Luxury Streetwear Taking Over The Fashion Business

Luxury Streatwear - Dapper Dan's First Gucci Collection - Source Gucci

Luxury Streetwear Taking Over The Fashion Business

Virgil Abloh is a recurring name within the fashion business, especially when talking about luxury streetwear or designer streetwear. Famous for being Kanye West’s creative director, Virgil launched his very own brand OFF-White with a simple, yet revolutionary concept: bringing DIY flashiness and weird shapes into the mainstream.
Years after, we can easily say that it was a great success and a starting point for a trend that is currently shaping the entire fashion business, especially when talking about women’s fashion.

Luxury Streetwear - Off White Resort 2019 - Source Off-White via Vogue - virgil abloh - designer streetwear - resort streetwear 2019 - streetwear trends Off-White Resort 2019 Collection. Source: Off-White via Vogue.


Let’s break it down in a simpler way.


The OW Effect

Luxury Streetwear - Virgil Abloh Source Photo by Timothy Suen via Highsnobiety - Louis Vuitton creative director 2018 - designer streetwear - urban clothing - off-white Virgil Abloh, Creative director for Louis Vuitton and Founder of OFF-White. Source: Photo by Timothy Suen via Highsnobiety.

Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton are currently shaping the market in a creative and business way. Not only because of the natural brand awareness that both these brands reached (given the fact that those pieces are worn by everyone, from Kim K to Chiara Ferragni, who recently admitted that Virgil is her favourite designer) but also because of the fact that, especially for luxury streetwear and women’s streetwear, these shapes and colours are indeed the winning guinea pig.

Luxury Streetwear - Chiara Ferragni Off-White Women's High top sneakers - - Backstreet Boys t-shirt - Source @chiaraferragni - designer streetwear - off-white - luxury clothing - designer sneakers - t-shirt trends - virgl abloh Chiara Ferragni Wearing OFF-White Women’s High top sneakers, Source: Instagram @chiaraferragni.


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UK Brands Adapting

Les Girls Les Boys Founder Serena Rees lg - Agent Provocateur founder - Source Ana Cuba via GQ Serena Rees founder of Les Girls Les Boys and Agent Provocateur. Source: Photo by Ana Cuba via GQ.

Serena Rees is a big name within luxury streetwear and also when it comes to women’s loungewear. While browsing Vogue, I recently discovered the fact that she recently launched another fashion brand called Les Girls Les Boys, who steps aside Agent Provocateur and instantly triggered me on how big the luxury streetwear business is at the moment.

Luxury Streetwear - Les Girls Les Boys Streetwear - designer streetwear - Serena Rees - underwear-meets-streetwear - agent provocateur - luxury underwear Les Girls Les Boys Streetwear. Source: Les Girls Les Boys.

Not only that but also because of the fact that the combination of a simple, minimalistic approach in shapes, combined with flashy colours, naturally gives it the definition of “designer streetwear”. This is symptomatic of the fact that even UK based brands acknowledged the fact that this kind of product is shaping the industry and the market, by the minute.
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Gucci And Other Big Brands

Luxury Streatwear - Gucci Dapper Dan Collection - Source Gucci - designer streetwear - luxury clothing - urban clothing - streetwear trends Dapper Dan for Gucci. Source: Gucci.

When talking about streetwear and flashy colours, Gucci’s line is, of course, the first one that comes to mind. Keep in mind, I’m not just talking about their dresses and apparel, but also their accessories.

Luxury Streewear - Gucci Dive Watch - Source Gucci - gucci watches - gucci accessories - streetwear accessories - streetwear trends - designer streetwear - gucci streetwear Gucci Dive Watch. Source: Gucci.

This watch, in particular, is the proper definition of how this entire movement reshaped the brand’s focus, which is now relying on these products more than anyone.

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To Conclude

Luxury Streetwear - Bella Hadid with Virgil Abloh - off-white - @off____white collection @virgilabloh - Source @bellahadid - designer streetwear - super models in streetwear - streetwear trends - streetwear on social media Bella Hadid and Virgil Abloh for @off____white. Source: Instagram @bellahadid.

Luxury streetwear is taking over women’s fashion, with weird shapes, flashy colours, oversized tees and so on. What once was “skaters’ outfit” now could be worn at a very exclusive party. Times are changing!

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