The High and Untamed Walls of Monza, Italy

monza italy

Meet Monza, Italy a lovely small town 10 km from Milan. Renowned for its Monza GP, the formula car race that each September cheers the town with special events. But Monza is much more than this.

Treasured Landmarks

Duomo in Monza, Italy
Piazza Duomo in Monza Italy is a mini-sized version of the famous Milan Duomo
Source: Wikimedia Commons

A veritable hidden pearl with its own Queen, Teodolinda, a Carolingian beauty. Originally walls circumnavigated the entire town. Go in Piazza Duomo, where you will find a mini-sized version of Milan’s dome. The treasure is right there; the corona ferrea. And at the end of Viale Cavriga stands the Villa Reale, where the Savoia family once lived.

Shopping in Monza

But then again you will not find only heritage and art in Monza. Need some shopping?

Monza Italy

Amongst the best boutique for ladies and girls you can the amazing concept store Tea Rose. Soon there will also be a boutique hotel on the first and second flower of the same building.

Tea Rose in Monza, Italy
Tea Rose

But, “made in Italy” is essentially a matter of sartorially. So, jump in a car and head toward Lake Como.

There you will find Mantero, the excellency of Italian silk tradition.

Franco Mantero e Lucia Mantero - italian silk in Monza Italy
Mantero owners Franco Mantero and Lucia Mantero

Speaking about “sartorial”, visit the small old-style boutique, Tirelli Due, run by Romana and Manuela.

Or you could move closer to the Arengario and find trend, a boutique with crazy bikinis, accessories and clothing brands for girls.

trend boutique shop in monza italy
koket sale

If total extravagance is your cup of tea, Christian and Mattia will wait on you in their “boudoir”, Salotto Teodolinda, a stunning vintage shop.

Salotto Teodolinda in Monza, Italy
Salotto Teodolinda

For cutie babies check out Mia Bu in one of their 130 shops all over Italy.

Mia Bu

Speaking about accessories, Aghaphantus offers a wide selection of floral-inspired and other stunning handmade jewelry.

Jewelry from Aghaphantus in Monza, Italy
Jewelry from Aghaphantus in Monza, Italy

Opened just a couple of months ago, you can also pop inside Nove25, Monza’s brand store.

Nove25 in Monza, Italy

And after all of this shopping, go to Isabella. She will serve you fresh flowers and other amenities in her shop: Isabella Flower Design.

Isabella Flower Design in Monza, Italy
Isabella Flower Design

And finally, relax with one of the two fine wine bars from Meregalli and search for some true art at the art gallery Montrasio.

Meregalli in Monza, Italy

Monza, Italy awaits!

Words by Carlotta Fornaroli

All Photos Courtesy of Locations and Carlotta Fornaroli

The Allure of Made in Italy

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