One Step at A Time, One Foot in Front of The Other & One Comeback Cocktail Please

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but then they doubt your ability to rise up, question your ability to survive and thrive.
They say your haters are your biggest motivators.
They are right. Thank them.
They made you stronger and then some.
Hug them. They are usually the ones that need it most.
Blow them air kisses and toast to them, bubbly in hand because they didn’t break you and the slow and steady bounce back became something fierce.

Happy Girl

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Their insecure projections sparked your self-reflection. This encouraged your transition to celebrate your victories and lay down your defeats. Truth be told, other people’s judgments are not your own and unfortunate adversities are not baggage for you to permanently carry. Take those bags off, take your time and give yourself permission to illuminate and rise up in your own super power at your own pace. Be patient and positive with yourself.  You are stronger than you know. It’s never an overnight process but with one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, you will do whatever it is that needs doing. Overcome, whatever it is that needs overcoming. Stitch up whatever traumas it is that need suturing, surgery and reconstructing. And those that preyed on your downfall will watch you in all your glorious glow up.
It’s time to toast to your bravery, fearlessness, and she-ro-ism.
They doubted you but distressed and damaged damsel no more.
Press on towards your goals and stay the course to walk in worthiness.
Remind yourself, time heals wounds, softens scars and cliché as it may be, this too shall pass. This is your story, don’t let those people write the script to your season and tell you how or when it needs to be written.
Affirm and you tell it! Your will outweighs your weakness and you are destined to come out on the other side leveling up, looking lavish and living!

Girls celebrating

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Repeat as often as necessary, write it on the mirror if you must:
What’s for me is always for me, not one naysayer can stop my shine.
What other people think of me is none of my business.
I can. I will. And I’ll wait for it because timing is everything.
So yes, one comeback cocktail please for the woman wearing triumph for a smile, the one who walked through the fire, and the badass still standing from the ashes of setbacks and the simple-minded.
Today we toast to you. To the warrior woman within, the overcomer of battles that, those people know nothing about. Because nope, those aren’t your people. You, all by your whole superwoman self, are your people.
Here’s to roadblocks that became building blocks and to the negative Nancy’s with ill intention, well we thank them again.
Cheers to perseverance, passion and having more pep in your step. You woman, are a force! Things are aligning, hurts are healing and this (your journey) is worth honoring.
Growth in your own timing looks good on you girl! I’m rooting for you and sipping with you, as we become the women we are destined to be.
This one’s for us. We’re focused. We’re flourishing. And we can’t be stopped.
Pour it up, pour it up!

About the Author:
Jasmín (Jazzy) Nelson is a true “Jazzy” of all trades. This multifaceted mom boss keeps busy as a journalist, an independent paralegal, Life Coach, photographer, and Juris Doctorate candidate. When she finds free time, you’ll most likely spot her doing yoga and catching good vibes at the beach with her son in beautiful California.