Luxury Bathroom Ideas: A Style Guide

rita stool koket diamond freestanding maison valentina

Making sure your bathroom lives up to the luxury aesthetic of the rest of your home can be difficult, especially if you want it to serve as both a functioning everyday bathroom and that luxurious escape spot. So, today, we’re offering the ultimate style guide with the very best in luxury bathroom ideas to ensure you can get that sophisticated and stylish design, from the toilet to the bathroom walls.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas: A Style Guide

guilty mirror koket koi wasbasin maison valentina
Guilty Mirror by Koket & Koi Wasbasin by Maison Valentina

The Lighting

Vanity mirror lighting is only one element of the overall lighting look of a luxe bathroom. The lights need to be bright enough to fulfill basic safety requirements, but beyond that, your creativity is the only frontier.

Ensconced mood lighting combined with an industrial-luxe stone shower area can make the space look futuristic, while some tealight holders around the bath can give an impression of calmness and serenity.

Finally, consider warm and ambient lighting to create the illusion of additional space. The addition of a dimmer switch adds that extra sprinkle of relaxation through the ability to create softer light – making your bathing experience one of pure, unmatched luxury.

Whatever you want from your bathroom, you should seek to reflect it in your lighting choices for a truly unified style.

Kelly Hoppen - Shenzhen Paris - Luxury bathroom ideas - white marble bathrooms - brass and marble bathrooms - master bathroom ideas - luxury bathrooms - bathroom lighting
Shenzen Paris by Kelly Hoppen. Source: Courtesy of Kelly Hoppen.

The Walls

The secret to luxury bathroom design is subtlety. Subtle colours and natural finishes like marble, wood and stone will complement your high-end bathroom features while maintaining a sophisticated style.

Large tiles are a longstanding bathroom trend, and offer a simple and effective way to achieve those natural tones and textures. Consider matching floor and wall tiles for a strikingly bold look that simply oozes luxury.

Mel Yates Kelly Hoppen London Home - Luxury Bathroom Ideas - white marble tubs - luxury tubs - white bathroom ideas - marble bathroom ideas
Kelly Hoppen’s London Home. Source: Photo by Mel Yates, Courtesy of Kelly Hoppen.

The Vanity Mirror

A luxe bathroom isn’t complete without a statement vanity mirror – something that’ll wow guests and give you that luxury feeling every time you set foot in your bathroom. There are plenty of grandiose mirror options out there, but opting for a showbiz-style light bulb setup is sure to add a dash of drama to your bathroom.

Of course, your mirror needs to be as reflective and shiny as possible, so you should always opt for a glass mirror ahead of cheaper acrylic options, as, after a few months’ use, the difference starts to become apparent – whereas glass retains its sheen and luxury look for far longer.

rita stool koket diamond freestanding maison valentina
Rita Stool by Koket & Diamond Freestanding by Maison Valentina

tamara mirror antiqued mirror frame rectangle bathroom mirror

The Bath

For the bath-lover, there are plenty of luxury bathroom ideas to suit your style while ensuring you get that unique sense of relaxation that only a bath can provide.

For the last word in luxury, consider a whirlpool bath. Made up of several inbuilt jets positioned to massage and soothe your muscles while you bathe, these top-of-the-range systems can even be built into existing baths for those of you who’ve already found the perfect tub.

For added style, search for bath taps that match the basin tap for a consistent theme throughout your luxury bathroom. Much like our sink recommendation, a waterfall tub faucet is our top pick for that extra splash of luxury. 

white bathroom
Source: Photo Via Instagram – Thedesignco

The Shower

Keeping up with the latest shower innovations is essential to ensuring your luxury bathroom can really pamper you. Choosing extra-wide shower heads will authentically replicate that soothing spa sensation – and paired with a spacious shower enclosure with two-panel sliding doors, you’ll be able to create a striking shower worthy of any luxury bathroom.

The Sink

The luxury bathroom often features a contemporary sink with a stylish tap. A countertop basin is a great way of achieving a luxury spa feel, with a natural wood-effect worktop combined with a waterfall tap adding that touch of authentic elegance.

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mandy stool by koket
Luxurious gold bathroom featuring the Mandy Stool by KOKET

The Toilet

The toilet can often be an afterthought when it comes to luxury bathroom ideas. After all, how exactly can a toilet achieve that feeling of sophistication?

By opting for back-to-wall or wall-hung toilet designs, you can create a look that seamlessly fits your luxury bathroom design. The hidden pipes and cisterns are the real benefit here, in addition to the easy-to-clean raised installation, meaning your bathroom can easily maintain that squeaky clean, luxurious feel.

dark bathroom luxury
Source: Photo via Instagram Rogerseller

The Extras

It’s important not to overlook the little extras to ensure your bathroom still boasts unique character. The luxury bathroom aesthetic is all about giving the impression of space, so keeping the walls clutter-free is vital. With this in mind, avoid shelving and hooks wherever possible, opting instead for low-level storage units.

Wood cabinets are among the most fashionable options available, with darker colours contrasting the lighter-coloured tiles of your floor and ceiling for a stark and dramatic look. Store your roll-up towels and flannels in here for that authentic spa feel, or use them to hide your vast array of toiletries without cluttering up your luxury bathroom.

Underfloor heating is another feature that will set your bathroom apart from the rest. Perfect for the larger bathroom, this heating option maintains the subtlety and space of your luxury bathroom, while bringing a welcome end to stepping on cold tiles after your warm morning shower.

Experimenting with these luxury bathroom ideas will ensure your bathroom is the best of the best and serves as both the functioning family bathroom and escapist getaway for that first-rate relaxation you so thoroughly deserve.

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