XXII Triennale di Milano – The International Exhibition

Explore the Milan-based design and art museum, La Triennale di Milano’s, endlessly inspiring International Exhibition now on display. Since its inception, La Triennale has been a place where art, industry and the public converge in dialogue on culture and society. In 1923 the foundation established the International Exhibitiona thematic exhibit dedicated to all forms of art and creative expression, strictly linked to social evolution and economic development. After a twenty-year hiatus, the event was revived in 2016. Now, with the return of the XXII Triennale di Milano International Exhibition in 2019, La Triennale reaffirms its intention to continue the event’s powerful tradition.

Broken Nature at XXII Triennale di Milano

Held in Milan’s Palazzo dell’Arte and the surrounding areas of Parco Sempione, the expo started March 1st and will run through August 31, 2019. This year’s theme is Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival. The propose of the theme is investigating the (disconnected) relationship between humans and the natural environment. The exhibition features 22 international participants that represent all continents and is divided into four chapters: Restorative Design, Magic Pragmatism, Complex Systems, and Long-Term Attitudes. Each section acting as an investigative angle for the exhibition.

Exposed at Trienalle di Milano
Up to 3,000 years old; Atacama Desert, Chile, from The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman
Source: Triennale di Milano

The thematic exhibit consists of three major commissions as well as numerous loans. An ambitious public program of events for people of all ages also complements the XXII edition. From conferences, panels and workshops to screenings, and performances.

Curated by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design and Director of Research & Development at The Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition focuses its attention on human existence and persistence. Ala Tannir, Laura Maeran, and Erica Petrillo also aided in bringing the exhibition to life.

Artificial Glacier in India exposed at Trienalle di Milano
Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh – SECMOL (Sonam Wangchuk), Ice Stupa. 2013-14.
Source: Photo by Lobzang Dadul / Courtesy SECMOL via Triennale di Milano

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A quite diverse ensemble of designs and research projects of all scales are on exhibit. From objects, buildings and interfaces to infrastructures, communication, and urban designsuggesting concrete solutions to renew the deal between human species and nature.

The Nation of Plants Exhibition at Trienalle di Milano
Broken Nature: The Nation of Plants
Source: Triennale di Milano

Restorative Design & Sustainability

In addition, the exhibition perfectly describes the concept of restorative design. It studies the threads that connect humans to their environments and to those of other specieslike animals and plants, at all scales and in all systems. It considers sustainability linked not only to pollution and global warming but also in relation to the need for fundamental structures – like family, gender, race, class, and nationality.

XXII Triennale di Milano promotes the importance of creative practices in surveying our species’ bonds with the world’s complex systems. And designing reparations when necessary, through objects, concepts, and new systems.

Glacier Wrapping at Trienalle di Milano Exhibition
Source: Triennale di Milano

So, Broken Nature is an opportunity for us all to discuss matters of extreme importance for the world. In particular for the design and architecture community. An element which can and should play a vital role in making reparations with the world around us.

Words by Rita Archer

bench with curved ends - luna bench by koket


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