How To Be A Powerful Woman

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As we recognize and celebrate Women’s History Month, we are reminded of the focal point in the movement for women’s rights and the powerful women who paved the way.  The fierce females, rule breakers and sheros who rocked and revolutionized history with her- story, demanding society put some respect on her name. How’d they do that? Well, you (like them) already are a force to be reckoned with but even a force needs some fuel.

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First things first, go big or go bigger because home is not an option for a powerful woman.  Though we know home is a comfortable nest, staying within your comfort zone is no place for a woman who aims to possess her super power. She must get up, go out and get what she wants because no one hands you your power, you have to take it. There is no waiting for opportunities, there is only creating for the taking!

Becoming a powerful woman begins with a mindset. There is no place for fear or doubt in this powerhouse. This house is built on confidence and kick-ass’ness.  All the self- sabotaging, anxiety, procrastination gets laid to rest and anyone around you who is cynical or counteractive to your buildup, gets kicked to the curb too. You do not have time for Debbie downers or negative Nancy. Wish them well, you have work to do, and that work includes the process of achieving what you want without worry or because Susan is holding you back.

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Stay in your truth and don’t be afraid to own and speak on it. Whether popular or unpopular, power up and share your voice. It’s okay to challenge the status quo and stand out. Blending in and conforming does not ignite passion, however speaking boldly and fearlessly commands attention and passionately illuminates a whole room.

Confidence, and having faith in you, are major power keys. Not to get all, “your thoughts create your reality or if you believe it, you can achieve it” on you, but visualizing and believing in your own success is just as integral as the execution.  If you don’t stand for you,  why would anyone else want to?

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Power players also get their “me time” in. It’s important to connect with yourself before you think you’ll be able to connect with anyone else. Make mandatory time for some self-care, enjoy all that is you and treat yourself! This allows for the flow of being present, embracing good energy and affirming positivity. Cancel the meeting or the date, but don’t ever cancel on yourself.

Sure, there will be obstacles, but there will also be you overcoming them because falling down and failure is not an option. However, getting up and tenaciously pushing forward is the only option! And your reward for staying the course will be walking in your brilliance and beaming so brightly, you won’t need any power source because you ARE the audacious source who became the powerful woman she was destined to be and you’re already charged.

Be strong, keep going and power on.

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