Girly & Chic: Interior Design Tips for Creating a Home You'll Love

Girly & Chic: Interior Design Tips for Creating a Home You’ll Love

Not every house can be called home, but the beauty is that you can make any house feel like home by following a few easy interior design tips. If you want to make your home truly yours from roof to the cellar, you need to inspect it carefully, identify the things you wish to change and choose an interior design style that will best reflect your personality.
Now, no matter how easy this may sound, know that you’ll need to plan in advance, create a budget, have a clearly defined theme in mind and try to stick to it throughout your home. If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are a few room-by-room interior design tips you might find useful.
Girls sometimes hate to admit it, but most are girly-girls deep down. That’s why any type of chic style (vintage chic, shabby chic, romantic chic, boho chic, etc.) is usually the best choice when it comes to designing their living space. So, check out all of these styles, find the one you like best – or combine a few of them, that’s the beauty of everything chic – and give your house a makeover that will turn it into a home.

The Hallway

Hallways are usually those awkward spaces that not a lot of people know how to decorate properly so they usually stay plane and, well, boring. To avoid making the same mistake in your hallway, consider this: place a large acrylic tray next to your entrance door and fill it with decorative stones. The stones don’t have to be too big and you can choose any color you like; this will be the perfect place for wet shoes during those colder, rainy and snowy months and it will look super chic. Next, add a big statement mirror, make a cute DIY key holder and a coat hanger, and add an interesting vase for umbrellas. These interior design tips will instantly add style to your entryway and make it visually stimulating.

Interior design tips for hallways

Parisian Armoire and Chandra Dining Chair by Koket

The Kitchen

This is one of the rooms where the ideas are simply endless, so we’ll mention just a couple of worthy kitchen design ideas. First, choose a color palette. Instead of going with minimum-effort white, think in terms of light gray, millennial pink or light lilac. Next, make sure your cupboards fit in with the overall theme and even uplift them with a fresh coat of paint if necessary. Add an interesting cake stand – you can use it to display fruit if you don’t eat cake – and make sure you get your hands on a vintage tea set you’ll use every time your girlfriends come over for a cup of chit-chat.

Interior design tips for kitchens

Source: Kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio. Photo by Tony Soluri via Luxe Interiors + Design

The Living Room

Again, the possibilities are endless. However, the it pieces that should find their way here include a sheepskin rug or perhaps a few fur throws, a bunch of colorful throw pillows, some interesting or inspiring wall art, definitely some luxurious drapery and a vintage or unique coffee table. Throw in a couple of interesting lamps, add a few bookshelves and don’t forget plants.

Interior design tips for living rooms

Source: Artwork by Andrew Zimmerman. Photo by Peter Murdock via Luxe Interiors + Design

The Bathroom

Here, you can apply the same rules. Steer clear of boring hues and forget all about plastic shower curtains. Instead browse various online shops and find everything you need for your new, chic bathroom. Think in terms of a gorgeous textile for your shower curtains, elegant bathroom fixtures with a decorative finish, luxury pendant lighting fixtures and, of course, a super lush bathroom mat. Hanging framed wall art is also worth considering, as well as adding a huge statement mirror in a statement frame.

bathroom interior design tips

Source: Photo Via Instagram – Thedesignco


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The Bedroom

No chic bedroom can be complete without a luxurious rug, a beautiful canopy bed and some dazzling lights above the headboard. Of course, for maximum effect, as well as for the ultimate comfort, you should look no further than silk bedding and the most comfortable mattress you can find. A big beautiful floor mirror is also a worthy mention, as well as a designated vanity area. This, you can make even more beautiful by enriching it with an awesome antique find such as a vintage vanity or a cool ottoman. Additionally, for a personal touch, dedicate an area for hanging photos of your friends and family.

Interior design tips for bedrooms

Source: Interior Design by Andrew Sheinman, Kristine Greenblatt and Peggy Gubelmann, Pembrooke & Ives. Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson via Luxe Interiors + Design

For the Dark Queens

If your personal taste and style shift more towards the dark side, we have some interior design tips in store for you as well. Just because things are chic, doesn’t mean that they need to be white, pink or light in color. Also, just because you prefer deeper hues doesn’t mean your space has to be any less girly. Here, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the world of shabby chic noir and embrace the unique simplicity of this style. You’re welcome.
So, when decorating your home, the most important rule to follow is your own personal taste. As long as you’re happy with the design and you enjoy spending time in your freshly decorated home, you’ve succeeded in your mission.

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