The World Needs More Female Entrepreneurs

The World Needs More Female Entrepreneurs

An empowered woman carries with her an undeniable potential in reminding others just how strong, intelligent, and powerful women are. Paige Battcher, a speaker, founder of web design and digital marketing firm Kismet Ideas, TV host, and business empowerment coach is one of these women. The inspirational speaker helps female entrepreneurs build the mindset and tech skills they need to run a business they can take anywhere in a backpack.
Female Entrepreneurs Paige Battcher
The world needs more female entrepreneurs. Paige is giving women the tools to shape their own lives. Only 30% of businesses are owned by women in the United States. The open and honest entrepreneur says this all has to do with confidence. Women are smart and women are competent, so why are we holding back?
Female Entrepreneurs Paige Battcher
This is where Paige and her team come in to play. She has worked relentlessly to provide women the tools to harness their own confidence and empower them through technology. Anywhere from software to meditations, Paige and her tribe of badass, lady bosses are there for women in need of a monthly dose of empowerment.
The technological tools are out there to help women strive in creating their own businesses and following their dreams. Paige’s business is all about helping people witness this reality.
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As a previous teacher in Thailand, the entrepreneur was astonished to see just how much the boys and girls respected one another and how few gender stereotypes existed. She has been on a mission ever since to empower women to be unafraid of rejecting stereotypes. According to research, women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotion as men do and generally underestimate their abilities more. Yet, Paige is letting women know it doesn’t have to be this way. Technology gives us the chance to decrease this confidence gap and just go for it.
As of today, there are only seven countries in the entire world that have equal rates of men-and women-owned businesses. Empowered women invest 90 percent of their earned income back into their families and education compared to only 30-40 percent for men. Paige inspiringly uses this fact to show when women’s income increases so do the well-being of their communities and nations. So, for women with a dream, there is no time to doubt yourself. I am sure Paige Battcher would tell you to be unafraid of your confidence. The only approval you need is your own to just simply go for it.
Want to learn more about Paige’s mission? Watch her speak about how the world needs more female entrepreneurs and how we can bridge the confidence gap in the video below and check her out online at

Words by Kalia Batistas
All Photos Courtesy of Paige Battcher


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