How to Nail This New Decor Trend

luxury furniture by koket in navy blue and rose gold new decor trend

What would we do without Pinterest? Remember when we had to buy magazines to keep up with a new decor trend? Now, we need to just hop online!

And the platform doesn’t just show us what’s in style. It offers an array of design ideas for its viewers. What’s it telling us now? Many of its posts seem to say that navy blue and rose gold are a key color scheme for home décor.

So, how can we nail this interior theme?

3 Key Ways to Nail This New Decor Trend


divine armoire by koket showing pink gold and navy blue new decor trend
Divine Armoire by KOKET

Furniture can really help with home redesigns. Find the right pieces, and you’ll easily be able to create a new look.

What kind of items should you choose? Put simply, the ones that are likely to stand out above the rest. To identify these, consider the most prominent feature in your main rooms.

kelly sofa by koket - navy blue new decor trend
Kelly Sofa by KOKET

It may be the coffee table or sofa in your lounge or the wardrobe in your bedroom. Whatever it is, why not invest in a rose gold or navy-blue version of it?

Thus you can easily recreate this new decor trend in your home.


Mirrors are a common household item – most of us use them every day. They’re not just useful, though. They can also be decorative

reve mirror by koket - rose gold new decor trend
Reve Mirror by KOKET

Just imagine one with a rose gold frame, set in your hallway. Doesn’t it sound enticing? This shade is widely known for its chicness. Introduce it to your home, and you will most definitely achieve a luxurious vibe in your interior.

Navy blue, in contrast, can often induce feelings of stability and calm. Select a mirror with this color theme, and it may help your household and guests to relax when they enter your abode.

You can complement your new mirror with an accessory in the other shade. That way, you’ll be able to restyle your home to fit current trends.

15 Home Decor Ideas for the Perfect Interior


Accessories are perhaps the simplest decorative tool. But the perfect type can be tricky to identify.

Just which indoor objects should we choose? Tabletop? Wall art? Both? The answer may be simpler than you expect. Choose whichever you prefer.

Remember that you don’t have to compromise your own tastes to stay on trend – you can do both. This is, after all, your home that you’re decorating.

Explore pieces in both rose gold and navy blue, and then go for the pieces that catch your eye. It may be an appealing candle set. Or maybe a table lamp? It’s completely up to you.

As a result, you’ll be able to master the latest interior craze and have fun at the same time. What could be better? 

Most of us like to keep up with fashion – especially when it comes to our homes. And it’s no different for the latest look. With these easy tips, you can transform your living space. All that’s required is the simple – yet effective – pairing of rose gold and navy blue.

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