The Woman Behind NYC’s Beauty Scene: Dr. Lara Devgan

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The Woman Behind NYC’s Beauty Scene: Dr. Lara Devgan

Dr. Lara Devgan is an Ivy League graduate, New York City board certified plastic surgeon, classically trained painter and sculpture, mother of five, and The New York Times Magazine has dubbed her a “Super Doctors Rising Star”. Top models, celebrities, and fashion bloggers, such as Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Adrianna Lima, have been flocking to her Park Ave practice for her expertise in surgical and non-surgical procedures, as well as her personally formulated skincare line. Join us as we talk exclusively with Dr. Lara Devgan, a woman that is beyond a doubt a leading figure in New York City’s elite beauty scene.

dr lara devgan - best+female+plastic+surgeon+in+new+york+city+breast+augmentation+breast+implants+boob+job+breast+feeding - best female plastic surgeons Dr. Lara Devgan in her private practice in New York City. Source: Courtesy of Dr. Lara Devgan.

I was fortunate enough to catch Dr. Lara Devgan during one of her rare moments of free time and ask her a few questions. She offers in-depth clarity on two non-surgical procedures, microneedling, and hyaluronic acid injectables. In addition, at the end of the interview, she opens up about being an artist, working mother, and gives advice to young women striving to have a career and a family just like her.
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What is microneedling and can it be used on any areas other than the face?

Collagen Induction Therapy, or more commonly known as Microneedling, is a minimally invasive technique that boosts your skin’s own production of collagen and elastin, two of the most important substances in maintaining plump, youthful, glowing skin. Microneedling involves using a mechanized device called a dermapen to make thousands of miniscule needle punctures in the outermost layers of the skin. By precisely controlling the depth, spacing, frequency, and pattern of these needle pricks, the dermapen stimulates your body to make more collagen in the areas where it needs it the most. This technique gives you better skin texture, reduced pore size, diminished fine lines and age spots, and decreased stretch marks.
Though micrconeedling is frequently seen as a technique used on the face, it can be used on all parts of the body, including stretch marks. Microneedling is safe for use on all skin tones and at all times of life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

dr lara devgan microneedling kim kardashian - bar rafaeli - best female plastic surgeons nyc Kim Kardashian (Left) and Bar Rafaeli (Right) demonstrating microneedling being combined with growth factor/ PRP treatment. Source: Kim Kardashian & Bar Rafaeli via Dr. Lara Devgan.

How is microneedling different when administered by a plastic surgeon?

You will receive the best results when using medical microneedling performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who uses long, fine needles with depths ranging from 2 to 7 mm, depending on your concern. In order to minimize scraping, scratching, or other trauma that could cause scarring, microneedling must be done with a device that hits the surface of your skin at a 90 degree perpendicular angle. Using a dermapen with this range of depth, does break your skin, and therefore, requires the supervision of a licensed physician or medical professional. When microneedling is performed with is technique and depth of range, it can be repeated as frequently as every 6 weeks or as infrequently as 2-3 times a year, depending on your concerns.

“You will receive the best results when using medical microneedling performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.”

In contrast, home or spa microneedling devices and dermal rollers have short, fine needles that are 0.2 mm in depth and can be used two times a week or more. Inexpensive spa devices or at home dermal rollers often have poor quality needles that are slightly angled or bent and can thus hurt your skin. Similarly, circular devices like dermal rollers don’t hit the skin at a straight 90-degree angle and can injure the skin as well.

Is microneedling preventative as well as regenerative?

Microneedling is a regenerative technique that is used to boost your skin’s own production of collagen and elastin. As a result, you can use microneedling as a preventative measure for fine lines and age spots. Even if your skin looks very youthful, microneedling will help you maintain the plumpness associated with youthful skin, improve skin texture, reduce pore size and provide an overall healthy glow.

Critics claim that microneedling is a fad procedure. What is your response?

I do not think microneedling is a fad procedure. Microneedling has gained in popularity over the last few years because the results are significant, especially when medical microneedling is performed. In addition, scientific literature supports the use of collagen induction therapy using a dermapen microneedling deice. Microneedling is an especially effective treatment when combined with a liquid treatment on the skin surface, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), growth factors or vitamin C.

dr lara devgan Skin care secrets of supermodels_ Wilhemina model @marateigen_ knows that Platinum Hyaluronic Serum via @laradevganmd Model Wilhemina @marateigen with Platinum Hyaluronic Serum by Dr. Lara Devgan. Source: @laradevganmd.

Although individual results vary, my own patients have demonstrated that microneedling is effective in reducing facial wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, burns, surgical scars, and stretch marks. Improved skin appearance begins to occur almost immediately and continues for about 4 to 6 weeks. For the best results, Microneedling can be repeated as frequently as every 6 weeks, or as infrequently as 2-3 times a year, depending on your concerns.

Do you have a signature microneedling process?

Every microneedling procedure I do is precisely customized and uniquely tailored to the patient in front of me. Each aspect of care—the needle depth on each anatomic region, the choice of running or stamping movements, the addition of products, the curation of vitamins, minerals, and topicals—requires judgment and care. That is my signature procedure: full customization.

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What exactly is hyaluronic acid and how has it changed the beauty industry?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body’s skin, and other epithelial tissue, connective tissue and cartilage, and is characterized by its ability to retain very large amounts of water, as well as its ability to build collagen and repair tissues.

A cult favorite of my medical-grade skincare line, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, is the Platinum Hyaluronic Serum because of its hydrating properties and its ability to resurface and improve the quality of aging skin.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is scientifically proven to hydrate and plump the skin, thereby improving fine lines, increasing natural collagen production, improving skin quality, decreasing skin laxity and protecting the skin from UV rays, pollution and aging. I can’t say hyaluronic acid has changed the beauty industry, especially since new trends constantly form, but given the scientific research, hyaluronic acid’s unique moisturizing properties and versatility for every skin type, it has become a key ingredient in many of the best and most effective skincare products.

Juvederm is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid. What are the benefits to using Juvederm over other fillers on the market?

Juvederm is a very effective hyaluronic-acid based injectable. However, there are many effective hyaluronic-acid based fillers in the market, such as Restylane, Belotero and Voluma and it is hard to speak to the benefits of using Juvederm over other fillers. The filler I use depends on the individual patient and the results I believe will look the best based upon the patient’s unique anatomy.

Is Juvederm a permanent or temporary filler?

Juvederm is a temporary filler and will typically last about a year. However, how long the filler lasts is dependent upon each individual patient. The amount of times the patient has received filler and how expressive they are in that specific area, as well as the patient’s individual chemical makeup will determine how long Juvederm filler will last.

Dr Lara Devgan Beauty Metrics Course - lara devgan beauty metrics master class - best female plastic surgeons in nyc Source: Dr. Lara Devgan

Do you have any special techniques for administering fillers?

I have a lot of special techniques for injectable fillers! They are beyond the scope of this Q&A, but I have lectured nationally and internationally and published research on these topics. I started my Beauty Metrics Master Class as a way to teach other doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals how to best utilize my techniques in their practices.

Hyaluronic acid can also be an effective topical treatment. Do you use hyaluronic acid in your skin care line?

I absolutely do! A cult favorite of my medical-grade skincare line, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, is the Platinum Hyaluronic Serum because of its hydrating properties and its ability to resurface and improve the quality of aging skin. In my clinical studies, Platinum Hyaluronic Serum has been shown to improve skin quality in as little as two weeks of regular use and has been shown to decrease skin laxity by 50% after twelve weeks of regular use. In addition to building collagen, Platinum Hyaluronic Serum is fortified with glycosaminoglycans, which preserve and protect the structure of the extracellular matrix from physical forces like pollution, UV rays and aging, leading to an improvement in the skin’s barrier function.

Dr Lara Devgan+Scientific+Beauty+medical+grade+skin+care Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty Luxury Skin Care Line. Source: Courtesy of Dr. Lara Devgan.

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Your new office space, located on Park Ave, is filled with beautiful art. Do you consider plastic surgery to be an artform as well as a science?

Absolutely. Art and anatomy inform each other, and I believe this is the key to aesthetic judgment in plastic surgery.

Dr Lara Devgan Reception Room Dr. Lara Devgan Reception Room in NYC at her Park Ave. Office. Source: Dr. Lara Devgan.

What is your favorite procedure to perform?

Although I am a surgeon, I’ve always had a love for the arts and believe cosmetic surgery truly is an art form. I’m an artist myself and very much a perfectionist, so I love to perform more intricate surgeries that require delicate movements, such as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, facelift, necklift, breast augmentation, and labiaplasty.

dr lara devgan art eyes - dr lara devgan at the metropolitan museum of art An original (unfinished) painting made by Dr. Devgan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, depicting the human eye. Source: Courtesy of Dr. Lara Devgan.

What are the most requested procedures that you are currently seeing?

I specialize in plastic surgery of the face and body, so many of my patients come in for facelift, necklift, breast augmentation, labiaplasty and eyelid surgery. I also have a large clientele that see me for non-surgical injectable procedures, such as cheekbone and lip augmentation. Over the last year, many patients have been requesting the ‘liquid rhinoplasty,’ especially asking for my signature tip flip, and tear trough (under-eye) augmentation with my signature sandwich technique.

“I’ve always had a love for the arts and believe cosmetic surgery truly is an art form.”

You look amazing. Do you have any personal beauty regimes that you care to share with the readers?

Thank you! I personally swear by all of my Scientific Beauty products. Especially with my schedule, I typically just wear my products, lipstick and a little mascara. I also have always believed that you can never start too young with a good cleanser and moisturizer to use both in the morning and night. And never go to bed with your makeup on!

Dr Lara Devgan in OR Dr. Lara Devgan in the OR. Source: Courtesy of Dr. Lara Devgan.

You are a top board-certified plastic surgeon and mother of five. Your ability to juggle the demands of being a modern woman is inspiring. What is your biggest piece of advice for young women striving to do the same?

If you are truly passionate about something, pursue it no matter what others tell you to do. I know that if I acted upon the majority of advice that I received and still receive to this day, especially from my male superiors and colleagues, I would never be the person, doctor and mother that I am today. At times, you may feel that you may not be able to have everything, and honestly, you will mostly likely have to make many sacrifices to pursue your dreams, but without a doubt, the experiences that you chose to have will all be worth it in the end. Along the way you will figure things out – and although to the Instagram world my life may be seemingly perfect, I too am always trying to strike a balance, perfect my techniques and do better for my patients. Ultimately, my advice for other woman is to always work harder, be the best, and don’t let fear stand in your way.

Do you anticipate any new advances in skin care and plastic surgery in the near future?

Yes, stay tuned to my Instagram @laradevganmd for updates!

Dr. Devgan’s office is located at 969 Park Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd street, in New York City. To schedule your next appointment with Dr. Lara Devgan call her office at 212-452-2400 or e-mail at

Interview conducted and written by Alexa Jennelle


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