It’s All About “Natural Beauty”: Behold Canva's New Stock Photography

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It’s All About “Natural Beauty”: Behold Canva’s New Stock Photography Collection

 All hail a collection that celebrates women in their natural state, particularly women who are usually excluded from the media’s representation of “natural beauty”.
You won’t find overly- photoshopped or snapchat filtered images perpetuating the stereotype here. Instead, the collection is of everyday women whose personal stories and experiences challenge both gender and societal standards of beauty.
What a breath of fresh, natural air.
The expectations created by societal beauty is no secret. Over the course of several years especially this year, the evolution of the female empowerment movement has reared its beautiful heads into the world of pretty women in their fierce and feminine power and we’re here for it!
woman with long braided hair wearing headphones in the part - Natural Beauty
These days, conforming to an idealized aesthetic has met more of a societal acceptance with open arms. The impression has always been that the gateway of progression and success of women was dependent upon a picture-perfect appearance but times, they are a-changin’.
True beauty has become based on women who dictate and decide who she is before she is anything for anyone else. She is dominating body positivity; social media is not her source for validation and her self-worth isn’t secured by picture perfection.
Two women laying on their backs smiling - Natural Beauty - Natural Woman photos by Canva
Sure, mainstream society still continues to demand women submit to a superficial aesthetic however a woman isn’t confined to other’s definitions of who she is and what she should be. Women have their own voice, power and ultimately decide, declare and define themselves.
The unapologetic woman loving the skin she’s in and embracing her own beauty choices are proving she doesn’t need beauty standards at all. Women understand wherever and whoever they were in their past, does not determine who they are today, where they are going, how they’re getting there and who they are becoming.
woman doing yoga - Natural Beauty - Natural Woman photos by Canva
The layers of strength, intelligence and independence are redefining beauty and women embracing everything they are instead of everything they are not, is the real beauty bag. Women achieving self-love, body acceptance, staying true to who they are and challenging the stereotype continue to shake up society norms. Yes, the journey can be a difficult one but a woman owning who she is, loving and respecting herself, confident and comfortable in her truths is what’s taking society and the senate by storm. Beauty is not stagnant, it’s endlessly evolving and Canva is capturing it.
Thank you Canva for reminding and celebrating individual and unique women around the world defining beauty for themselves, rejecting restrictive ideas and representing their own rules. This year and every year, we are waking up like this. Breaking barriers, pushing back on historic beauty ideals and basking in the light of healthy mindsets and assets. Bloom on beauties.
woman with bald head kissing a cat - Natural Beauty - Natural woman photos by Canva
All Photos Courtesy of Canva

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Jasmín (Jazzy) Nelson is a true “Jazzy” of all trades. This multifaceted mom boss keeps busy as a journalist, an independent paralegal, Life Coach, photographer, and Juris Doctorate candidate. When she finds free time, you’ll most likely spot her doing yoga and catching good vibes at the beach with her son in beautiful California.
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