Luxury Worldwide Service: The Ultimate Bespoke Luxury Concierge Service

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If you are looking for the ultimate partner to help you fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and desires then look no further! Members-only global concierge club, Luxury Worldwide Service, is at your disposal. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, from comfort-related to emergency requests, LWS operates in the purest concierge tradition within the strictest standards of quality of personalized service. Read on to learn more about this must-know luxury concierge service and its inspiring founder Arnaud Truong!

Luxury Worldwide Service Founder Arnaud Truong
Luxury Worldwide Service Founder Arnaud Truong

As a child, Arnaud Truong was fascinated by the world of luxury and thus developed a deep passion for it. So when his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own business he became intrigued by the concierge market. After an in-depth analysis of the space, Mr. Truong noticed a lack of professionalism among many of the concierge companies already established. Thus he decided to launch and surpass a level of excellence to meet an exponential demand.

Inside Luxury Worldwide Service

Based in France, Luxury Worldwide Service saves their members’ time, elevates their experiences and puts a world of possibilities at their fingertips through their rich global connections and expert cultural knowledge. In an interview for The Wealth Scene, Mr. Truong stated, “I like to think of ourselves as a mixture of a concierge, a bespoke luxury travel agency, event organizer, property experts, art specialists and magic genies with a little black book.” A set of services which no one else provides all collectively.

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Luxury Worldwide Service’s job is to look after their clients 24/7 and provide them with any assistance they might need, worldwide. But their main expertise relies on their little black book of global connections and international suppliers. This highly coveted and unique resource allows LWS to seamlessly do things such as organize extraordinary travel experiences, gain access to VIP or sold-out events, as well as systematically getting their members into the world’s best restaurants and private clubs.

Why LWS?

There are a number of global luxury concierge services in the marketplace today so why would one choose Luxury Worldwide Service? From our perspective, their distinct capacity to deeply know and understand their clients is their sweet spot. “A good concierge is like a magical fairy who appears whenever it is needed, automatically anticipating your needs, while delivering a top quality service and negotiating the best quotes there can be for you,” says Mr. Truong.

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So how exactly does LWS provide their highly bespoke and discreet service? The key lies in their lifestyle managers and expert specialists. A group of people who are highly focused on understanding their members’ lifestyles in order to pre-empt their needs and provide tailor-made above and beyond service. A group which Mr. Truong explains will never become a soulless call center!

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LWS’s Access to Fashion

As we dreamed of using LWS we became curious about what kind of requests they receive from their female members. So, we asked Mr. Truong.

Among our female members, we have many requests concerning fashion so I would say that LWS are specialists at finding those items that are simply impossible to find. We source rare, limited edition and luxury brand items from our worldwide sources and contacts. Whether it’s classic, brand new, limited edition or simply impossible to find, that really is our thing and we will almost never let you down. Even those not in stores, hot-off-the-runway looks can be yours, just ask! :)”

So, again! If you are looking for the ultimate partner to help you fulfill all of your lifestyle needs and desires then look no further!

Luxury Worldwide Service’s membership packages range from occasional and day-to-day assistance to broad business ambitions and corporate options. Learn more online at

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Words by Anna Beck Bimba