This Season’s Must Have – Confidence

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This Season’s Must Have – Confidence

In the words of the great Vera Wang, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” Fashion isn’t simple, it’s not black and white, and it most certainly is not only meant for some people. That being said, your style is uniquely yours. While some trends can fall in and out of style, what is the one commodity that won’t ever go out? I’ll give you a hint, it’s fabulously simple and you can never wear too much of it. You can duplicate luxurious fabrics, bold patterns, even the wonderfully detailed accessories that warrant a second glance. You can purchase the exact same outfit all the way down to the Princetown Loafers or up to the Chanel earrings paired with an iconic Hermes silk scarf. You’ll still be missing something. Something that the “girl who can pull everything off” has. Her swift yet subtle poise. The presence that she carries herself with. Her confidence. Keep these tips and tricks in the front of your closet this season and watch the world of a difference it makes.

This Season's Must Have, confidence shown by a Sexy blond women in a sparkly gold dress

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Recognize your potential

It’s no secret that women have been making their presence in society more and more prominent each year in every way imaginable. We are uniting together while changing the world’s perception of just how much we are truly capable of. We have made monumental strides in the Beauty industry, redefining what the shallow world once encompassed. Progress that no doubt deserves major celebration and praise. All this talk of “we” begs the question, who are we? Anything and anyone we want. So act like it ladies!

This Season's Must Have, confidence shown by Women Running Down the Street in a Fashionable Outfit

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“I could never pull that off” is the worst lie you can tell yourself

It’s not their keen eye for a risky fit that fashionistas pull off ever so seamlessly. It’s their ability to be comfortable enough with themselves to rock it out in public. That’s what we need—those who refuse to recant. Those who don’t fold under the pressures of society’s tendency to strip individuality from the most unique of women. That’s what keeps the industry going, that push for creativity is why fashion is so remarkable. It is because of the daring, the trendsetters who think outside of the box and test the limits for what is “acceptable”. Where would we be without these fashion-forward thinkers; industry leaders like Donatella Versace, Cristobal Balenciaga, and so many others who continuously make us shift our perspectives?

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Don’t knock it till ya try it!

The latest fads can muster up excitement and eagerness in women, leading them to take on new challenges and self-expression within the fashion world. Sometimes this essence gets lost and replaced in today’s society with feelings of anxiety or inferiority, deterring women from creating their own style unique to themselves. You never know what piece of fabric could make you glow from the inside out, putting your identity on display. So don’t think too much about whether or not it could work, simply try it on and see where it goes from there. You may not like the style and that’s perfectly fine! But don’t let your predisposed notion of what it’s “supposed” to look like, prevent you from trying it in the first place or putting your own spin on the trend.

 This Season's Must Have, Confidence shown by a Beautiful young women with curly hair jumping up on a roof top

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Don’t wait for approval

Truth be told, all you have to do is be uniquely fabulous because the only one that can take away your power to be bold and let your confidence shine is yourself. Next time you love that trend and are dying to test it out or create your own, but don’t know if it could work for you, try it anyway. If you feel amazing and on top of the world, then that, that is what fashion is meant for. Not for the judgment of others to impede your view of yourself or your abilities. Strut your confidence and feel excited about the pieces that you have brilliantly strung together; don’t wait for the approval of society to catch up to where you already are. Wake up, let your feet hit the floor, and let your outfit guide the day.
Words by Michele Micciche
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