2020 Color Trends: Finding Calm and Comfort with Colors

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color! Why? Because colors have the power to influence our moods. And that’s why choosing the right ones for your home is a must. Fortunately, there’s a huge palette that has something for every taste! Forecasters are anticipating that the 2020 color trends are going to be all about finding calm and comfort.

This means lots of statement colors and neutral tones. Especially primary tones like blue, red and yellow. These three make a strong statement in their various shades and they will certainly light up your days. If you’re seeking peace and some zen, look to Japanese and Chinese influences. Leading in 2020 and 2021, African culture is going to be another global trend again bringing in warm reds, blacks, and yellows.


Blue Tones

2020 color trends - Blue tones in a bedroom

Blue will be one of the most important colors. Rocking at the top will be navy blue, alongside other rich blues and mixed with white and metals.

Earthy Colors & Soft Undertones

2020 color trends Green tones on a floor screen simone by koket
Simone Floor Screen by KOKET

In your chaotic days, all you need is a little bit of calm and comfort. Pantoneview’s Home + Interiors 2020 color pick the harmonious Tea Garden is the perfect color for that. Overall this trend is all about soft, earthy colors with a variety of warm and cool undertones. It reminds us of nature and the calm of drinking a cup of tea.

Bold Red

2020 color trends Red tones in a stairway

The editorial director of The Trend Curve, Michelle Lamp says that the color red is going to take 2020! In all its different ways, warm, sophisticated and deep. Along with this, are florals, or if that’s not your style geometrics make a great statement.

Warm Browns

2020 color trends warm brown tones in a kitchen

Twenty-nineteen’s neutral tone of the year is on its way out, so, in 2020 we’re going to give neutral spaces over to brown tones.

Words by Rita Archer