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A relaxing glass of whiskey, perhaps a good newspaper, and an uninterrupted smoke on a cigar in the company of a pretty face in a Gentleman’s Club could be a few of his favorite things. But girls just wanna have fun in their own exclusive spaces, minus male gazes, a stogie, and a stiff one. Men have had their Boys Only Clubs since as far back as the 18th Century and now Women Only Clubs are making headway in 150 offices around the globe, serving as safe spaces with phenomenal, co-working, and female fellowship. These shared personal and professional social clubs allow women to reclaim their time, as well as mental and professional health.

Here’s to taking up space with like-minded women, lifting one another up, and loving it! Sorry fellas, girl gangs are becoming more popular and turns out we’re here to stay. Women Only Clubs are 100% not going anywhere.

9 of the Best Women Only Clubs

The Assembly

Take The Assembly on for size, offering women workouts, wellness, and meaningful connections. Whether you show up for some social time, a cup of coffee, or cool classes like Come Alive, Thick, and The Release, the membership is all-access to cultivating an inclusive culture. So, if you’re a local in San Francisco, feel free to attend on a daily, where it’s your life and they are your biggest cheerleader. Megaphones and mini cheer skirts are not necessary. However, it’s a place where there’s no judgment. So, do your thing in good cheer either way.

women only clubs - the assembly san francisco
Photo by Margaret Austin Photography / Courtesy of The Assembly

The Wing

The Wing is another private club you need to know about. Enter no-mans-land of coworking spaces for those identifying as a woman. Where thriving professionals, creatives, and media moguls are pioneering girl gang organizations and making girlfriends along the way. Let’s be honest, freelance and entrepreneurship can sometimes get lonely, missing out on human connection and networking are real. Not today, sister. Members of The Wing are meeting up, establishing healthy relationships, growing, and glowing. Some are having poker nights and book clubs in Flatiron, Soho, Dumbo, San Francisco, DC, and West Hollywood. The Little Wing even welcomes the kiddos with classes and activities while boss mommas do their thing.

women only clubs - the wing london
The Wing London, Photo by Tory Williams / Courtesy of The Wing

The Coven

Don’t fret bros, The Coven in Minneapolis actually has a co-ed conference room if you want in on the girl power posse, but it’s a far cry from your Man Cave and it’s by member invite-only. Women and non-binary individuals are enjoying professional programming like body positivity and financial health speakers, from finance to law to real estate to art to nonprofits—this club has you covered.

women only clubs - central co-working space at the coven
The central working environment at The Coven

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The Riveter

Foosball, ping pong tables, and beer on tap need not apply at The Riveter where—shh!—barre and meditation classes may be in session. The Riveter is so much more than a modern union of working women and allies. Working moms and wellness-conscious women are involving all genders in their conversations. The fierce, female founder, NASA Space Camp and NYU law graduate, Amy Nelson, says, “Our goal was to change the dynamic for women entrepreneurs and business owners and I feel very strongly that to do that you have to involve all genders in the conversation or nothing will ever change.”

Through their best-in-class professional and personal development programming, world-class events, flexible membership, and collaborative workspaces, The Riveter is working to champion and elevate the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in work and business. Come through to one of their ten locations across seven cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Minneapolis, Denver, and Portland (with more coming next year!) to get in on the discussions. Then, woo-sa afterward.

the riveter marina del rey inclusive women's clubs
The Riveter Marina del Rey
Photo by Renee McMahon / Courtesy of The Riveter

The Allbright

The Allbright was inspired by the first female US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, offering goal-orientated members a space to relax and receive therapeutic and meditative treatments. This Women’s Only Club encompasses all the dreamers and the doers who may be looking to switch up their careers. You can look forward to getting the tools to go after your ambitions with a little help from your fellow entrepreneur female friends at their Rathbone, Mayfair, and West Hollywood locations.

the allbright mayfair women's only club
The Allbright Mayfair

Make Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, Make Lemonade in Toronto at one of the newest and juiciest Women’s Only Clubs. Where it is an environment to create, dream, and get sh*t done. Female communities are coming together and squeezing life into lemonade all whilst sipping from a cup of get-ish done. The bright space offers a variety of flexible packages including drop-in options and also welcomes male-identified visitors—“so long as they relate to the space’s feminist values”. [Que the visual wartime photograph with a woman flexing her bicep—We Can Do It—here]

make lemonade women's only club in toronto
Photo by Cameron Bartlett / Courtesy of Make Lemonade


Another Toronto and female-based club is Verity. Here, women network to build relationships, further careers, and find solutions to personal challenges. This spot is perfect for productivity, especially if you might be on a time crunch. The club has a fitness center, spa, pool, meeting rooms, in-house florist, members’ lounge, and even a restaurant. Oh, you want more? Well, out-of-towners are welcomed to lay their pretty girl powerheads down at their hotel, too. 

verity club photo by the art of business photography
Photo by The Art of Business Photography

Hera Hub

Professional meeting space and spa room anyone? Hera Hub is the first spa-inspired coworking space in San Diego. Later came more strong girl gangs in Carlsbad, Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley,  DC, Sweden, Irvine, and Phoenix. And coming soon to Houston, Seattle, and Atlanta with six other international locations. Woo-sah! This Women’s Only Club is on a mission to support over 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their businesses by 2020. A true workspace for women that are passionate about fostering collaboration and a belief that success breeds success. Yes! Think it, want it, get it, girls!

central co-working space at the hera hub irvine
Hera Hub Irvine

The Broad

Virginia is for lovers and The Broad, a proud women’s space and beacon for inclusivity where you won’t find a single cardboard tampon in the bathroom. Take note, it’s a beautiful and functional space, just like the broads who go there. The 3,500 square foot communal seating scene features a coffee bar, breather room, boardroom, individual work nooks, and weekly yoga. In addition, there is a gallery curating work exclusively by female artists. While The Broad is deliberately designed for women, it opens their 9-9 PM doors to anyone who identifies as feminine, regardless of gender. 

nook work spaces at the broad
Nooks at The Broad, Photo by Alexis Courtney / Courtesy of The Broad

Silly boys, girl power movements have been breaking barriers. But now, it’s pretty safe to say that Women Only Clubs are representing and rising, and the broadband wifi is not the only thing that’s new. 

Can you hear me now?

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