Seasonal Decor Ideas for a Gorgeous Fall Party

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Temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling — autumn festivities are right around the corner. If you’re like many hosts, you don’t let the chill of autumn put a halt to your fun. You adapt to the new season and switch up your interior design to match. Maybe you’re looking for some fresh seasonal decor ideas, though, after years of throwing unforgettable events. Luckily, you’ve found the right place.

Interior design is an art, which means it can look and feel however you desire it to. Ultimately, there are no wrong answers to how you deck out your home for the upcoming season. Build the perfect fall party from color schemes to dinnerware with these six tips.

1. Cozy Blankets and Throw Pillows

Go bold with throw pillows embroidered with fall colors or motifs. Keep them indoors on your sofa or daybed, or use them for your patio when you want to entertain outside. Arrange your pillows by pattern, color, and size, or mix it up for a relaxed look. Odd numbers — such as three or five — provide dynamic visual variety, while symmetrical arrangements display a calm balance.

Laser Cut Fur Throw by KOKET

If you prefer an understated look over loud designs, pair neutral colors with textiles like wool and burlap. This rule also goes for blankets and throws. White, beige or ivory fuzzy throws keep guests warm and stylish. Light quilts work well if you don’t mind patterns, although many modern designs come in single colors.

2. Dark Color Schemes

You can go in several different directions when it comes to fall color schemes, and all of them are equally appealing. Neutral hues like beige, tan and gray provide a near-blank slate for you to begin anew after the colorful shades of summer.

Burgundy, dark gray, aubergine and charcoal are deeper alternatives for embodying fall’s essence while keeping it classy. Complement light or dark tones with splashes of metallics like gold and silver.

besame chair, cabriole nightstand and gem table lamp by koket in a dark interior design theme
Design by KOKET

Keep it simple with a monochrome scheme if you’d rather not spend time coordinating multiple colors. Choose your favorite fall-inspired hue and buy seasonal decor and furniture in corresponding shades.

3. Fall Floral Arrangments

If you’re a summer sister, you may be holding onto the last vestiges of the warm months before they disappear. Preserve the heat for a while longer with lively sunflowers around the home. These beauties continue blooming through the fall, giving your space a warm feeling even in the depths of autumn.

fiesta faux floral arrangement by john richard collection
Fiesta Faux Floral Arrangement by John-Richard Collection

If you’d like a more fall-themed flower arrangement for your centerpiece, go with chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations or roses. The advantage of decorating with flowers is their wide range of hues — put together a bouquet of orange lilies and red roses to signal the start of autumn.

4. Seasonal Decor

Garlands and wreaths give a seasonal touch in both winter and fall, and they don’t have to be overly cheesy. Choose understated designs featuring berries, pinecones, and maple leaves. Varieties with metal leaves and flowers work well in minimalist homes where decorating with simplicity is a necessity.

denise chair, fur pillow, gem table lamp, enchanted side table by koket - perfect setting for fall party - seasonal decor
Design by KOKET

Keep your home fun by placing a few miniature pumpkins or gourds around the house — plain orange isn’t the only choice anymore. Pick white, gray or dark red for a change of pace and a more elevated autumnal tablescape.

5. Elegant Lighting

Let your outdoor festivities flow through the early autumn months by setting out rustic lanterns or choosing elegant sconces with rich metallic accents. These lighting fixtures come in any shape, size or style imaginable — pick some designed with interesting patterns or opt for a simple gold to create a rich, welcoming atmosphere.

flora scone by koket season decor ideas

Candles provide a level of comfort and hominess that regular fixtures don’t, so you may also consider lighting some to set the atmosphere. Boost the holiday spirit with scented varieties in cinnamon, pumpkin spice, vanilla or cedarwood.

6. Earthenware and Stoneware Dishes

Earthenware’s color versatility means it can fit the look of fall while blending in or standing out on your dinner table. Buy sets in charcoal, light green or brown — or switch it up with patterned, multicolor dishes. Anything with “earth” in its title is bound to be wonderfully rustic, and this dishware fits the bill.

luxury stoneware in a fall tablesetting by carthage co - seasonal decor ideas
Stoneware by Carthage Co

Stoneware offers the same versatility and design as earthenware, but with more durability. This cookware and dinnerware will look great in your kitchen while providing a sturdy foundation for serving food. Wipe away your worries about dropping the Thanksgiving turkey or spilling the gravy. Pair your dishes with gold flatware for the ultimate fall sophistication.

Host an Elegant Fall Gathering

Your next party will be your best one yet when you use these seasonal decor ideas. With so many options for lighting, textiles, and decor, welcoming autumn offers endless excitement. Throwing a gorgeous Fall party has never been so easy.

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