Meet Sebastian Herkner, Maison Objet Paris 2019 Designer of the Year

Nurtured by a German culture predominantly focused on engineering, the uber talented Sebastian Herkner defied standards to become a designer and found comfort in Paris. After first setting up his studio in Offenbach in 2006, he has made a reputation for himself by combining tradition with creativity and new technology with long-established crafts.

Sebastian Herkner MO 2019 Designer of the Year

Over the years Sebastian Herkner has developed a love for traditional craftsmanship, vibrant colors, foreign cultures, traditional materials (wood, ceramics, marble, and leather), durability, details, and a respect for the amount of time dedicated to creating a masterpiece. This long list of values is what has helped in producing pieces like the stunning “Bell” table, a steel and brass platter nestled on a hand-blown glass base, which is to be revealed at Maison Objet Paris 2019 where he will also be receiving the coveted Maison Objet Paris 2019’s Designer of the Year Award!

First Project by Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian, who trained at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, has received some 30 awards over the course of the decade and to add to his collection is now receiving the Maison Objet Designer of the Year 2019 to his list. To earn this award Sebastian collaborated on over 21 projects, including projects with the likes of Moroso, Dedon, and Thonet.

Sebastian viewed it as a great honor to accept this interior design award for many reasons. One reason is because he loves attending Maison et Objet. And the other is because he is in love with the city of Paris. Paris for this German interior designer has many spots that he has fallen in love with such as The Rodin Museum, Brancusi’s Studio, and the hunting museum. His soft spot for Paris and French culture has lead him to collaborations with French design houses like La Chance. And the Paris vibe of design galleries in rue de Seine, Jousse and Downtown, Kreo gallery have served as spaces of serenity and creativity for him.

Project by Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner recognized that the French design culture is fearless, traditional, and unique with its use of many colors, brilliant craftsmanship, and the spin it places on classic designs and overall that is what has made this culture so inspirational to him.

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