Dining in London with Lh at Caxton Grill

Caxton Grill London - scallops, garden vegetable risotto

On Lh’s recent adventures in London, we had the great pleasure of dining at Caxton Grill. This modern European restaurant offering delicious charcoal grill specials is set in the breathtaking St. Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster.  Built in 1889 as a mansion by E.T. Hall, the building is a truly majestic place. And a perfect setting for an arty yet elegant and wonderfully fresh dining experience.

The Caxton Grill Vibe

caxton grill london main dining room

The interior atmosphere at Caxton Grill is warm and inviting. Filled with a lovely blend of soft cool colors and rich warm tones. Contemporary stylized flora and fauna inspired artwork; warm wood tabletops and flooring; a variety of seating styles; and residential feeling lighting and accessories set the tone.

private seating area at the Caxton Grill London

There’s also a lot going on if you look up at Caxton Grill’s roof, where the restaurant has their very own kitchen garden and beehives. Producing wonderful fresh produce including honey, the rooftop kitchen garden is a true testament to Caxton Grill’s love of local first-class ingredients and sustainability.

koket sale

The Flavors

Buffalo Mozzarella, Rare bread pork chop and lemon from the Caxton Grill

Chef Alexander Boyd is in charge of the unique modern European menu at Caxton Grill. The menu clearly shows the importance of locally sourced produce as well as their rooftop kitchen, with many vegetable inspired options. We chose to share a starter of mozzarella and tomatoes, that was very fresh and tasty. For the main course, we had the beef and the risotto. It was all delicious! From the warmth, of the people serving us, always concerned to see if everything was to our liking to the food itself which was well prepared, with great ingredients that did not overpower but rather complemented each other beautifully.

The Wine

Caxton Grill works with a company that provides sommelier services (rather than having their own inhouse employee) that curates their wine selection for them. They had a wide variety from French to Portuguese, Argentinian and New Zealand.


Garden Cream Cheese mouse from the Caxton Grille

We of course also ordered dessert! One of us going for the cheese and the other for the chocolate crémeux. The cheese was quite strong but balanced (it even had a beetroot sorbet). The crémeux was super sweet and offered up the most exquisite combination of textures – crispy caramel, chocolate mousse, and vanilla ice-cream. 

If you are looking for a truly marvelous dining experience in London, we highly recommend a visit to the Caxton Grill at St Ermin’s Hotel!

Words by Rita Rodrigues

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