The Ultimate Oasis: How to Create A Dream Master Bedroom

Dream Master Bedroom Design by A List Interiors at Holiday House NYC 2018

Your home—your rules! But is that really the case, or have you picked up the traditional opinion that the living room is the room you need to focus all your energy into? Sure, the living room is the place where we spend most of our time at home. It is a social place where we hang out with family and friends, but we must remember the true comfort that a dream master bedroom can offer. Close your bedroom door from the inside, and let the rest, relaxation and romance begin!

Instead of thinking of your bedroom as just the place where you lay your head at night, transform it into a luxurious heaven with these simple tips! Your dream master bedroom oasis awaits!

Start with The Bed

The bed is obviously the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is not only about comfort, but it is also about that inviting feeling that your bed will emanate every time you walk into your dream master bedroom.

koket dream master bedroom featuring a luxury upholstered bed, mirror nightstands and gold demi-lune stools

A beautiful headboard upholstered in a luscious fabric, or a stunning full bed frame carved from wood, and a comfortable mattress and pillows are a must. And when it comes to your mattress, if you sleep hot one of the keys to a comfortable night’s sleep is keeping cool and dry in which case you will definitely want a cool sleeping mattress. But you cannot stop there! In order to transform your bed into a true oasis investing in high-quality modern bedding that scream splendor is a necessity.

cloud9 metallic bedding and decorative pillows, the perfect dream master bedroom

And don’t forget to add some luxurious decorative pillows to contribute to the lavishness and further your urge to lay down and relax in peace and serenity!


Remove the Unnecessary

KOKET Dream Master Bedroom Design at Covet Mansion NYC
KOKET Dream Master Bedroom Design

Many people view the bedroom as an extra storage space for things that have nowhere else to go. But keeping items that are of no use to you in your sleep oasis is of no use! Get rid of items and furniture that doesn’t serve you so that you can open up your room for elements that will transform the space into your true dream master bedroom!

Add a Pop of Color

While white can be a great way to create a sense of calm and relaxation in your dream master bedroom, white can be awfully boring without any pops of color to liven it up! If you want to go with neutral walls try bringing in color through your bedding, accessories, rugs or art.

dream master bedroom design by studia 54
Dream Master Bedroom with the Perfect Pop of Teal
Designed by Studia 54

For a real wow-factor be bold and go for a deep hue on your walls. You don’t have to go wild with rainbow colors, but a rich blue or warm bronze can create a wonderfully cozy feel. Painting only one wall in a funky shade or choosing a modern wallpaper are other ways to make your dream master bedroom come to life.

dream master bedroom design by lori morris
A Dark and Moody Dream Master Bedroom
Designed by Lori Morris

Luxurious Window Treatments

While the curtains in your bedroom need to serve their purpose of blocking light as needed, they can also be a great decorative element and add a real touch of opulence.

dream master bedroom design by eliyon interior design
Design by Elicyon

Drapery is one of the easiest ways to bring a luxurious feel to your dream master bedroom. Find or have them custom made out of a lavish fabric and suddenly your bedroom will start feeling like an expensive five-star hotel room where you get to sleep every day.

Make It Personal

dream master bedroom design by a list interiors for holiday house nyc 2018
Interior Design by A List Interiors for Holiday House NYC 2018

To succeed in turning your dream master bedroom into a real masterpiece, be sure to add personal touches. Bring in personal items that make you feel good and put them on display. Frame photos, add travel items you love on the nightstands and fill your bedroom with a scent you truly love.

Make Sure It All Makes Sense

Dream Master Bedroom

Overcrowding the bedroom can have the opposite effect than what you are going for. It is not only about getting high-quality furniture; it is also about getting the things you need and placing them where it makes sense. For example, a beautifully made vanity table makes perfect sense for the bedroom. It is not only functional, but it also adds an element of glamor.

Voilà Your Dream Master Bedroom

Your bedroom doesn’t need to be the place you go to only when you need sleep. If you transform the space into your dream master bedroom, soon enough you will find yourself spending more and more time there and improving your quality of sleep and life in general!

About the Author

Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.