Summer 2019 Home Design Trends

ocean inspired brass hardware by pullcast - summer home design trends 2019

Thinking of updating your home this summer? If yes, you might as well consider incorporating one or two of the latest home design trends. From adding vibrant colors to nature-inspired décor, floral patterns, and concrete furnishings – there are absolutely incredible ways to make your home ready for the warmer seasons!

Here are some of the best summer home design trends for 2019:

“Mix and Match” Patterns

summer home design trends 2019 - koket chiclet chair

Summer is all about trees and flowers, bold patterns, and a myriad of colors! Summer is the season of patterns. It’s time to take a break from the minimalist look and get bolder by mixing and matching patterns. You don’t have to change your furniture. You can add a touch of “summer” by using cushions, rugs, and curtains with colorful patterns. Prints and colors really add a statement and character in your home interiors.

Ceramics with Artisanal Patterns

Italian Hollywood Regency Bittossi Style Lamps in Blue & Aqua Glazed Ceramic from 1stDibs - summer home design trends
Italian Hollywood Regency Bittossi Style Lamps in Blue & Aqua Glazed Ceramic from 1stDibs

Nothing beats organic, handmade ceramics. They are simply beautiful and classy. This summer, choose those that have subtle patterns and an artisanal element. You can put a big centerpiece in your living room or some small ceramics in your kitchen cupboards. Additionally, small organic containers made of ceramics are perfect for a Zen-like kitchen or bathroom. If you’re into with innovative lighting design, a lamp made of ceramics is truly wonderful.

Vibrant Colors

vamp-sofa-koket-projects-summer home design trends 2019

Vibrant colors are a perfect way to welcome the summer season in your home. Oranges, reds, yellows, and colors are an easy way to make a room pop. You can experiment with wall paints, drapes or fabrics, furnishings, and accessories.

Nature-inspired Interiors

spelbound-cabinet-stella-mirror-koket-projects-summer home design trends 2019

Summer is all about spending time outdoors and appreciating nature. Wouldn’t it be nice to add a touch of nature in your home too?  There are many ways to incorporate “nature” in your home, such as adding rustic furnishings, personalized art pieces, eco-friendly accessories, artistic carvings, and more. Even if it isn’t summer, nature-inspired interiors are always a trend.

Bold Paint Colors

drapesse-chair-yasmine-side-table-koket-projects-home design trends 2019

Painting is one of the simplest ways to spruce up your home interiors. What paint colors speak of fresh air, blooming flowers, cool breezes, and sunny afternoons? Among the top choices for the summer are exotic orange, tropical pink, candy apple red, neon yellow, Kelly green, and cobalt blue. If you want to give your home a quick, seasonal update, painting is the way. Not into bold colors? You can also paint with soft pastel palette, as well as natural tones. However, if you’re doing the home painting project on your own, make sure to do the necessary measures to prevent paint splatters on your furniture and floor. Cover them with paint tarp or some newspaper or rags before you start.

Bring in Flowers

Sexy French Luxury Interior Design by Lori Morris - summer home design trends 2019
Interior Design by Lori Morris
Photograph by Brandon Barre

It isn’t summer without beautiful, colorful florals! Whether you’re bringing in fresh flowers or some artificial ones, or growing them by your own in a backyard and even if you’re just incorporating floral elements in your home lighting, drapes, furnishings, or fabrics, it is a surefire way to uplift your living space!

Install Open Shelves

The summer season is a great time to take out your treasured china pieces or your collection of mugs. Open shelves are a trend these days! Nature-inspired floating shelves made from stained or reclaimed wood look great in most spaces. In the kitchen, built-in open shelves offer extra space for your pasta containers, coffee mugs, and other kitchen-must haves. They are not only a design element. Open shelving contributes to an organized pantry and the added visibility lets you know exactly how much you have left on certain dry goods.

Glided Accessories

ocean inspired brass hardware by pullcast - summer home design trends 2019
PullCast Jewelry Hardware

Well, chrome and copper finishes are not out. However, brass finishes are getting more in demand this 2019. Brass is a versatile material that can greatly improve your home aesthetics. Whether you want vintage, brushed or ultra-shiny, you can experiment with different looks using this inexpensive material. You can use brass for your bath faucet, or for the handles of your cabinets. They are also great for light fixtures.

Warm, Natural Accents

Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash - summer home design trends 2019

The laid-back feel of your summer-inspired home paves way to natural accents that bring the inviting feel of the outdoors. Natural wood cabinetry, concrete vases, and the like – they are so refreshing to the eyes.

Rounded Furniture

reve-mirror-kelly-sofa-tears-cocktail-table-koket-projects-summer home design trends 2019

Forget about the geometric lines. It’s time for soft and inviting round feel. Keep your home in style with oversized ottomans instead of the traditional coffee tables, curvy mid-century armchairs, as well as plush rounded couches and throw pillows.

Summer is in the air! It’s time to get a little bolder with your design choices this time. Forget about the minimalist look and feel free to experiment with nature-inspired home furnishings, accents, and elements. You can also play with vibrant colors that truly reflect the summer feels.

With these home design trends, you can give your home a stunning appeal this season!

Words by Megan Jones