complemented with vibrant blue accents like extravagant chandeliers, cashmere bed throws, and authentic decorative pillows. The same goes for Moroccan-inspired furniture and astonishing vibrant mosaics that’ll look fabulous on both your walls and the floors.

On the other hand, if you can’t get enough of breathtaking Italian style, you should get some gorgeous ornate pieces of furniture, such as massive bed frames, and match them with bedding in earthy shades that are dominant in this style. Deep reds, fiery oranges, beautiful yellows, and stunning browns should be your colors of choice, so don’t skip them under any circumstances if Italian style is your cup of tea!

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Always on the Sunny Side

Another thing you should bear in mind is the orientation of your luxurious pool house, which is, truth be told, one of the most important considerations. This is precisely why you should plan everything out in advance with sun direction in mind so that you can install the pool and the deck wherever you’ll be able to enjoy the space to the max. You should also think about how much sun you prefer and at what time of day. Choosing the correct deck material might be tricky. Be careful not to pick a material that heats up quickly, bare feet and hot concrete don’t mix well. The perfect type of wood for your deck is the Brazilian ironwood ipê. Its durability and beauty justify the price! At the same time, you should select the right kind of filter for your pool. It will remove all the organic debris present in water and helps to maintain clean and dirt-free pool water.

Make Sure It Includes the Essentials

Your luxurious pool house essentials aren’t very different from the essentials you need in your main house. First of all, a fully-equipped kitchen is an absolute must, so make sure to get at least one stylish fridge and fill it up with fresh fruits and veggies, bottled water, and wine (obviously). Porcelain dinnerware is also an essential part of any luxurious kitchen, which is why you shouldn’t skip it either. Needless to say, drinking wine from plastic glasses is simply unacceptable, so get a set of fancy crystal glasses and surprise your guests with this extra pop of luxury when they least expect it.

Of course, you should also provide enough soft towels for everyone in your pool house, and these should be differently sized so that your guests can pick whichever size they prefer. Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, fizzy bath bombs, shampoo, conditioner, and bubble bath should be provided by the host, too, so don’t forget to get all of these before your guests arrive. This is a fantastic token of appreciation they certainly won’t forget.

Another thing your guests will definitely appreciate is your effort to make them feel as comfortable as possible, so be sure to choose quality shutters for your windows, too. These will allow them to sleep longer in the morning, without waking up with the first sun rays, which really means a lot – especially for families with small children.

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Luxury with Technology

Needless to say, any house that aims to be luxurious today needs to be teched out. Smart homes are not a commodity achievable only by Tony Stark, they are becoming less expensive and more common by the day. How technology influences and changes our relationships with homes is one of the biggest evolutions in interior design. The biggest tech companies all have devices and home kits that accommodate your every need. From the simple things like setting the alarm and adjusting the lighting depending on the time of the day, to more complicated ones like robots that help you do chores. Of course, it all started back in 1984 with Frances Gabe, a genius lady who made the first self-cleaning house.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when designing a luxurious pool house, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be as tricky or challenging as you might have thought, so stick to our useful pool house ideas and you are sure to create the perfect luxury poolside retreat!